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In Which Category Would This Fall According To You

Which social category does the Reddy caste fall under according to Indian government caste system?

Reddy s of Andhra = Patels of Gujarat = Jats of Haryana = Thakurs of Bihar = Gaudas of Karnataka = Mondal's of West BengalThey were agricultural class coming under Vaisya Varna with some entrants from Kshatriyas and High Level Sudra.Their importance is different in different states owing to feudal culture of the region.

My IQ is 127. Which category do I fall into?

11.5 Real-life accomplishments Also from the test scores there is ‘highly gifted” and “superior intellect”. An IQ of 125+ is more than capable of gaining a Doctorates.

Under which category does a software engineer fall according to Canadian federal skilled worker program?

There are no categories under FSW except if you are applying within Canada (you would be FSW-I or FSW Inland) or from outside Canada (FSW-O or FSW Outland - the vast majority of FSW cases). There are no sub-criteria.

Under which category do I fall if my VIT rank is 38000?

Based on my experience, SRMJEEE and VITEE: VITEEE:-Physics: As per my observation, the weightage of class 12 was around 60%. Focus was on Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Modern Physics. Chemistry: There were a good amount of questions from Physical Chemistry. Inorganic had a less share. Organic was based on that of class 12. Both, class 11 and 12 had roughly equal weightage. Mathematics: The focus was on Coordinate Geometry and Calculus. I think class 12 had a greater representation. English: All the questions were from NCERT textbook of class 12SRMJEEE:-Physics: Most of the questions were direct and theoretical. Here too, weightage of class 12 was around 60%. Here also, the focus points were same as that of VITEEE. Chemistry: There was almost equal number of questions from all the three branches. Class 12 had higher weightage. Mathematics: Here too, it Coordinate Geometry and Calculus stole the show. Both the classes had roughly equal weightage. Keep one thing in mind, these exams are held online and have various slots. So you can’t form any general trend for these exams. That is why, I would advise you to not think a lot about trends in these exams. It may back.For free guidance and counsellingCall/Whatsapp-+91-9361070510

What category would SOCIOLOGY fall under in colleges? and what colleges offer degrees in it?

I have been looking at careers online and the most interesting to me is the study of sociology...but idk what colleges offer degrees in that...i also want to attend a college in california.......i plan on going to a community college first and then transferring...can anyone help me! :)

What category would my business fall under in logistics?

Jack, this seems to be a haulier business.

Do Jains belong to the OBC category?

Yes ~ Indeed…!!!In South India Jains predominantly come under OBC (e.g. Kannadiga Jains comes under OBC - 3A & struggling for OBC - 2A). Some Marathi speaking Jains (e.g.~ Saitwal ) & Bengali speaking Jains (e.g.~ Sarak) are also OBC .In North India Jains are predominantly Vanik & come under General Caste but Some Jain Vanik caste of bundelkhand comes under OBC.Though In Modern Era Jains are predominantly Vanik & General Caste in North but they share almost 65 - 70 % gotra name with General & OBCs ~ A very interesting fact.In North India Jain Kshatriya (Historically called Samana or Sramana Khattiya/श्रमण खत्तीय) & Farmer Community no longer exist today’s.In North India too a considerable section of Kshatriya used to have strong affiliation with Jainism upto Early Medieval Era (e.g. ~ Chauhans/Gurjar - Pratihara were favorite subject of Early Medieval Jaina folklore).In Early period people of diverse background followed Jainism in North as in South. There are ample references of this in mythological stories or folklore.Some Jains are also ST (In Tribal belt). Some SCs such as Khatiks (Khateek) adopted Jainism in late 1950 (Veerwal Jain ~ Sthanakavasi sect).Here one thing is very interesting to note In British Era Govt Census few SCs were also reported their religion Jainism.

Do all Muslims in India fall under OBC category?

Thanks for A2A.It is very painful to see Muslim disobeying the rules of Islam. The Muslims of India adopted the Hindu caste system with all its disabilities in spite of the egalitarian and Islamic principles of equality. There is no such thing as caste in Muslim.Coming to your question, not all Muslim comes under OBC category. Other than Ansari or Ansar, non of the Muslims comes under OBC category. I am an Ansari and I come under OBC. Though some other group has entitled themselves under OBC category to get the benefits. e.g. If you see in Bihar soe of the Malliks are under OBC category but actually they are not.Again OBC has two categories Creamy and Non Creamy. My father is government employee and his salary is above 2.5 lakh, so I come under creamy layer. Shaik is considered as higher category so you are not under OBC category.

What category would a major in political science fall under for university of phoenix?

I'm looking for classes that I can take online at university of phoenix, and I don't know what category political science would fall under. (I'm at the step where you first are requesting information and you have to pick your areas of interest.)