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In Which Chapter Hiyorin Started To Forgot Yato And Yukine So Yukine Needed To Make Manga About

When will the next chapter (75) of Noragami be released?

The writer for Noragami is sick, and thus isn’t writing right now. Chapter 74 was up around March 2017 and we are now in December 2017, so that’s a NINE MONTH BREAK. Which means that the fanbase is dying and people are going to forget about it or lose interest over time. And even if that isn’t true, the people who pay the writers, decide if the story continues. And if I was the person paying the writer, and saw a 9 month break, I’d think we lost the fans.The team that writes Noragami is only two people - so creating this manga puts a lot of stress on these TWO PEOPLE, its insane. So its possible, they simply are burnt out and don’t ever want to return to writing. Some say the next chapter is expected in February of 2018 so keep an eye on that date. If it doesn’t come out then, well, Noragami is dead. I’m sorry for your loss.

Do Hiyori and Yato end up together in Noragami?

Well the Noragami manga is still ongoing, so with the manga ongoing, the anime won’t end anytime soon unless the anime makes it’s own ending separate from the manga. We’ve had some interesting moments with Yato and Hiyori having A LOT of ship tease (Like seriously, I’m complete trash for this couple). Some things that have happened in the manga, that haven’t happened in the animeYato finding out that his dad kissed Hiyori and got jealous/angry about it, while Hiyori brought up Yato kissing Bishamon showing her own jealously/anger about said action (though to be fair on both sides, Fujisaki kissed Hiyori and she clearly didn’t want/like that and Yato kissed Bishamon indirectly while he was drunk).Though most interestingly is this….these two moments just RECENTLY happened in the manga….Yato and Hiyori have recently admitted that they do love each other, they haven’t told each other, but they admit to it. Though…one shouldn’t ignore Kofuku tying the two of them together and while Kofuku is sweet natured and ultimately kind, SHE IS the bringer of misfortune, so that could spell potential problems for Yato and Hiyori.

How did Yukine die in Noragami?

Yukine didn’t die he was reborn and , thus, became the HAFURI VesselDuring a fight between bishamonten and yato, yato was cornered and bhisamonte was about to deliver a final blow when yukine came between them and sacrificed himself for yato.Yato mourns for him but realizes that his name hasn’t faded and calls for him.Yukine comes back as two katana instead of one.

What are the top 10 anime I must watch before I die (do not include the famous ones)?

Not sorted by rank. Some aren't even proper anime just genre suggestions. I think the most important thing is opening your horizons. 1. Haibane RenmeiThis is a stunning psychological series about what happens after people die. 2. TsuritamaA slice of life anime about fishing that fails to disappoint both with characters and the stunning art. 3. BakumanFor all us anime fans, two dreamers who want to draw manga! Shows you a lot of insight about the industry and has a very humane feel. Wouldn't miss this. 4. MushishiA calmly paced show following the main character and his journeys. A rare gem with darker undertones and a pensive nature. Watching it is almost like meditating. 5. Paranoia AgentNot a lot of people have gotten into this mystery of a kid and the two detectives that chase after him but once you do there are no regrets. It has a little bit of everything, including mind-bending trips you never expect. 6.Kids on the SlopeUntil a few months ago, I thought everyone knew about this series. Its the ultimate slice of life that doesn't feel like a slice of life anime. With a beautiful score, excellent pacing, and gorgeous character design a trip to 1966 never felt so real. 7. Something BL - its good to see this genre of anime some time. Junjou Romantica, Love Stage, FAKE - anything works. I recommend this because its a unique side of anime that many people fail to see the merits of. However, if you are willing to give it a go, watching this genre can have you squealing in no time. 8. AnoHanaI don't quite know if this series is popular or not, but one thing's for sure--get the tissues ready. Tragedy. Coming of age. Bonds between people. This series will leave you wondering if you are a glutton for punishment. 9. Steins; GateOne of the best time-traveling sci-fi shows I've ever seen. Plenty of references to Norse Mythology and crazy otaku scenes to keep you inside the world of tropes, but also break that barrier and become something so unique. There is no other series like Steins;Gate. It will rip your heart out. 10. Higurashi When They CryFirst things first--not nearly as cutesy as it looks. This series goes above and beyond capturing the one thing  anime never can get quite right - horror. Hope these are "not famous" enough! And enjoy.