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In Your View Which Would Be Seen As Being Worse

What are the worst interview mistakes you’ve seen as recruiter?

This is more of a general observation than a specific example, but it's a mistake I saw candidates make annoyingly often while I worked in recruitment.It's... not knowing when to stop talking. Either at the end of your current answer or - possibly worse - at the end of the interview itself. I suspect it's mostly down to nerves, but it can and does create a terrible impression to the interviewer - at the very least, they're thinking, "if you're this nervous at an interview, what will you be like in a business meeting? Or presenting to our MD?"From the point of view of individual answers, it also means that even if the answer you've just given is a good one, if you don't just stop talking then you run the risk of falling into that trap where your mouth feels like it's disconnected from your brain and words just keep coming out - which are probably adding very little to your original answer, if not actively detracting from it.And as for "stop talking at the end of the interview", here are couple of examples of real-life feedback I can recall from hiring managers following interviews that I'd arranged for candidates when I was a recruiter:1) The candidate displayed some great technical knowledge during her answers, but spoiled them by not quitting while she was ahead (see above!); then after the interview, in the lift (= elevator!) back down to the lobby - plus in the lobby itself for a couple of minutes - she kept talking and giving further examples even though the interviewer had told her he didn't need any more and needed to get going to his next appointment.2) The candidate (a different one) brought a big thick portfolio of work with him to the interview, which he didn't need to do because it wasn't requested; that would have been OK but at the end, after the interviewer had wrapped up and thanked him, he said, "Can I just show you some examples of my work?" and wouldn't take no for an answer - again, in the end the interviewer had to tell him to stop so she could get to her next meeting on time.In both cases, the candidates spoiled an initial good impression by not taking a hint and letting their nerves get the better of them. Neither of them got the job, unfortunately...

Which is worse in your view, Overt or Covert Racism?

The Covert Racism of the Left! None of the minorities need special treatment to succeed. The reason the Asians do better in school is because their parents take education serious. The white parents take it less serious than the Asians, but more serious than the blacks as a whole.

Both the parents & the individual should take school & the future more serious!

Describe your view, of a perfect world.?

I can't see one from here.

There is a general view that to inflict cruelty on a human being is worse than inflicting it on an animal.?

But is this view truly rational or merely an evolutionary species bias survival instinct etc ie harming ones own necessarily seems more morally grievous to us. I guess it could be argued that we are higher order creatures and rational beings and so have more intrinsic worth and value hence to harm humans is worse. But arguably what makes cruelty repulsive is the fact it and degree to which it causes emotional and physical distress pain and suffering. Arguably other higher order animals can experience this as acutely as human beings so where is the justification for the above view. Is it as we are more rational and hence we do feel pain and suffering more acutely or just more complexly? Discuss.

What is the worst thing that could happen to a woman?

Every person is different. I do suspect that if you asked 10000 men and 10000 women this question, you'd get some similarities (death of a spouse/child/friend/pet/self; inability to conceive; loss of income; loss in general) across the groups (as well a lot of differences.)I'm actually similar in that regard. For me, personally, the thing that haunts me is loss of intellect. The absolute worst thing that I can imagine happening to me is dementia/altzheimers. I have as many safeguards in place as I possibly can to preserve my memory (that's entirely the point of Evernote) and my diet basically consists of foods that are proven to enhance brain function (and little else - I literally couldn't care less about the rest of my body.)The thing is, it's also an entirely unrealistic fear that I have. In the entire known history of my family, only one relative succumbed to dementia, and that was because she never read, never left her home and never even watched television. She simply didn't use her brain at all so it stopped working.My family is full of sharp-minded, long-lived people. It doesn't even matter at what level the intelligence. To me, the brain is the most important thing a person has, and the only thing that we can truly use from birth until death.Beauty fades, Strength weakens, and anything external (people, pets, material goods) is ephemeral - but our minds can continue to be sharp and alive right up until the end.I'm frightened constantly that I'll do something to screw that up.

Do you believe it's worse to be an introverted man or an introverted woman?

It depends on if you’re talking about a social or professional setting, at least in the US. In social settings, I believe the woman has the advantage. Since men are expected to make the first move in dating, it’s easier for an introverted woman to meet someone than a man. Worse yet, the socially awkward man who makes a misstep will be labeled a weirdo whereas an awkward woman will likely be seen as cute. Women also seem to be nicer to their quiet female friends than men are. Dudes often try to outdo themselves on who can be the loudest or do the craziest stunt. Shy, introverted guys are often labeled as “pussies” or “buzzkills” because they don’t want to shotgun a beer and jump screaming off the back deck.However, the situation flips in the business world. The quiet, introverted male worker will likely be seen as smart and capable as long as he is a good producer. Some fields like tech will even accept rude, anti-social behavior from men as long as a guy is at the top of his game. Meanwhile, women are expected to be outgoing and friendly, to always “smile.” They are often asked to do extra emotional labor like organizing team parties or buying birthday cards. There’s also a lot of pressure on professional women from their female coworkers to “lean in” and be role models and mentors.

IS AGE 30-32 CONSIDERED YOUNG in your view?


EVERYBODY IS dating is concerned about aging. THERE IS VERY YONG, YOUNG, YOUNGISH,. but everybody is opposed to being seen as too old. YOU SEEM TO DECLINE TOO FAST. in dating and relationship, YOU CAN HAVE A GOOD HIGH WAGE JOB, CAR, doing well, and some may feel you are indeed too young

30-32 IS AGE for recent college grads for bachelors and masters. WE WONT how societies views their age. ARE THEY YOUNG REALLY or ASSESSMENT MADE BASED ON HOW THEY LOOK

Why is being judgmental viewed as being bad? Aren't all humans constantly making evaluations about the world around them? To not pass judgement is to not evaluate the observations we make of the world around us.

It is human nature to judge.  We are in this realm, like it or not, with an ego.  That part of our consciousness is always comparing, contrasting, judging, etc.  I think that the "don't judge crowd" has a specific intent involved that maybe lack proper context to be properly expressed and it goes more along the lines of "When you point your finger at someone else's short-comings, how many fingers are pointing back at you?"  It's more about the intent behind the judgement.  If the judgment is issued in the form of maladjusted psychology, more than like the judgment may be unjust and really just a matter of a psychologically filtered projection.  To put it another way, if wearing red and green striped socks knee socks with blue and pink plaid shorts rocks your world, who am I to judge how you look?  Anything I might do with my judgement of your hypothetical appearance would only represent my own insecurity about how I may look to ego fears it will not be accepted and so might take pleasure in someone who stands out more than do.I think the key here is understanding and with the limited words so carelessly strewn about without proper context, it is hard to understand what some are trying to communicate.  We judge things for various reasons and that is okay.  When your judgement specifically harms another soul because you blurt it out with intent to harm, that is an entirely different issue.  We must use discernment to be safe in a world with so many various levels of experience and understanding.  Personally, I think judgment is best used in terms of what is healthy for me and what supports me versus using it to potentially harm another.  Just my .02.  Thanks for such a great question and the opportunity to answer it.