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How do I respond when someone says mashallah?

“Mashallah” translates to “what Allah has willed has happened", or something similar. It is said by Muslims, male and female alike, as an expression of joy, praise, and gratitude to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).An example would be when visiting a friend's house, a Muslim might say “you have a nice house, mashallah”, or something similar.Other situations where this might be used include when somebody gives birth, gets married, or gets a new job.There isn't any generally accepted response that I am aware of. A common response might be something like “Jazak Allahu Khayran", which translates roughly to “May Allah reward you with good”.Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) knows best. All praise and worship be only to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).

Help, I don't fear Allah anymore!?

Astag-firullah, may the Lord have Mercy on me and all of us.

But...I dont have fear for Allah anymore. Omg, this is making me so angry, I try to cry but it doesnt work

when Im committing sins, i dont give regards or care that allah is watching and I am sinning.

I used to end up crying a few months ago from any kind of islamic video from fear of allah, ...not anymore

please brothers and sisters, help me, help me out of this PREDICAMENT

I dont want to be this fearless. To the point I dont even fear the CREATOR.

Should Zakir Naik be banned in India? After the Dhaka attacks, Zakir Naik has been suspected by both the Indian government and Bangladesh government. Do you think he is responsible?

Of Course! He must be banned. But he must not be banned for the reason that some terrorist was following his speeches, but for the fact that his inflammatory speeches are enough to incite terrorism. There are numerous reasons which prove why a person like him is a threat to our society and to our country.Influencing Minds:Earlier I had a habit of getting indulged in religious debate of theism vs atheism, authenticity of Quran etc. A friend of mine told me to watch his lectures wherein he was openly doing evangelism. I watched almost hundreds of his videos. I must admit this man is very clever. He has mugged up all the scriptures of a number of religions. But the problem is he distorts the meaning of those verses as it suits him. Whenever someone asks a question he fluently recites some verse no and para no of Quran, Bible, Vedas etc and then goes on to explain these verses in layman terms. With his stupid and brainless logic, he proves Islam to be superior to any other religion. And being a good speaker he easily manipulates and influences the mind of naive people listening to him.Inciting Violence:A country which is struggling to deal with radicalism, where almost on a routine basis ISIS flags are seen being hoisted (Kashmir), this man openly supports Osama Bin Laden and asks every muslim to be a terrorist, although in a subtle way. In one of his videos I saw him denigrating Hindu religion by misquoting Vedas. He said that in Vedas it is written that beef was allowed in earlier time. In a country where we have seen a gruesome act of Dadri lynching, these kind of venomous speeches add fuel to the fire.Makes a mockery of our democracy:He operates from Mumbai, lives on our soil with an Indian passport but says that Saudi Arabia is a much better country than ours. I’d state his logic here for saying so.Zakir: Suppose you want to recruit a Maths teacher and you interviewed three. One of them answered two plus two four and the other gave wrong answers. Which one would you select?Listener: Obviously the one which gave correct answer.Zakir: Exactly brother. Similarly, Saudi Arabia knows that Islam is the only correct religion and that’s why it has rightly banned any other religion.At this sheer stupidity there was a thunderous applause. So, a person who ridicules our system, our democracy must be either sent to his loving country or put behind bars. The govt. should have taken action against him much earlier. Hope this government will put him in his right place.

What are the thoughts of Indian Cricket supporters after losing the Champions Trophy 2017?

Overconfidence hurt us big time.It felt like a deja vu of the 2003 ICC WC final against Australia.Similarities in both the finals :India won the toss on both the occasions and decided to field first.The opponent getting a mammoth total of over 330 in both.India losing its most important batsman Sachin for 4 in 2003, while today we lost Virat cheaply for 5.A superb stand alone performer Sehwag who scored a blistering 84 then, while it was Hardik today who scored swashbuckling 76 off just 43 now.At the end, the opponent winning the game quite comprehensively on both the occasions.If you look closely, a similar trend was seen in the 2011 WC final against Sri Lanka where Sehwag was LBW for a duck just like Rohit and Sachin getting caught out just like Virat did today.All these trends clearly show that chasing a total just isn't a recommended choice even in today's form of Cricket in the finals, no matter how good a team is in terms of chasing.This tends to show how over exposure to T20s has lead to a change in mindset of the cricketers. I'm sure they all are pretty sure of the difference in chasing 190 in 20 overs and 350 in 50 overs.All in all, I think India would definitely have won the match if it was a T20 match and the Man of the Match would've been Hardik Pandya 76(43).Sadly it was a 50 over game, but we played it as a T20, with our bowlers trying to stop the runs from the very first over instead of trying to take wickets. And our batsmen rushing for runs even soon after losing the wickets.At the end of the day, Pakistan was a better side today and I believe India still comes out as the strongest team of the tournament.Edit: One more similarity between both the finals as pointed out by Ravi Chandra.Both the top scorers in both the finals, Sehwag and Hardik ended their innings by getting run out.

I think my husband is not very happy inside about me starting to wear the hijab.I am in a dilemma,please help?

I started wearing hijab few weeks back full time.I live near New York and it hasnt been easy on the subway etc. Sometimes people stare and when we buy things at the mall etc some are just rude or not as friendly. I take it as a challenge I have to go on with. I will be honest, I do miss my old self.The hijab does feel like a cage sometimes.I look like the odd one out in a stream of people.
I miss looking good for my husband too. I think he used to like seeing me look good,not for anyone else but for him and me only. I miss wearing jewelry a lot when we go out too. I used to dress modest earlier as well.Jeans,long shirts,a scarf around my neck that covered my chest and hair tied up on most occasions, sometimes I used to leave my hair loose.But never showed my legs etc.

Another thing going on is I feel my husband feels odd walking next to me in my hijab too.He too has to endure the rudeness, stares etc for me and he misses me in my old look.Not bragging at all but alhumdulillah I am beautiful and he is proud of that I guess and now I look so different for him in my hijab always. I dont wear it at home of course but we go out and meet outside often and its bothering me a lot. Please help me.

So yes not just him but I guess I am also a bit dissatisfied with this going on.

Please help what should I do?

What does Uktee mean? Someone called me uktee I need to know if I should be offended?

hahaha no u shouldnt be offended
its in arabic and it means sister
and Crizzy is wrong
Actually it depends on how they said it
did they say it in a mean way? or nice one??