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Insidious 2 Looks Like A Joke

Insidious 2 ending explained?

The answer lies in the very first Insidious. Remember when Josh's mom is talking about her dream and that shadowy demon in the corner, pointing at the Lambert's son? Soon, like RIGHT after Josh's mom is done explaining her dream, you can hear a faint clicking noise and BAM the red-faced demon is right behind Josh.

At the end of Insidious 2, Elise hears the same clicking noises....and then sees the demon again. THAT'S what she saw at the end.

Is Insidious 2 linked to the Woman in Black?

I just watched Insidious chapter two, and the "Black Bride" looked a hell of a lot like the Woman in Black. So my question is: are the two movies linked in some sort of way?

How scary is insidious?

so listen to me LOL
If you have seen a lot of scary movies this movie is bull ****. The recording is weird and it's dumb. I hate how they put funny parts in scary movies and the end is horrible. The whole movie is dumb. And the supposevly scarynesd of the creatures are dumb. TheY look SO ANIMATED. if youget scared easily watch it it will probably scare you:)
BUT if you don't get scared easily please believe me and don't waste yor money and time. Have fun and have a good life:)
From a 1-10 it's a 2.5 it's horrible.

Between Insidious and The Conjuring, which one did you find scarier, and why?

Insidious.The first one was rather cool. The third one too. The second, not very interesting. Not seen the other ones (not yet).It’s hard to explain why…I don’t know, both franchises / series of movies are typical hollywood movies of our time: easy jump scares, etc. Pop corn horror movies for teenagers.Now…there was despite all some really creepy stuffs in Insidious. For instance the idea that some parts of the movie take place IN THE WORLD OF THE DEAD…It’s not Heaven or Hell, its something in between…What do they call it in the movies ? The Further that’s it ? (Don’t know I haven’t seen it in English). Indeed it’s the LIMBOS…The idea that some scenes take place in that limbo / further works rather well and the atmosphere of it, is rather creepy. Creepy enough to owe the movie a B for the long time, demanding, horror movies fan I am.Conjuring ? When it came out all the medias here labeled the movie one of the scariest movies ever, etc. So I was excited. My wife too, as she loves supernatural horror movies too. Both of us were disappointed. The movie is not scary at all. Not one second of it is scary. Feels like a supernatural horror movies you have already seen 100 million times; Nothing original.There is ONE scene, one unique scene, of Conjuring 2 that I’d call creepy: when the Nun’s shadow glides on the wall and then join the picture and that comes to life…That was creepy. All the rest was not. And Anabelle was even less creepy.

What is the storyline of Insidious: Chapter 2?

Did they use the same house in the Conjuring in Insidious?

The inside of the houses in the movies is not a real house.
They are sets (stages) built to look exactly like a house,
but open-ended so they can get all the camera and equipment in.
They film hundreds of shots with the sets moved at different angles,
then they edit it all together to look like you are walking through the house.

Maybe they designed the Conjuring house just like the one in Insidious.
I would research both and check who the set or production designers are.

Is Insidious and Insidious two worth watching?

I saw the commercials and all of them were so lame, cheesy and worst of all just plain not scary at all. Is the movie any good? Or is it just like the commercials?

Which one is more scarier? The conjuring or Insidious 2?

I have seen the movie the conjuring & it was really scary ! I couldn't sleep every night after i saw that movie . And now, insidious 2 just came out . My friends are inviting me to go see it. But i dont wanna have nightmares again. So can someone tell me which one is scarier . The conjuring or insidious 2 ? The conjuring is rated r & insidous 2 is pg-13 . Can someone explain which one is scarier and why .