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Is A Size 15 In Juniors Like Really Fat

Is a size 12-11 fat in girl juniors?

NO! You are not way shape or form FAT!

Unfortunately society has set standards on how WOMEN should look. Statically you are below average. the average size for a women is 14-16. This is the poor influence that the fashion industry has set to make women beautiful. Dont listen to what anyone says. remember you are all that matters, you can be your own worst critic or your own best friend! choose the friend. when you love yourself than thats all the matters. and NO not all models are 0-9. the ugly runway ones are usually no bigger than a 4 and are at least 5'10 in height.. which is not average and if you look at the girls they are not healthy. Models are not great role models so please dont immolate one. Plus there are such things as plus size models they are in ranges from 12-26. i dont believe 12-18 should be considered PLUS. but thats what us women have to deal with. Oh and the great Marylin Monroe fluctuated in size often through here career. the dress sizes arent the same as today but some speculate she was anywhere from a 10-12 (our size today) at her heaviest. (she was never fat and never ugly. Remember girls who have a bigger size means they have bigger and better curves to show off.. and in lots of countries the bigger you are the better! take Africa for example. skinny models there wouldnt stand a chance there. they would be considered unfit for childbirth and unattractive. Not strong enough to take care of families.

Remember when it really comes down to it Beauty is in the EYE of the Beholder! =)

love your self and love your size no matter what it is!

Is a size 7 in Juniors fat?

To take the easy explanation, the answer is NO.
Don't get wrapped up in the Hollywood toothpick scene. That's nasty. I'm 5'6" and I wear a size 6 (in adult sizes) and I'll tell ya... having muscle and being lean feels really great. No need to be a skinny skeleton. In my oppinion sizes from 4-8 are perfect! You're right there. So just take care of yourself and maintain your size and you'll be great!

Is a size 7 in juniors fat?

Well since you're so short then it might seem stout on your petite size, but let's say if I was a size 7 in juniors and being that I'm almost 6 feet tall that'd be terribly skinny. I don't think a 3 is all that healthy but a 5 or so wouldn't be bad.

Normal jean size for a 15 year old?

there is no such thing as a "normal" size... many factors play into your pant size, like for me, i have long legs, a small waist, and i huge butt; my pant size is based around my booty. it all depends on your body type and build; you're you're not comfortable with your size, change your eating habits, and work out. one more thing, being healthy doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with clothing sizes.

Is shorts/pants size 7 in juniors fat?

No .-. Not for your height! Im a size 7 and I'm 5'4" and my sister is a size nine and she's like almost 5'3" and we don't look fat :p

Is size 5-7 fat for pants size?

A size for pants is not fat at all, it all depends on body type! A woman can be overweight and wear a size 1-2. Don't be ashamed of sizes, they're just a number and they change everywhere you go! If you are really concerned about your weight, you should start a diet and exercise program, but don't measure your self esteem by a number!

Do you think a size 2-4 is fat for a 14 year old girl?

As a man I can only say this, be comfortable with yourself. There are always men who find different kinds of women attractive and no one is exempt. If whatever you want changed is because you want people to like you more you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it for yourself, make yourself feel beautiful first. That is the true way to been seen as attractive

What pants size do you consider fat?

Can't go off size , because some girls are tall..some have wide hips which require bigger jeans , just how you look in the jeans.

How did the chubby guy get on Super Junior?

I guess it wouldn’t happen these days, huh? I’ll do my best to answer.Entering the company: Shindong was a very good dancer (as evidenced by some of the other answers), and maybe there just wasn’t anyone comparable to him at the time, so he got in to the company. He had a naturally charming personality to boot. It was beginning to be very very important at the point of time Shindong was a trainee for idols to be flexible and able to appear as entertainers as well as singers and dancers. These days you only see companies take in trainees with beautiful faces, talent seemingly optional, so maybe the mindset has changed since then.Logic behind getting put into Super Junior: The original plan was for Super Junior to be a rotation group, where members were going to cycle in and out (i.e. they would be temporary), using the group as a jumpstart to their own career. If SM’s end goal was to make Shindong a TV personality and/or a dancer, then Super Junior would be a great start-off for him, and SM would profit off him as long as his contract lasts and he continues to renew it. There are many people on TV/radio who are very popular and entertaining but not as attractive or skinny. Shindong could be and has been one of those people.I believe these factors and probably other ones I haven’t thought of combine to make a reasonable decision for SM to take him in, then to put him into Super Junior. Although he may not have a perfect and magnanimous personality (nobody does, though..), I respect him as an adult for putting in the hard work it takes to get where he has in life, and for becoming successful and (hopefully) not bitter as an idol despite all the people like you asking “what is that fatty doing in Super Junior”.