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Is Getting Upset At Liberal Hypocrisy Like Getting Mad At A Bird That Poops On Your Head

Do atheists realize what they have done to Quora?

Yes, we atheist folks realize perfectly well what we've done to Quora… primarily because we did it intentionally.Here's what we've done:Made any “arguments” from the Religious Debate Manual* and the Partisan Debate Manual* utterly useless by calling them out directly. *Thou shalt not commit logical fallaciesDemanded proof of religious claims via tests which are repeatable and verifiableAggressively unpacked both religious and political Newspeak using Facts, Reason, Logic, and History.Directly called out folks who would force their religious beliefs upon everyone as being against the very things which Christ ACTUALLY taught as well as being against what the 1st Amendment actually demands.Showed quite clearly that we know the bible better than those who claim it as a Be-All-End-All. In US, atheists know religion better than believers. Is that bad? (Note the source… *insert Eevil laughter*)Flatly refused to just “STFU & comply” with religious fascist wannabes like WBC.Shown clearly and repeatedly that while our morals often parallel “religious” morals, we choose to use reasoned supports for those morals rather than having them dictated to us. disputed the religious idea that it's A Ok to deny ANY rights to people simply because you disapprove of where or how they stick their fuzzy parts by using logic, Law, and human values. Do you support same-sex marriage?Generally made it tough for folks who choose to ignore Facts over myth to proselytize here.I don't know that I'd call this “Done to Quora” I think I'd use the phrase “Done for Quora”Last but not least… I've exactly zero issues with your choice to believe in god/s or your right to practice those beliefs as you will so long as it doesn’t harm others… up until the point where you attempt to insert those beliefs into my home, or attempt any indoctrination of my kids. When you hit that point… say by denying women the right to control the course of their lives via banning birth control, then Yes, I'm going to fight you tooth and nail.It won't be pretty.TL;DR 1Believe as you will in your home, but I'll be damned if I let you take that right from me.TL;DR 2John:“Judge not that Ye be not judged. For with what measure Ye judge it shall be returned unto you, pressed down, shaken, and overflowing.”

Why don't girls refrain from going to vulnerable event or places to avoid mass molestation kind of incidents for their own safety?

Did you know how many people have their pockets picked, or get mugged or stampeded in crowdy places and events? Does that stop you from going out to those places? Do you lock yourself up at home in the fear that if you go out, you'll get hit by a bus or a truck?The thing is, there is no end to the precautions a woman can take to stop molestation. And despite all those precautions, women can still be molested. There is no end to the number of incidents where men simply barge into women's houses and rape them. So even shutting yourself off inside your house isn't an option for women anymore.The world has been made so unsafe that the only way women can remain safe and unharmed is if they didn't exist at all.So taking precautions and not going out and living your life is not a viable solution to prevent molestation. The solution is to address the issue of molestation, which unfortunately, no politician or authority seems to be doing.The reaction to the mass molestation incident was a mixture of men defending their gender saying that “not all men” are sex-crazy predators, and politicians blaming women and their clothing for the fact that they were molested. This kind of a reaction only increases such incidents, because it makes a man think that no matter what he does to harm a woman, society will inevitably blame the woman for his actions.This culture of victim blaming has kept women in fear of abuse every single day. Women fear reporting abuse because they know they'll be harassed at police stations for wearing what they were during the molestation. The fact that abuse takes place against women irrespective of what they wear seems to be lost to the politicians and authorities. What kind of a sick mentality do you need to blame women for being raped or abused? Is it not enough humiliation and torture for a woman to be abused?Precautions are not the solution. They are never the solution. The solution is to properly address the problem: the fact that we live in a society where our sexuality is repressed to the extent that parents don't even talk to their children about sex, children don't receive proper sex education at school, and end up becoming sexually frustrated young men who think it's a woman's duty to satisfy them.