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Is It Bad That I Always Cause Fights And Arguments At Parties Girlfriend Said She Loves It

My boyfriend always leaves when we fight, this time should I just let him?

I see that you requested my answer, so fear not, milady, I am here to help!Short note: my advice is what it is, an advice. You can do what you want with the advice, so as long as you know what you want to do.As I view it, this relationship you're having is a lot like my previous relationship. He's possibly stubborn and doesn't seem to regard the arguments as something to be reconciled urgently. He even leaves when he can't take anymore of it. In other words, this thing that you're having with him is what I think of as a toxic relationship.Hear me out here. You two love each other, of course you two do. If you two didn't, there wouldn't be this thing between you two called a relationship. But in all honesty, love does not justify a relationship.He breaks your heart when he leaves you mid-argument, does he know that? What constantly leads to you two having an argument?A healthy relationship is known to have arguments here and there, but what seperates the good relationships from the bad are the types of arguments the two “parties” have.Confront him. I mean it, confront him. Especially if you two haven't argued in awhile. Ask him why he keeps putting you in such a position, whether he still loves you. Have him affirm his position as your boyfriend, as your significant other. You love him, it's clear from the fact that you even ask the public of this. So make sure that if you want to call him your boyfriend, he loves you too.The title of “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” isn't a title you throw around. Love is love. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.So leaving that person you love even in an argument is not acceptable. At. All.

I'm always fighting with my girlfriend. How do we stop?

We have been going out for a year now and everything was perfect untill about three months ago. Since then we just continue to always argue and its not even anything that is important. Even though she will not admit it but we have the same personality where one of us always has to be right. We still want to be with each other but it is becoming more and more difficult. I also think we argue so much just because it just keeps rolling over from previous days. Some one please help. I really do not want to loose her. She means the world to me.

I'm always scared to get into fights/arguments with my bf?

We really love and care about eachother but also clash sometimes. It's often little things, and we talk about it and it's over. But I'm nervous to really get seriously mad at him, or him get mad at me, and we won't talk for a while or something.

Sometimes when I am upset or mad at him, I just bite my tongue and don't say anything..when is that good to do and when is it bad?

Why Do Me & My Girlfriend Always Fight? Lesbian*?

Everyone has disagreements, but if ALL you do is fight, you both need to grow up. There was a study done, years back, predicting how well a couple would do at staying together. It wasn't a matter of whether they fought, but whether the positive conversation outweighed the negative.

Figure out what's causing your conflicts, and try to resolve the issues. And a suggestion: Avoid using "you always" or "you never," because massive generalizations like that are seldom true, and create an impossible barrier.

My girlfriend and I love each other so much, but we often argue about trivial things and it’s beginning to tear us apart. How can we stop arguing?

The answer is not to just stop arguing. Fighting with your significant other is always going to happen some. But there's good news…It means you both CARE.At least one of you isn't arguing and fighting and the other is just like, “meh, whatever.” If that was the case, I would suggest moving on to a healthy relationship with someone else.Listen.Pay attention when you are fighting. Really listen. Most people are NOT listening, but instead, waiting on the other person to stop talking so it can be their turn. If you listen to what the other is saying, you can learn a lot. If you are fighting about a sock on the floor…most of the time it's not about the actual sock. If you're bickering about small things alot, chances are you're not REALLY. There is something deeper that is not being said directly. Which leads me to..Communicate.The more open and honest you can be with each other, the less room there is for misunderstanding, misinterpreting, and assumptions. You know what happens when you assume! Makes an ASS of U and ME. Don't wait until you are in the middle of the argument to spill your guts and try to make the other person see your point of view. Not the time…they literally will hear “blah, blah, blah.”Fight Fair.No low blows, name calling, or bringing up things that you have previously gave forgiveness for. Women are the worst of all about this. We will bring up something that happened 5 years ago and suddenly you are fighting about something else entirely.How did we get here????Don't say something you cannot unsay. After the fight is over, you want it to be done and finished.Know when to take a breather.If things are getting too heated and you feel like you might lose it and say/do something that will cause physical or emotional damage…step away. It's best to learn when the dispute is headed that way and take a time out before it gets to that level. It's amazing how dumb it will sound when you come back to the conversation after everyone has had a moment to think.Say you are sorry…and mean it.Seriously, this one should be obvious. It doesn't have to be immediately..wait until there is no anger and you can really genuinely mean it. Apologize whole-heartedly. None of this..“Well I'm sorry YOU took it that way.”Not a real apology.Keep fighting :)Healthy squabble can strengthen your relationship. You will learn how to compromise and over come obstacles…together. You are literally fighting for you relationship, so don't give up.Plus, there's always make-up sex!

Is it bad if me and my girlfriend never really fight?

my girlfriend and i have been going out for just about 6 months. and she told me that she is scared casue everything seems perfect but it might not be. and she says that is wierd that we never fight. what should i do? and she told me that she heard no fighting in a relationship is a bad thing.

My girlfriend and I fight a lot, what should I do?

Yeah... See, what a very wise and a great girl once told me can be applied to this :As long as people are smart and tolerant, everything can work out.And boy, was she right. Arguing is downright stupid. Attacking you is downright stupid. Demanding space on everything is downright stupid. And ending an argument in "Do whatever  you want" is stupid beyond any limit, unless you are doing it with a stranger on the street. Your girlfriend, to me seems to be really intolerant, hard headed person. And frankly, she doesn't seem to handle things in smart way. You can't be a proud, high ego persona in a relationship. Both your opinions value equally. But you both need to respect that. Let me give you a stupid example of how serious relationship goes.-Do you have to go to that martial arts training? You come home with bruises so often... Does it really mean that much to you ?-Yes, I love doing it, people there are good, and I feel good.-Alright, be safe. And no matter how retarded this sounds, it captures the gist of functional couple. He loves something, she doesn't really like it, but she understands that he loves it, and she respects that and supports him. And let me make this perfectly clear - it works both ways.Differences have to be there. The whole difference between growing old together and having a fallout is in couple's ability to work around them, as well as, of course, having something in common. And if your girlfriend is not capable of understanding it, if she is not supporting you (and men need support far more than we admit to), and is constantly trying to assert some kind of dominance over you - you literally have nothing to do there anymore. Break up. Simple as that.

My girlfriend intentionally says hurtful things during arguments. Later she will apologize. Is that abusive?

I see many relationship questions like this on Quora every week:“My boyfriend doesn’t call or text me much anymore. What should I do?”“All my partner and I seem to do is argue with each other all the time. What should I do?”“My boyfriend(girlfriend) seems so distant recently. What should I do?”I always guess that a bad (toxic) relationship is the root cause, but lately I have developed a theory on the basic cause.Many decades ago when people dated, many of them actually made it to their honeymoon. For those that started early, they usually were is a serious relationship or engaged before they started sharing one another.A couple of decades ago when our sons were starting dating, especially in college, young people often were in bed together by the third date. I’m not saying that is bad. The problem is that God (or mother nature) designed human sex as a very powerful bonding experience that works great for holding marriage together. But when a young couple starts out having sex too early it becomes so “bonding” that they overlook many issues that really make them not a long range compatible couple. They exist in a toxic relationship based (loosely) on good (or OK) sex. When they are not in bed, the relationship is not good. Thus we end up with Quora relationship questions looking for help.I say all this for those couples where this might apply. Do you really have anything “solid” in your relationship other that the sex part? If the honest answer is “no.” Please consider calling it off and move on. Life is too short for toxic relationships.

My boyfriend and I always argue?

Aww hun I understand your pain. I know you don't want to hear it but maybe you guys should take a break from each other and figure out some things , get things straightened out. Relationships sometimes hit this huge bump like this! I'm more than sure you both love each other and if you do you two should talk about this and consider being apart but only for a while! He'll understand if he cares for your feelings. I understand you two are not going to want to break up like you said with him not letting you leave, but you have to push through his force and tell him what you feel! I'm sure and hope things will get better for you two! Good Luck Hun I hoped I helped I couldnt really explain everything i was thinking. :)

Why does my girl always want to pick a fight with me?

Well, let’s see what we git so far. Maybe she’s a maniac. Bipolar, or making herself ideas about you, like, you don’t really like her, or you’re cheating on her, or stuff like that..Maybe she has repressed emotions and is taking it out on you..Maybe she is testing you. I find this one the least likely, because I don’t think it’s true. I think that’s just a way of people rationalizing what women do. First of all, because women don’t do it with all the men they date. Second of all… actually, that’s a whole point of its own. But I’ll get to that later..Maybe you’re not treating her right. Or, you’re not compromising for her..Before I make my main point, I need to explain something. The brain of women usually has stronger connections between the rational and the emotional. It’s why usually women like peopke to tell them nice things so much, and why women usually have an easier time talking about what they feel while men usually mumble and stutter and need to get naked and sit down and rest their face on their fist and take some time to be able to put their emotions into words.So ladies, please be understanding if your man isn’t very expressive with words..Anyway, my main point. Because of those connections, if a woman feels bad, she will get more negative thoughts. She mainly wants to pick a fight with you because she doesn’t feel so good. But if you make her feel very good, she’ll be less feisty. I’ve experienced this. I had a girlfriend that gave me health problems because of stress. And one time, she was very angry at me, I kissed her, and all that anger disappeared. Another time, she was being very irritating one week, we had sex, and the next day, not only was she not irritating, but moee understanding than usual..Not only have I had those experiences, but more so, other guys have told me the same..But in any case, you should consider the stability of your relationship. If it has a strong base. Abd if it’s really worth holding on to.