Is It Bad To Smoke Weed One Day Before Getting A Shot At The Doctors

Can doctors tell if you smoke weed? Can they see anything wrong in your lungs? And will they tell your parents?

Doctors cannot tell even if you smoked, nor what you´ve smoked.I mean, if you were exposed somewhere and you inhaled lots of smoke - like a fire in a building, or a furnace, or a factory… it looks the same on the x-ray. They can only tell if you are tested specifically for drugs.Find a doctor you trust, go alone, and be honest to him if you have any doubts. They can´t tell your parents unless you are hospitalized.Take it easy on your lungs, dont ´hold it in, and don´t smoke if you feel any pain, cough up thick stuff, feel short breath or athsma.Inhaling any kind of smoke causes pneumonia…

Is it bad to smoke marijuana after getting a lot of shots from the doctor?

Hey. I'm going to India soon, and this afternoon I went to the doctor to get all of my shots (4 in total, including the shots for hepatitisB and polio and that kinda stuff). Is it bad to smoke later tonight? is it harmful to have marijuana smoke in my body right after getting all these other shots? just wondering and very curious to be completely honest....
thanks in advance!

Smoked pot after getting a shot yesterday?

Not sure if it was an interaction with the vaccines or if there was something laced in the marijuana or such. Perhaps it will prompt one not to smoke pot again and is sort of a blessing in disguise that that happened ;) One's life can only get worse with doing any type of drugs (or drinking). Perhaps your doctor can answer the question with more expertise.

There actually is a 12-step support group for those that smoke pot: Marijuana Anonymous which is a variation of NA (narcotics anonymous) and AA (alcoholics anonymous), all of which are separate organizations though. Just fyi in case wanting to get outside support. Please take good care.

Can a doctor tell if you smoke weed? If so, how?

If you're not the obvious pothead character (i.e speaking like the turtle from nemo, marijuana paraphernalia, etc) and if you don't go there while stoned.... They have NO way of knowing. Only if they run some blood tests, of course, but I suppose this isn't your case. The main giveaways are behavioral, so you just have to be there sober and avoid telling your doc that you like our beloved plant. If for any reason he orders you any blood tests, don't panic. It may be for checking out your systems (cholesterol levels, etc). They have to actually be looking for drugs in your bloodstream to find their traces, so unless they explicitly tell you its a substance use screening, they won't "casually" find it. I'm not a doctor, this comes from my own experience and I may be wrong, of course.

Can I smoke weed while on antibiotics?

Yes, go for it. Weed doesn't effect antibiotics. They're not affected, but your heart will be affected at greater extremes, so take it easy on the pot, or you'll flip out.

Can smoking weed every night effect the depo shot?

i know that taking birth control Pills and smoking weed we definatly have a effect on the birth control and possiably make you get prego but the depo shot is the shot you get in your arm every 3 months and apparently its different then the pills so i dont see how that weed wouldnt effect it?

Is smoking weed okay before getting a breast lift/reduction?

noo im not saying the day before.
Okay my surgery is on the 27th, I've already stopped drinking and smoking cigarettes , it's just hard for me to get to sleep. I wouldnt smoke a few days before . . i just mean right now would it have a negative impact on my surgery?

Is it okay to smoke cigarettes the day before getting the meningitis vaccine?

Smoking cigarettes lowers your immune response, especially if you are not a habitual smoker.

I do know that smoking lowers your resistance to colds and flu, so based on that, using common sense, I would therefore assume that smoking would lower the immune response that you are supposed to get from receiving a vaccine.

Hope it works out for you. Good luck.

Smoking Weed While On Birth Control?

Okay so I smoke weed daily. I've been on birth control for about 5 months (been smoking almost 2 years).
They always say, "Don't smoke while taking this" does that apply to weed? Or just tobacco? I don't smoke cigarettes or anything like that. Just weed.
I haven't had any bad effects from mixing the 2. I usually smoke about an hour after I take my pill. Just to be sure I guess..