Is It Fair Comcast Walmart Home Depot Etc Sell To Millions Of People Illegally In The Us And

Millions OF people OR Million people?

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One million million million is one quintillion.(1,000,000,000,000,000,000,0... Ten billion billion billion is ten octillion. (10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) For me, the numerical form makes me see larger numbers than "ten billion billion billion" but many people who are not very familiar with these large number will understand one million million million as a very large number. The scientist was probably talking to an audience/book and not another scientist.

Walmart is the largest seller of most everything that Walmart carries. Because Wal-Mart is huge.There are simply no other national chains of stores with those sorts of store numbers. There are 3,400 walmart supercenters in the US (not all sell guns).There are 82 Cabela’s stores, by contrast.94 Bass Pro Shops.~200 Academy sports stores.Dick’s sporting goods manages ~600. 1/6th the number of Walmarts, and they have a gun counter not much bigger than the typical wal-mart.Most of the hardware stores that used to be major gun sellers have been driven from business by Home Depot, Lowe’s, and… Wal Mart.Further, the guns wal-mart sells are typically fairly inexpensive. That keeps volumes up. They aren’t selling custom 1911’s or high end rifles that cost ~$1000 or more. It’s inexpensive rifles and shotguns. Everything wal-mart sells is based on moving product, and guns are no exceptions.It’s unclear what the size of Wal-mart’s share of the overall firearms market is… My guess is that it’s around 10%. But most of it’s competitors are far smaller. It remains a business that’s dominated by small business owners that own only a single location, or perhaps two. Even the “big” stores are typically pretty small when compared to most industries.

Is it actually illegal to film inside WalMart?

Being the Walmart is a public place, open to the public, most being 24/7. It is not illegal to video record and/or take pictures. Now if and only if, you were to upload or post such thing without either blurring the face of those in the video or picture or getting permission to show that person in your video, does it become illegal. Now with that being said, if you do blur or get permission from those shown and you are still asked to stop or the police are called, your rights are being taken away from you. "First amendment: Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief." You're freedom of speech gives you the right to express your opinions with no restraint. Taking a picture you may want to portray your emotions (smiling because you're happy. Or taking a video if you do vlogs, known as being an entertainer, you have the right to express yourself through entertainment, form of speech.) all which is your opinion. Therefore violating your right as an American.

You should get permission from the artist. The intention of an artist displaying content on the internet is for that content to be viewed in that context, not replicated into other mediums. If you'd like permission to reproduce the work, contact the artist. Note: I'm not a lawyer, but I am an artist and there's a 50/50 shot that for any given piece you find on a website that features my work I have a higher resolution "print grade" copy of that piece of art... depending on how a request comes across, I might even provide that high res copy gratis, but it's more likely that I'd offer to set up a print on demand option so someone who wanted to buy a print of a specific piece could get a high quality print from the high resolution master and not the web resolution things I put online. (And yes, I'd get a small kick back off that print. )

Over 4,000 data brokers in the US are making billions of dollars per year selling data so yes it is legal to sell data. The question comes down to did you create this data or did you acquire it from someone else?If you created the data, you can sell it to whomever you want. If that data includes information about people (names, contact information, etc), you need to have their permission to sell it. In the US, all you have to do is stipulate in your Terms & Conditions that you have the right to sell information about them. When they check “Agree,” you are legally OK to sell their information. In the EU, you need to have express permission from each person. They must “Agree to Allow this Company to Sell or Share Information About Me,” and not just agree to terms.If you acquired the data from another party, it all comes down to what terms you agreed to when you got the data. In the US, this typically falls under Copyright laws. If you are selling data you do not have permission to sell, the company that owns it must notify you that you are violating their copyright. You are then required to do so or they will sue you for damages from copyright violation.For a more detailed answer, please view this video.Disclaimer: I am not a licensed or practicing attorney and this is not legal advice. This answer is only provided for general guidance. You should consult an attorney if you have any questions about the legality of selling data.

Can a liberal challenge me?

I guess the DMV is awesome in service.

Government housing is so great because it has the highest crime rates in America.

I'm being sarcastic, the health care reform will just clog hospitals like the DMV, where you get a number, go to a window, and see a nurse to "asset" how much of a priority you are. I like the idea of being treated on the spot by a private doctor and not waiting for treatment.

Costs can go down if we increase competition by eliminating state lines, letting health insurance companies sell in any state. Don't think it works? Then tell me how come JP Morgan Chase Bank is in NY on Wall Street, and I live in CA.

Competition will also increase when you remove medicare/medicaid. The Elderly/Poor it provides for still pay for auto insurance. Keep the principals the same. If there was autocaid and autocare, I guarantee auto insurance would be expensive, there wouldn't be low rates since autocaid would give it for free to the poor, eliminating the lowest quote possible.

Public Option will be the stepping stone to socialism, it won't create competition. You're a fool to believe this. Simply because a Non-Profit Government Ran Can't Go Bankrupt Organization, can't ever lose to a Profiting Company. Once all the profit company's go bankrupt, all that's left is the public option, which makes us socialistic. We will all eventually be paying for government ran health care. Don't you see the legislation is going to slowly bump us to socialism. Remove all legislation that hurts private health care, and it will flourish, like everything else that isn't bound by government legislation.