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Is It Normal For My Eyes To Get This Red When I

Crusty eyes when sick...Is this a normal?

I've got a mild case of sore throat and coughing. I've been taking over the counter stuff for it and everything was okay. However, this morning, I woke up and it hurt to open my eyes. I had crusty eye booger around my eyes and my eyeballs were red. After I washed up, my eyes didn't hurt anymore, but they were still red. Is this normal? Do I have an eye effection? Is this related to the coughing? Do I need to see a doctor or will it go away on its own?

Why do my eyes get red when I yawn?

hi brad,
look its a normal sign of the yawning reflex.
as yawning allows entry of more oxygen and increasing the blood flow to organs including the eye so it gets red, tears may fall . according to the need for oxygen and the rate of increaseed blood flow to the eye , it may get red may not,
so its ok to have red eye sometimes with yawning.

Why do my eyes get red when i drink water?

Bordom has the IQ of a handball. Anyways when you drink your blood vessel dilate and you get dehydrated. That's why they are red. But yes this is nothing to worry about it simply means that your not drinking a lot of water. You are most likely drinking a lot of soda or sugar based drinks. To minimize this all you have to do is drink water and/or gatorade for the electrolytes. So rest easy it will be okay. But for some reason a huge case of red eye comes along then do yourself a favor and get to the hospital.

Why will our eyes turn red when we wake up from sleep?

Ok. Are they only red when you wake up, and then get better as the day goes on? Or do they get worse as the day goes on? Do they feel irritated when you awaken? Is there any discharge- crusting/mattering , sticky stuff in the corners when you awaken? Do they itch?Many of the answers have pointed out that the redness in the white part of the eyes is due to inflammation of the surface blood vessels- in the conjunctiva - not the sclera; otherwise you would have Scleritis which is a painful and potentially much more serious condition. What you are describing is probably conjunctival hyperemia.So, what would cause this when you wake up but not during the day when your eyes are open and blinking? The lack of oxygen/ocoular ischemia answer doesn't do it for me because, why would you only have a lack of oxygen to your eyes at night? Why not the rest of you? Which of course would lead to other systemic symptoms. And the oxygenation of everybody's corneas is decreased at night but since there are blood vessels in the conjunctiva (but not the cornea) the conjunctiva will get adequate oxygen at night as long as blood flow is adequate and there is sufficient oxygen in the system. So, there is something causing some inflammation of the conjunctiva overnight, but not as much during the day, and it's chronic (every night), and it's relatively benign (no long term deleterious effects).Most likely answer? BLEPHARITIS. It's common, causes the symptoms and signs you describe, and in the short term, has few sequlae. It could be allergies, but that's usually accompanied by itching, and unless it's due to your pillow or something you put in your eyes at night, it's unlikely to be the answer.As always, (sigh) see your ophthalmologist or optometrist, don't use Quora answers for your medical decisions, anyone can pretend they know stuff on the internet, I could be punking you, and I could be an out of work plumber. Or anything.

Why do my eyes turn red when i wear contacts?

Your eyes are most likely red from wearing contacts because you have had the contacts in too long. Your eye doesn’t get as much oxygen when the contact lense covers it and so it strains the eye.I found an article about how to keep your eyes from being red with contacts in.How to Avoid Red Eyes From Wearing Contact LensesHope this helps!

Is it normal for your eyes to turn red if its my first time wearing contacts?

My eyes have been turning red ever since i wore my contacts yesterday and its my first time so i don't know if its normal for my eyes to turn red. If it isn't how do i get rid of red eye cause it been 2 days since i wore contacts for the first time. PLEASE HELP!!

Why do you think my dogs eyes turn red when she's angry and excited?..and brown when she's calm?

Actually when a dog is excited, his pupils might constrict and the reflection of light might make it look more red. Whereas a calm dog has his pupils dilated, making them look more brown since his pupils are most likely brown. However this is an appearance of changing color, due to reflection of light and the eyes do not change color per se.

If your dog's eyes actually change color when she is angry/excited, I'd ask you to take her to an exorcist!