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Is It Normal That I Miss

I can understand your feelings and I used to feel the same way , sometimes still do .Happiness can be exhausting , fighting and working towards maintaining happiness can be exhausting too.There is a certain comfort in being sad and low . Its like a heavy blanket that makes you a little numb and calm in my opinion , even though it isn't a particularly nice feeling , I totally understand why one could miss it.But if I'm honest , sometimes I like being sad as long it's not too long . It's peaceful and quiet .

It can be perfectly normal to miss your ex after two years, especially if the two of you were a couple for a long time and/or the relationship you had together was really sweet and you didn’t wish for it to end.Lovers may come and go, but some are more unforgettable than others. It’s designed to be like this. I sometimes think we fall into the trap of thinking that one person who loves us is pretty much like all of the others, fulfilling our need for sex, companionship, or just having someone to do things with on a Friday night. But it’s impossible to capture the nuances of a specific relationship—all of the innocuous things that your beloved did that you realize you genuinely appreciated and enjoyed, and that you can’t seem to find in anyone else. The things that made you feel comfortable, that felt familiar—but a good comfortable and familiar. People can also miss dysfunctional things, too, like tedious drama and having someone to argue with.I don’t think that you’re talking about those things, though.I could tell you that one thing I really missed about a certain ex was his quietness. He was always very quiet in the mornings. His entire energy. Just so calm. (Perhaps you have you own small moment that you’re thinking about right now.) We didn’t start speaking to each other until after we showered, dressed, had our first cup of coffee, and were in the car listening to the radio on the way to work. And then it was gentle conversation. That was a pretty cool song—was that the new Muse?I don’t know why I enjoyed that; perhaps it’s because I crave quietness and calm too (especially in the mornings, when I’m mentally gearing up for a day of what feels like nonstop talking), and in those small moments, we were bonding through our shared temperaments.It’s those predictable little moments that are so very important, in retrospect. Rarely can they be duplicated. When you have all of those small things that you loved about your ex, so very many small things that made them seem like the ideal person for you, it can be very difficult to forget that person���after two years, five, or even twenty.

Is it normal to miss your teacher?

It's normal to miss anything. It's called attachment and memory put together! You miss her because you felt as if she could solve your insecurities about yourself (your problems) and make you "free." Maybe you can try being her, and try to set yourself free when she is not around.

Is it normal to miss your 4th period?

Dont worry its totally normal to miss your 4rth period. I missed my 2nd period. Infact you might be skipping and having irreglaur periods for 1 to 3 years after you started having periods.

Is it normal to miss your boyfriend after 2 days?

Well why dont you look at it this way: he is probably missing you just as much and is dying to talk to you! 5 days without communication is a lot i guess, but just think of when you guys get back together. Your love for each other will be stronger since you realize over the 5 days, how much you two really need and love each other! a little distance always helps, but its all worth it at the end :) he is having fun, so should you! go out with your friends and all! It is totally normal.

Is it normal to miss your best friend this much?

*sorry if i spell anything wrong the spell check on my computer isn't working* anyways me and my best friend have been best friends for a year now and we became really close. not in like a sexual way but our friendship was by far the best friendship I've ever had. we did everything together and I've never felt more close to a friend before. anyways two months ago her mom and I got into a big argument and i said alot of things to her mom that were really terrible and i know i shouldn't of said. since then her mom has cut off my friend and Is connection like my friend cant go on Facebook anymore or text/ call me or hang out and we go to different schools cause i failed so now we never see each other. since then i have felt completely depressed. like i feel really hopeless and sad and i always think of all the good times we had and how its my fault our friendship is ruined. i miss her sooooooooo much like i dont even think this is normal. we sometimes email each other (its hard for her bc her mom takes away her computer) and she tells me how much she misses me too and cry's every time she thinks of me. which is exactly how i feel. my parents think i'm "over reacting" and that i'm just being dramatic but i'm really not. and none of my other friends understand. but i'm really not. i cant help it. i love her soooo much and just cant see how i'm gonna live without our friendship. is this normal?

Well of course, see depression is this weird feeling that can’t always be explained but summed up to a feeling of hopelessness and misery. After a long time this starts to set in, this becomes the norm, this becomes you. In fact, one of the reasons I don’t seek help is I like the feeling of depression (The major reason is I’m too shy), however this like to depression isn’t good, while it’s normal for me you have to realize normal is relative, not having depression is actually not normal for me as I’ve had ‘the blues’ for just over 6 years now, and being almost 16 that’s almost a third of my life, and you have to remember most people can’t remember their childhood years of 1–8, so I’ve been depressed for a long time relative to my life. Now that I’m starting to get out more and slowly getting out of depression I started to get this weird feeling,This weird feeling of joy, While having depression you can still be happy, it’s just very short and turns against you later. This was different, after talking with this girl I started having a high that would last the entire day, if I upset her or just missed her I would have a depression like low for the rest of the day. I was freaking feeling something! Rather than just having guilt and numbness I was having these super strong emotions that not only brought me out of the gutters, but almost put me in this depression. For the first few weeks I thought I started to develop Bi-polar these feelings were so strange.But that’s getting off topic, see here this is me getting out of depression, I clearly noticed it. But do I miss it? Of course! While I should put a ‘!’ to show excitement about it, I miss the days where I could lay in bed most of the day, not cause it felt good (Cause it did, I felt terrible but I felt normal and at home) but because my life was stable. Now that I’m getting out of depression my emotional life is basically getting tortured, I no longer feel at home, I no longer feel normal, without feeling normal you feel sad and miserable.Basically, by slowly curing my depression, I realized how normal my life views depression to the point where I didn’t think I was depressed, so when I got out of it (still getting out) it felt strange and bad. I still miss feeling depressed, I miss it even, but I’m happier without it and this new life is what I want, even if I miss my old depressed life.

Is it normal to miss a period one month?

One of the first signs of pregnancy is usually a late period, but missed periods do not necessarily mean that you are pregnant and since you’re not sexually active I guess it's safe to rule out the pregnancy.

If you have a late period, then consider whether or not you’ve recently been sick, gained or lost a significant amount of weight, have been under excessive stress (I know you said that you haven't been under any stress, but thought I'd mention it as a possible cause anyway) or have taken any new medications.

All of these things can affect your menstrual cycle and cause you to have missed or irregular periods. Additionally, certain types of birth control can also cause you to have irregular menstrual cycles. You didn't say whether you were on the pill?

I would recommend that if you don't get your period next month that you consult with your doctor for further evaluation.

Good luck :)

Is it normal to miss your childhood this much?

basically i just cant handle being grown up, i want to hide away and pretend it isnt happening and that im still young, this year has been awful for me and i am suffering from extreme depression, now any little thing that reminds me of my childhood makes me burst into tears (when im alone, i would be mortified if anyone knew) like seeing a photograph of me as a child or even just thinking of a memory, dont even get me started on how much i cried when the John Lewis advert came on, i mean i keep thinking there must be some way to go back, i know its crazy, but maybe if i kill myself i will get to relive my childhood, being here in the present is awful i cant stay here much longer, i want the years of 1992 - 2010 i was happy - mostly - it wasnt perfect but it was my childhoos and it will be cherished dearly

does anyone feel like this at all?