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Is It Normal To Shed A Tear For Something Epic

Is it normal to cry while watching emotional scenes every now and then?

It just means you are getting caught  up in the moment.  You have some sensitivities about you which is not only normal but also a good trait to have.  I presume you are talking about emotional scenes in a movie or on TV, as opposed to real life emotional scenes. Even then, it is quite a normal response. I have passed some terrible accidents in the past and seen people strewn in the road injured and have shed tears because of it.Getting back to fictional things we may be viewing, when I go to the movie, my 'real' world is totally forgotten (obviously if it is a good film), and I am ensconced in this make believe world which for me in that couple of hours is totally 'my world'.  That is what the filmmakers are striving for - so if you get cuaght up in those emotions and shed some tears - that is perfectly understandable and perfectly in keeping with very healthy emotions.

Did anybody else almost cry when DOM died on GEARS OF WAR 3?

wow im not the type to cry at anything but its funny how i actually almost had a tear when i saw dom die. i guess cuz i got so used to knowing the characters. its pretty damn sad if you know the gears of war storyline, dom basiclly wanted to die and him saving his friends gave him a reason to die. doms family was all killed so he had no reason to live. you can tell he kinda wanted to die when hes talks to maria before he dies he really says nothing to marcus his best friend which is sad knowing marcus best friend is dead and hes pretty much alone, besides his team.
i guess being that dom was sad all the time his death fits in with the story but i wish his death was better. i wish he would at least have died a very heroic death like saving the entire world.

i didnt notice this but at the end marcus kills the queen with doms knife.

i wish they didnt make dom die at all but what can you do.

the sadest part is if you watch doms death,
right after marcus screams for dom, watch doms face you can see dom close his eyes knowing hes about to die and you can see at that instant doms fear of his death and his bravery pretty damn sad and im the type to complain im noooo ***** but ill admit that i became a ***** when he died.

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Excluding death, what were the greatest tear jerker moments in wrestling history?

1. WWE Smackdown 9/11 tribute show
I wonder why nodoby else mention this. I think this tear jerker moment is pretty much forgotten. Whether you're an American or not, Kayfabe was abolished that night, and the entire world, wrestling fan or not, came together in a show of unity and bravery.

2. Shawn Michaels retirement speech
Like many had mentioned. This is a sad moment for sure. One of my favorite wrestlers finally retire. Wrestlemania has never been as epic without him. That's very sad, even Shawn Michaels himself shed a tear during his speech. I think everyone who watch this speech would be at least sad. Those who aren't sad are heartless people.

3. Montreal Screwjob
This is also very sad for me. A model WWE employee who has been very loyal to WWE get humiliated in his very last WWE match in front of his hometown crowd. How sad is that. And even worse since this tragedy, Bret Hart has never been the same. He turned into a bitter whining old man who likes to complain and he was never as good in his WCW days because he keeps stuck in the past thinking about this incident. And I never blame Bret Hart at all, after that much of dedication, professionalism, and loyalty he has shown, he still not trusted by his boss and screwed in his farewell match.

Why do tears come down from our eyes while praying God?

Very Nice question.First will try to understand what is our goal in life.You must have seen some people have got their goal of life & they are happy following it, different people different goals & they are following it.But we all are same as a Human being & so does human being has some common goal which is called as Moksha/Liberation. Now this Moksha/Liberation is not applied to your physical body it is relative to your internal being i.e. Soul.Now this Soul has its own interest, likes & dislikes which people hardly understand. People keep pleasing their physical body & even doing so many things for this materialistic body they feel unsatisfied. Cause even if you are trying to please this materialistic body it is inner Soul which is supposed to get benefited which doesn’t get usually by this method.But when you get in touch with Spiritual people your Soul feel better you feel good. Whatever natural is out there will please your Soul, it may be rain, Trees, Mountains, river etc.. These spiritual people will make you realize those simple ways of life which can make your Soul & ultimately you feel happy, very happy, joyful, energetic.In world the ultimate truth is God which resides within us!In Human’s the ultimate expression is Tears!When you Pray to God then we see deep inside us & we understand that, that supreme power is inside us whatever satisfaction we were trying to find outside was useless & ultimate eternal happiness lies within me that is called as “Realization” & this “Realization” gets expressed by our ultimate expression with our Tears!Jai Shree Krishna!

What movie has you bawling no matter how many times you watch it?

I have tried controlling myself not to watch that movie…but whenever I am bored and have nothing to do(like today) I watch Logan.*For those who don't know Wolverine…otherwise you may skip this paragraph* In brief it is about a person named Logan(a mutant) who has very high regeneration capacity(making him almost immortal) and big claws coming out of his body. In his past he had been experimented upon and “Adamantium” metal was inserted instead of his natural claws and is indestructible. Now, he is living with Charles(his old mate, a mutant with mind reading capacity) and Kalaban(another mutant who can track other mutants).In the movie, Logan has grown old and his regeneration capacity is reducing probably due to poisoning by Adamantium metal.The agency called Alkali, who had previously experimented on him now has made mutant children using mutant's DNA.And now he meets Laura a mutant with same capabilities like him, who has escaped from Alkali facilities and wants to go to North Dakota where her friends are waiting and so that she crosses the border and stay safe.In past, he had lost many people whom he had once loved. And had seen a lot of sufferings.And now all he wishes is to die.In the movie he loses both Charles and Kalaban, in order to save Laura.Some of the most beautiful dialogues-Charles Xavier: You know, Logan... this is what life looks like. A home, people who love each other. Safe place. You should take a moment and feel it.Logan: *while dying* Take your friends and runLaura: You are dying. You want to die.Logan: How do you know?Laura: Charles told me.Logan: What else did he tell you?Laura: To not let youThis last dialogue is the one I find the most beautiful… In our life there are times when we are all fed up, frustrated, exhausted and have lost all hope….and we want to give up( like Wolverine wanting to die). It is the time when we should remember the greater purpose of our life (like Logan realising that Laura is indeed his daughter) and make it our motivation.The lesson is to never give up…never lose hope…never ever…P.S. - In Logan's honour…today I made this-Sources- IMDB, Images and Screenshots from my phone.

When I watch sentimental or love scenes in movies, tears automatically come into my eyes. Am I weak?

NO. You are not weak, but i would add, that It depends. see, this sensitivity of yours can be a gift to you or a liability or curse. see,You are empathetic. and If you can learn to use and utilize it in a proper and controlled way, it can be a huge advantage to you and if not, a disadvantage for sure. Let me go to details :-Interpersonal- no matter what we do we can never leave our emotions behind. They come to you in one way or another. we humans at last are motivated by emotions. when you are empathetic, like in your case, you can perceive their emotions ( that are in most cases, their motives or profound reason of troubles they are facing or causes of their inhibition and self sabotage) in a better way. you can help them, understand them and if you learn proper skills can even influence, lead , guide or manipulate ( lets not be naive here, we need that too) them. This quality of yours hence, can contribute a lot to your social abilities.and about disadvantages, when you do not know how they (emotions ) affect you, you become a slave to them. and hence, become a trouble in other people’s life. we, all see people going berserk and dramatic on roads and public places daily. you have your emotions here something over which you should gain a little authority and responsibility ( you should not try to control them , bury or deny them, that is biggest cause of neurosis). you should be more AWARE of them and bring more acceptance for them. you have this task to do. so, in your case, if you become a slave, you will have a better master. so, this becomes an advantage.intrapersonal- Almost all troubles in a humans life can be traced back to denied and rejected emotions . in your case here, i assume, you have more acceptance and awareness towards your emotions. so that’s better. but as an advice do not get all those get over your head. you should take complete responsibility to bring balance between your head and heart, and of which I believe you are capable. your love life and other close relationships can be nurtured even more if you learn proper skills of handling your, at last. I would say, This is not what it is but what you make of it. you are not weak. but gifted in an unique way. Work on yourself and improve yourself. be proud of it, a lot of people out cannot cry and hence, burn out and die betrayed by their heart’s health.If anything else, comment or message.

Songs about being replaced by a girl.?

Miserable at Best- Mayday Parade
The Moment- Safetysuit
Revenge is Sweeter(Than You Ever Were)- The Veronicas (from a girl's point of view, but same concept)
The Mixed Tape- Jack's Mannequin
Everything I'm Not- The Veronicas (again, a girl's P.O.V, but same concept)
**** You- Cee-Lo (my personal favorite)