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Is It Ok If I Watch The Sopranos At 14 Years Old

Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to watch Porn?

It wouldn't be normal is he didn't. Just don't get carried away.


Is it normal for a 14 year old boy to watch porn?

not every 14 year old boy does it but yes it is normal.... even if it is considered illegal

Good Musical Song For Soprano (14 years old)?

There are a lot of soprano songs out there. If you want to stick with Phantom, that's fine. If you have a guy friend who's a good baritenor, you can do a duet from that show with him as either the Phantom or Raoul.

Look into the musical "My Fair Lady", the character of Eliza is a soprano and her most popular song is "I Could Have Danced All Night" but any of her songs work.

Another that comes to mind is "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" from Sweeney Todd.

Good luck!

I enjoyed watching The Sopranos and The Shield. What shows on DVD should I watch next?

From your list, The Wire is Number 1 without question!  Best tv that's ever been, and I think ever will be.  It's smart tv though - you have to pay attention, and it takes episodes, even a season for things to wrap up.  As the character Lester Freemon says 'All the pieces matter.'Also Homicide, earlier excellent work from David Simon.From other lists:- Friday Night Lights - Most beautiful & touching show ever.  About football, but not about football.  So excited the 5th season dvd arrived today!- Sons of Anarchy!!!  Thanks for the reminder Mike.  Incredible ride man.  I don't like bikes or tatts, But am blown away by this show.- Someone mentioned The Riches, excellent show, though we only got a season & a half.  I still mourn that loss.- Rescue Me- Fringe- No one's mentioned Lost, Am I the only Lost fan here?- Parenthood.  Amazing family drama, but I'm not married, don't have kids, and I still love it.  It's touching and funny, and every week it makes me cry, laugh, and wish I was a Braverman.  Done by Jason Katims from Friday Night Lights, and Ron Howard.  Season 1 is on dvd, season 2 is running now, dvd won't be out till late August.  I just can't come up with all the words to describe how wonderful it is.  There a wonderful story line about a son newly diagnosed with Asperger's, and they're doing it so amazingly, you have to think that 1 of the producers or directors has a kid with it.Just remembered another (God, I watch way too much tv).  Justified on FX.  The 2nd season is airing now, but season 1 is on dvd.  This is the first thing I've seen Timothy Olyphant in, and he's fantastic.  Truly amazing though is Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder - he is electric. FX has been on fire with their dramas the last 6-7 years.  Except for not renewing Terriers and Lights Out this season.

Is it bad for a 14 year old girl to watch porn?

It can be bad and it can be beneficial. If she believes what she sees then she could put herself in danger by seeking same kind of practical adventurism. If she realizes that is is all orchestrated fantasy for pure entertainment then it can be beneficial as it could help her get her hormonal rage under control and help her keep her sexual urges at bay.

Or like another answerer said, it is better than having sex.

However, I would still warn against too much of it as it can, like cell phones and other internet activities, be addictive and become a huge obstacle in her academic activities i.e. school, education.

What should I do if my 12-year-old son already watched 'The Sopranos' and 5 seasons of 'The Game of Thrones' on his computer? Would asking him to not watch the remaining 2 seasons do any good?

Assuming this isn't a joke, no one can tell you how to parent your kids. That said, it sounds from your question like your son did this without your knowledge because he knows you wouldn't approve.If he was my kid I'd take away the computer and data access if he has a smartphone. Personally I wouldn't play with that type of behavior, because I want my kids to enjoy being kids and have something resembling a real childhood. There's plenty of time for all the adult stuff in life.Game of Thrones and The Sopranos are not shows for 12 year old boys. It's not just the sex and violence — it's the sexual violence, rape, incest, prostitution, sadism, torture, explicit and brutally violent murders, castration, child killing, patricide, beheadings, collateral damage of war in all its gruesome detail, and many other heavy adult themes.This is emphatically not like kids keeping a copy of Playboy under the mattress, or covertly renting a movie that has a topless woman in it, which was the extent of it when I was a kid in the late 80s/early 90s. This is seriously messed up stuff that takes a certain maturity to process, and HBO includes many many warnings about the content.I do not believe a 12 year old is mature enough to understand or even appreciate a show like GoT, and I would worry that if he did like it, it would be for all the wrong reasons. Most of all, I don't think a young, easily molded, not-yet-developed mind is equipped to mentally process the things in those shows — which is exactly why kids who experience those things in real life require therapy to deal with them.

Is it me or are the sopranos episodes long and boring to watch?

I do think they are hit and miss. It started well and the casting was faultless. I eagerly awaited each episode but was often quite disappointed. I think it was a very good show in parts but not a great one. Although at the time there was nothing else to beat it.

How would you react if you caught your 11 year old son watching porn?

I found porn in my daughter’s iPod Safari cache.First I said nothing of it but I started restricting her iPod use to the living room and kitchen, where others are around, and I got a subscription to Mobicip (Mobicip - Parental Control Software for Smartphones, Tablets & Computers).Afterwards I briefly took her aside and mentioned to her that it’s perfectly natural for her to be curious about nudity and sexuality, but that visiting pornsites the likes of Pornhub, Youporn, etc… (I didn’t mention the actual sites or what I had actually seen on her iPod) was going just a bit too far.What I found on her iPod was hardcorn porn, blowjobs, gang bangs, bukakes, bondage, you name it…She was 10 at the time… the whole thing was pretty confronting if you ask me…She’s now a perfectly healthy 13 year old. I have no reason to believe she’s developing differently from other kids her age or that she’s having problems from seeing too much (or maybe too little?) porn at too young an age.My other daughter is 8 at the moment and she’s having a pretty healthy curiosity towards babies and pregnancies, nothing as confronting as our first daughter’s interests at about the same age, but of course she never got a chance to take her iPod to her bedroom… That’s a lesson we learned from the eldest.Kids are curious, it’s natural, just let them be and try to keep their contact with unwanted explicit stuff on the internet to a minimum, but be careful about being judgmental. I find restricting the use of the internet to ‘public places’ around the house and installing a basic filter a sufficient way to take care of that.Which doesn’t mean I’m so naive to think that they can’t get access to it if they really want to…(Answering anonymously to protect my daughter’s privacy)

Should I be worried if my 11 year old son watches series like The Sopranos and Narcos?

There are far easier ways to answer your question than by posting here.Watch the shows themselves and see what he’s seeing.Refer to easily available guides written specifically about whether they’re appropriate for kids his age. LB mentions two of them. Even if you don’t wholly agree with the ratings, they are informed opinions to consider.Realize that you are his parent and set limitations according to your values. You have values, right?I am FAR from prudish or hypersensitive about the media my kids watch and there’s no way either of them could go near those shows (or Game of Thrones, or other shows where people torture and murder each other) at age 11.My husband and I like a lot of shows like that, but a person needs more life experience to put extreme events like that in context.Adolescents are intensely curious about what adult life is like. That’s natural and normal. Allowing them to get the impression that adult life involves torture, rape, and murder (and miscellaneous other depravity) is a terrible idea.

Why do people like The Sopranos?

Overrated ??This show left millions of people emotionally drained. This show changed the television forever.. The Sopranos Is the Greatest Show On Earth and anyone who has not seen it is missing something great in their life.No this show is not overrated !!!Have you rushed through season 1 ? I’ll say watch it again and by the time you finish THE SOPRANOS.. see the impact it will have on you.I finished watching the entire series for the 2nd time few days back and this time it was more intense for me because James Gandolfini is no more between us.Trust me this is the show that paved the way for Walter White, Don Draper, Stringer Bell and all the other flawed examples of masculinity we now expect as standard from our heavy hitting TV dramas.7 years.. it ended 7 years before and still its the greatest show ever created.So my answer for you, NO!!! THIS SHOW IS NOT OVERRATED.