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Is It Okay For Guys To Read Shoujo

Do boys read shoujo manga?

Thanks for the A2A!I cant speak for all guys but I've read, and am currently following some shoujo manga. I turn to shoujo when I'm bored, or when I need a break from all the shonen manga I read. I must admit some of them are pretty good! Especially when combined with a slice of life/comedy type of feel.Some shoujo manga have nice art styles which I personally prefer. They are generally a lot more cleaner and minimalistic than their shonen counterparts. The body proportionalism is also more realistic :P However, there are a lot of shoujo manga I've left halfway because the storyline is a bit boring/there was too much drama/the releases are so slow that it really isnt worth waiting for despite having great artwork. :P (Dengeki Daisy and Haru X Kiyo for example). Now for a list of some shoujo I've read and want to read! Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun  - LOVED this one. Great artwork , light, and funny. One of my favoritesHaru X Kiyo - Great artwork, storyline isnt that bad. Stopped reading because the releases take forever. Ao Haru Ride - Pretty good, it hasn't made a lasting impact on me though. Overall average. Hirunaka no Ryuusei - I actually like the storyline :P Art isnt too bad either Hibi Chouchou - Was good, got boring and the releases take a while so I stopped reading this one.   Kimi ni Todoke and Dengeki Daisy - Read these two ages ago and never finished/followed them because they didnt really appeal to me.There are also 2 manga which are weirdly in between shoujo and shonen I absolutely love. One of them is Horimiya - which has great artwork, and always makes me laugh. Its ridiculously cute. The other one is Koe no Kotachi - which has a great storyline and is frankly one of the best short manga I've ever read. I'd recommend it to everyone. The next shoujo manga ill probably read is Orange by Ichigo Takano.

GUYS: do u ever read shoujo manga/ watch shoujo anime?

I have heard that they do. Its just like how I like watching Hellsing, One Piece, and Gurren Lagann. (Although I doubt that they will admit it easily. It goes against internalized gender roles.)

Is it ok for 20 year olds to read and watch shoujo?

Thats like asking. “Is it okie for 10 year old to watch My little pony?”The answer is. n I don’t mean to be rude about thisI mean this in the nicest way possible!But no one caresYa I said it!No one cares as to what you watch!Only those who love to watch it too!I’m 18 n I still watch doraemon n pokemon!Those are considered child shows but guess what i dont care!Its what I like!So if you like to watch shoujo n are 20 then thats completely fine!The question is why do you care what people on some cite say?The real question is….”Do you like to watch and read shoujo? If so whats your favorite series?”Thanks.~Pet of Quora~

Do guys ever read Shoujo manga or watch shoujo anime?

Do guys ever read Shoujo (girly) manga? Just wondering cause girls read shounen, so do guys ever read any shoujo? Also do guys ever watch any shoujo anime? It seems like I've seen where guys don't mind watching an episode of something that's girlier but they never would read shoujo manga

Good shoujo manga with a rebel/punk guy in it?

I think there's this older series I read called "Mars."

There's a stereotypical quiet girl and the "bad boy" who everyone wants. It's a very cute story, and I really enjoyed it.

Is it weird for a guy to like shoujo anime?

Not at all, I'm hardly a Shoujo anime fan and love action packed series more than anything but I like Kimi Ni Todoke, Say I love you, Nijiro Days and Mysterious Girlfriend X. I'm a 20 year old male and I have no shame in admitting that, you like what you like and screw anyone who judges you for it. Not everyone's taste is the same and there's nothing wrong with anyone for enjoying a genre not catered to their demographic so keep on keeping on.

Am I the only guy who watches Shoujo anime?

I’ve talked to many guys who watch and read shojo. I’ve also seen many who can’t tell the difference between shojo and stuff with content they consider “girly.” like, there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s gotten mistaken for shojo by non-Japanese fans. some people think all maho shojo stuff is shojo, but the thing is, shojo is actually a demographic not a genre, whereas maho shojo is a genre. some genres are demographic specific (Salaryman manga are pretty much all seinen, BL is limited to shojo and josei), but most AREN’T. there’s also the idea romance makes it shojo, but there’s plenty of shonen and seinen romances, some of which are often mistaken for shojo. there’s even some shojo stuff that gets mistaken for shonen or seinen too. and occasionally there’s even stuff that’s either intentionally aimed at both male and female viewers equally (like Escaflowne) or doesn’t really make it clear what demographic it’s named at (usually in this case it’s an anime original title, and when that happens it can be frustrating because they may have supplementary material in the form of manga and light novels that are aimed at more than one demographic).in the end, the fact they can be mistaken pretty much says why not just enjoy what you enjoy regardless of what the primary target demographic is.

Love stage!! Where can I read about rei and shoujo's past?

On the love stage wiki, it tells us about how rei and shoujo first had sex and rei had regretted it the next morning since he was in love with seiyo instead of shoujo. And how he went to a Crusherz concert.
Also about rei's past like when he was in high school and he didn't do too well but however he still made to college but didn't have the money to go.
So if you know where I can read this plz answer.

Do more guys watch shoujo anime or do more girls watch shounen anime?

Shounen is mainly aimed at both audiences,with the exception of harem manga/anime. Shoujo is definitely meant for girls though, as 99% of it is all about romance. I've tried reading Vmapire Knight, and I couldn't do it. Lot's of people watch/read romantic comedies(me included), but it's sorta in-betweeen. So, I'd say more girls read shounen than guys read shoujo