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Is It Possible To Get A Second Interview For The Ir2 After Being Denied Years Ago

Is it ok to have a second interview after administrative process for us immigrant visa?

He won't be able to touch them until the 20 days are up - he needs to do what he has been recommended to do. If he did not positioned up required information, they could have advised him they necessary those particular medical doctors, so that is not a count of lacking medical doctors. His utility is contemporary technique extra evaluate & processing. that is purely achievable that he won't get any visa. Administrative processing fairly usually finally ends up with the visa being denied. and there is not any charm of visa denial. they'd desire to coach contingency plans for him to convey his spouse to his united states of citizenship in case of visa denial.

Sure no problem. Sometimes people interview for jobs for which they are overqualified, under qualified or just wasn't a fit based on their goals or passion. I would actually admire and respect somebody who kept trying, because it was a sign they really liked our company. So being rejected for a position before doesn't necessarily mean they aren't right for the new position. However if they made some serious judgments of error during a previous interview, that may not work in their favor. So as long as you didn't make a fool out of yourself during a previous interview, then keep applying. What's the worst they can say, no?

If you get a second interview at Target, What does it mean?

It surprises me how many people think you definitely have the job just because you made it past the first round. There is no guarantee of that. I wish you luck and would say that you PROBABLY have the job, but lots of companies go through a long and convoluted hiring process. It's possible the first interviewer liked you but the second didn't, who knows? I've made it to second interviews and still didn't get the job a couple of times. And I'm no loser-- I managed a retail store for over 8 years. I've noticed a lot of places are in "perpetually hiring" mode these days. What I mean is, they don't REALLY have vacancies, they just continually interview people and keep the turnstiles spinning so they can have the choice of firing the lowest-performing people at any time. Also so that if you don't blow them away as a perfect candidate for the job, they can wait until they find someone who does. When I managed a RadioShack, the district managers were always telling us, "Always be recruiting! You should be looking to replace your worst associate if they're not all above XX in performance!"

Should I follow up again after a second interview?

She pronounced she grew to become into attempting to fill the interest in a month. consequently, she does not could desire to make a type for 3 extra weeks. She could produce distinctive interviews scheduled over that factor era. The interest could desire to besides the fact that be marketed so there must be extra interviews scheduled. It grew to become into suitable to furnish a thank you letter. the telephone call could desire to have been fairly plenty yet shouldn't harm your possibilities. Did the interviewer element out the different qualifications or certificates which you may desire to wish. are you waiting to spend this time upgrading? solid success - desire you get it

Why would I be denied employment for disclosing an arrest ?

No you do not have a civil case.

I personally would not have told them about the arrest. As soon as you told them they got it stuck in their heads that you will be a problem.

When job hunting it doesn't pay to be honest. You have to have a resume that reflects the positive you. Same for job interviews.

If your arrest doesn't show up on a general background check do not mention it.

They will give you a thousand reasons why they did not hire you everything except the truth

I keep telling my readers time and again to prepare set of possible questions and structure your answers carefully and truthfully. You may not get much time to react, when confronted by the visa officer, after spending anxious time at the line etc.I am asking you the question again. Why did you choose X university? After all you have gone thru the process of finally choosing the university. The answer can be, I went thru their curriculum and I got very much interested by the courses they offered and especially the faculty/professors. So, unless you prepare yourself fully, the visa officer will not be waiting for you to search for the answers at that moment. It needs to be natural, crisp, truthful and meaningful.So dont bother about the earlier rejection. If you were asked, do you know, why your visa was rejected? Pl. Be truthful but structure it. Like, I was little tense and quite possibly, I could not fully explain to his satisfaction. Sound it with confidence.I am sure, with good preparations, not necessarily to mug and repeat, but answer it in a structured form, on the lines you have earlier prepared.Please apply again and you will get it.

Short answer is, Yes very much possible.Depending on your individual circumstances the previous refusal may or may not have any direct implications on your future visa applications.Apparently many potential desperate immigrants try a visitor visa first and after getting refused try their luck again for a student visa or perhaps any other kind of visa for that matter. If you are one of those potential immigrants then chances are likely that some visa agent probably suggesting you for this option and you would likely waste your time and money again.But if you are a genuine visitor who had been denied a visa before and this study plan was already in place then go ahead with it. By genuine I mean you have NO big study gaps, or even if you have gaps they are covered via work experience, you have the funds to support this study plan and good ties to your home country then YES you should try this option.You need to establish more ties to your home country and convince the visa counselor that after completing your visit/study you would return back to your home country. This is quite a tricky part and varies person to person. Good choice of school, good study plan, good knowledge of the outcome you will get from this study, proper funds available for this proposed study plan. Consider all this before applying for the second time.Good luck with your second visa application for US.


So I've worked at Target as a seasonal employee , I was a cashier , my gstls liked me I had minor attendance issues but when it came down to my evaluation i was told that I was rehirable to work for target again . About a month passed and i got an interview for target in a different location , a more urban area(majority mexicans,minor blacks, no whites, minor asians) that wasn't as diversed as my last location ( asians, whites, blacks, hispanics equally) .
I was interviewed by a mexican woman she asked me the same interview questions I've been asked before ( I aced it ) second interview, mexican woman (aced that) then I was told I'll be contacted within 1 week .

(Mind:1st woman said she'll enjoy working with me and hope she'll get a chance to work with me , second woman which usually makes the final decision gave me attitude from the beginning with her fake smile)

I know how the target system works, I know what they want, i have experience . When i was told that i was PISSED OFF . If they don' hire you on the spot you don't have it AT ALL!!!

I'm just like you ******* ***** . I had that job in my hands and I believe I was denied because I'm a pretty, young, black female , Proper American English , College Student . I'm just disappointed . The fact that the majority of the employees are mexican is just giving me a bad vibe .. really in San Diego?? Where's the diversity !?
Very funny . Also, my first target job interview I had nothing to compare my experiences to but school . this interview was perfect, I had experience and literally had a job to relate how i would handle situations . I felt so discriminated but there's nothing i can do but look for another job, no point in legal matters either . I'm not planning on working minimum wage for long once i finish school but it just urks me so .

Do you feel i was discriminated against ?

In my experience, many applicants trying to overcome a recent refusal walk away - refused a second time - feeling that they didn’t get a “fair chance” to convince the officer to issue the visa.Reinterviews are often shorter, because the officer already has so much information in your file, including most of what you had to say about your case the first time. Many consuls, when examining someone recently denied, tend to assume that the applicant is in fact ineligible. That is to say, they assume the first decision was correct. Some consuls are so abrupt as to begin the re-interview with the simple question: “what’s changed since we saw you last?” In other words, only some new circumstance, such as a promotion or a marriage, might lead us to a different outcome the second time, because the first outcome was correct given the facts then known.If I examine you for a re-interview and decide you are eligible, am I not saying that my colleague who recently denied you was wrong? We hesitate to do that, if only because we are so sure of the correctness of our decisions that we hate it when a colleague overrules us.My advice is to begin a re-interview with some very brief prepared remarks about why you believe you are eligible. For first interviews, an applicant should let the Consul lead the questioning and give answers to the Consul’s questions. But for a second interview, if you don’t speak up early you won’t get the chance later. If you are passive, you let the Consul settle on the conclusion that you were ineligible the first time, and that you remain ineligible. By the time you get to say your piece it’s too late.Now all of this ignores the matter of whether or not you are, in fact, eligible. If you’re not, re-applications are a waste of your time and money.