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Is It Possible To Have A Memory From Being A Baby

Is it possible for a baby to never cry?

The bottom line is that most mothers are full of sh&t and will have you believe that life is a bowl of cherries with kids. They are too insecure to admit that there were days when their kids drove them nuts or threw a temper-tantrum in the middle of Montgomery Wards that embarrassed them beyond all belief or that their kid busted into the Tylenol bottle at KMart (before there were kid-proof caps) and ate a bunch of them...etc., etc.

Most moms want to look 'perfect' (because let's be honest- women are catty like that...we all want to look like we have it together) and as if they are going through motherhood as if it's the most natural thing ever when in reality, it is rewarding and full of love but there are days when you want to lose your bloomin' mind.

Your MIL is either selectively remembering your husband and BILs' childhoods because that's truly how she remembers them (we all remember the good times- Rose Colored Glasses, you know) or she's trying to put on a facade that she was the World's Best Mother...

Your child will cry (and I say this in all seriousness- unless they are mute or deaf and then that's actually a sign you need to get their hearing checked...), it's a fact of life. You'll be a fabulous mom no matter what- we all do it our own way.

Best of luck to you!!

Is it possible for someone to have memories from as early as age 1?

I actually have terrible short-term ( active memory), but I’ve always had a good memory for things that occurred over the years that I wanted stored.This has always been strange to other family members, but I recall memories from when I was about 1 to 2 years old.These are a few of the things that I actually recall:-I received a tiny riding motorcycle when I was two. I recall saying “motorcycle” and everybody laughing at me for saying it. To me, I clearly said motorcycle, but it actually came out as “Ahhgoo”.( so when your kids are saying words and it makes no sense at all, they are sure they are saying the words correctly, so it is probably not best to laugh at them, as it could make them feel a little bit self-conscience :) )-I recall trying to climb out of my crib at about two. I actually recall this as an act that would get me into trouble, so I tried doing it as quietly as possible; I was actually tied in the crib as well, because I was known for trying to get out. I recall almost making it out of the crib, before seeing my mother’s legs coming up the stairs to get me.-I liked drawing with poop. If I had poop in the dipper, it was like I pooped out my own personal box of shaded brown crayons. :-) Once in a while I would have a little yellow, which I liked because I could try to draw chickens.( yea.. haha, I know, a little strange)-The strangest memory for me was probably when I recall becoming self-aware ( kinda like Terminator,m right?). I was laying in bed at a very young age and thinking that ‘ oh, i’m here’ Prior to that, I guess we just go through the motions, or just have no awareness that we are our own person.I actually recall this memory as later then two and more like around 3 or so.I definitely have many others, but these are the ones that significantly stand out. I’m not recalling these out of things people showed me, etc. I think if any of the memories can help corroborate what I am saying, then it is recalling saying ‘motorcycle’, but it coming out as a totally different word.I still maintain a good long-term memory, but my short memory is terrible! If my wife asks me to get 5 items from the store, I always forget at least one of the items, even though I try recalling what it was in the store. I’m definitely a bit ‘absent minded’.

Do you have a memory of being in the womb?

I think so. It was a recurring dream when I was about 5 or 7 ish? It is hard to remember how old but the dreams happened fairly often. I was floating and I remember looking at how fat my fingers were and the sensation of floating. As I got older my dreams turned into me being in a pool sitting on the bottom and I could breath. As time went on I would tell my mother about things that I remember and one was before I turned 1 and I was still in diapers. Mom said my great grandmother was born with a veil over her face or something like that! Please tell me I am not the only freak on the block!!

Is it possible for a person to remember their life from when they were a baby?

I am quite sure that I have one specific memory from between 12 and 14 (15?) months of age. My next permanent memory did not form until I was 4, however.I was born in late June, a very hot summer night plays an important part in the memory. I was no longer in the crib at age two as my younger brother was now resident.It appears that having peculiar/significant/interesting emotional circumstances can play a part. Perhaps some intellectual stimulation was involved as well.So I was in my crib on a hot summer night. For some reason, my mother did not seem to be around that evening, which may have contributed to making the situation more memorable. I was so hot that I took off all of my clothes and threw them on the floor. (I have no memory of wearing a diaper or whether I got that off too, but I doubt it.)My father came to check on me. He picked me and the clothes up, and we went out to a place where he could sit on a chair and redress me. The thing that sticks out the most in my memory was that while he was doing this, bent over on the chair while I was standing on the floor, I noticed that we were breathing at vastly different repeat intervals. This intrigued me, and I tried very hard for a long time to slow down my breathing to match his, but I simply could not do it. So it would appear that I was quite well aware of my existence as separate person, contrary to some people’s expectations.So I was put back in my crib, and as soon as my father closed the door, I took all the clothes off again. A little while later, he checks on me again, and we repeat the whole process: redressing, breathing observation and slow breathing attempt, putting me back, and me immediately stripping again.He came to check on me a third time, saw the clothes on the floor, and just shook his head and went away that time.

Why can I remember being a baby?

No one is able to remember anything before 2 years old. Only a few can remember things in their 2's and 3's, and usually those memories are somewhat from pictures or stories or because it was an incident that left an impact on their life.

I have very vivid confirmed memories of being a baby and all ages after that. I’m 22 now. Is my brain any different?

Although it is a rather rare anomaly to be able to trace back memories back to “infant” days. There has been no documented evidence that has ever been considered valid as anyone remembering their birth.When we are brought into the world of mouth breathers, there is far too much for a newborn to process. It takes at least a month before they are able to focus on about the proximity of a foot away or about 30 centimeters. Then another 2 to 3 more months before they are capable of taking all focal lengths in.So, that is about when scientists have found the rare person who can vividly recall being around friendly faces, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds. Some sounds are pleasant, others are terrifying. Yelling and loud bangs fall into that category. Our brains are now developing the areas that store memory.Point being, when we are born, out brains are pretty much a blank slate, the only thing we have going is instinct, and one of the first instincts after the cacophony of the calamity of birth is to latch onto a food source.Some mothers will breastfeed their children for at least 18 months or more. But it is not advised, because they really do not need it, 6 months is all that is required for the infant to absorb enough nutrients, and essentials to kick start the immune system. Besides, when they start teething, it’s a good time to switch to formula.I also have infant memories, I distinctly remember being moved from a bassinet to a crib. I also remember the brother who was two years my senior having a fit because he was being upgraded from the crib to a bed and wanted to share the crib. He tried, and I wailed, causing him to get yanked out, which resulted in his glares and ‘poking the baby’ when no one was around. Which produced more wails. I actually developed a technique that if he looked at me in an off way I would open up and let loose. I didn’t have a grasp of language but I sensed tone, or I suppose it was infliction of the tones of voices. To an infant there on offensive and defensive mechanism is their vocal ensemble of crying. We also learn to smile and laugh at amusing things. Peek a Boo, such a classic.Cheers

Can you remember when you were a baby?

I remember a few thing’s from being a tiny 1–3 year old baby, but i had no idea of anything at the time, so my memory of it is pretty different then my other memories, baby memories are hard to explain, i guess you could say. From 3–5 year’s old i have about 4–8 memories, and remember them pretty vividly. BUT i can only remember them memories at certain time’s, i can try almost as hard as i want, and not be able to remember. In my experiences far back memories get sparked/remembered by little thing’s you encounter in your present day living, such as thing’s you see, hear, smell etc…. I realize they will probably tell you that you cannot remember thing’s from when you were a baby, but i know hand’s down FACT that all memories are in the brain, and almost NEVER just go away. Even if you can’t remember them, they are there, which mean’s with the right spark you can remember it, even if it was from when you were a baby. It will most likely be a memory you can’t pinpoint, most people will not even know what time you were talking about. Like i mentioned above, a persons mind not knowing any knowledge at a young age, at least not knowledge they can speak about, because they don’t know how to talk, leave’s a person unable to even explain what your mind was thinking about when you were a baby. So because of that, the memories from being a baby will almost be like dream’s, but closer to a memory then a dream, you know it, it’s there, but you can’t explain it. Hopefully this helped, i am a bit curious on why you were wondering though.