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Is It Stupid To Go To College So A Girl Might Consider Dating You

Am i a failure? or are girls stupid at this age? Cant get a relationship, and hold it, or get a girl.?

Im 14 years old, and I would not say desperate. I look for the right girl at the time and try to go out with her. I havent liked a girl for like 6 months. Then i liked this one girl, didnt work out, i liked another, and then that didnt work out.. i liked one jus now and it looks like it is not going to work out either. I mean I dont even get a chance, they just say no when I ask them out. I havent had a serious girl friend yet, is that ok? Is it normal for girls at this age to look for like hte perfect guy? Does this mean in High school im not guna be able to get a girl friend ad be lonely? Thanks!

Can a 18 year old college sophomore date a 17 year old freshman in college?

Because the law is the law. 18 is considered an adult not a teenager anymore. Under
17 in a lot of states is still considered a child. Those are the laws of the country and
you have to abide by them or get into trouble.

Any 18 year old can date a 16 year old but can not have sex with them. You will not get
into any trouble if you date a 16 or 17 year old but you got to keep it in your sneaker until
they reach 18.
Again these are the laws as they are written. If you follow them you do not get into
trouble. If you do not you can get into trouble. This seems to be an issue for you in
regards to sex only.

How to tell a girl you like that you can't date her?

I am a senior in high school (17 years old) and there is this girl that has a crush on me. At first I just considered her a friend, but later I started to have feelings for her. I fear that I have gotten too attached to her. She tells me I'm the perfect guy, that I'm funny, smart, and cute. We go out sometimes as friends. She's told me that she likes me. The only problem is that she is still a freshman (14 years old). She is 3 years younger than me and I can't date her. I really want to, but if I date her I feel like she would miss all the fun in high school such as dances and dating other guys her age. Also it would be illegal when I turn 18. I have a friend in college (he is 18) that is dating a 16 year old in my school and they get along pretty well since he has a car and he picks her up everyday, but I don't have a car. I would still probably see her often since we live in hawaii and the island is pretty small so it's easy to see each other.

How do I tell her that I really like her, but I just can't date her right now with out hurting her feelings?

Why is it considered pedo-ish for a grade 12 to date a grade 9, when adults can have a 10+ year gap?

My girlfriend is in grade 9, and everyone at school calls me a pedo. I don't give a damn, but now their going up to her and trying to get her to leave me and stuff, and someone even said she should charge me with rape, which is stupid because we agreed not to do anything sexual until she was ready to make that move. Some of these peoples parents are like 10 years apart. Its like, what the ****? So a 34 year old (when they first met) can date a 24 year old and its all good, but a 17 year old can't date a 14 year old? Please explain why its such a big deal to me.

How long can a middle school relationship last?

As a middle schooler myself (although I’m leaving this sucker behind in a year), middle school relationships will most likely not last for more than a few months. I say this coming from a school where dating is like dating your sister because there’s only 150 kids or so, but I still think I know what I’m taking about. Even if you go to a school with 700 kids relationships won’t last, but I feel like they’re somewhat important to develop important social skills. Social skills I won’t learn until it’s too late.I do have an example of a middle school relationship though.So my friend, let’s call him Chad, met a girl at our school dance that was from a public school in the same city as we live in. They dance, and after the dance they exchanged numbers. Me being the pessimistic (or realistic) person said that if anything this would create drama (even though said “girlfriend” doesn’t go to our school, but she has a friend that does), and that it would be a waste of time.He said no.So they walked in the park for their first date, at least I’m pretty sure about that, and all seemed to be going well. Turns out Chad’s girlfriend texted us during a school movie night in which we seriously considered calling the police (because we’re stupid teenagers) because we thought we were being stalked.So yea, middle school relationships, unless you can stay under the radar about it and you actually like the person you are “dating”, you are going to get run over by a train 6 times and then flop to the ground like a dead fish.

I'm a really good looking guy but cant get any girls?

ok so Im a really good looking guy, I've been told so many times by a lot of women of all ages and races and even by men like family members, friends, etc not in a homosexual way though, girls stare at me wherever I go and all of that, I'm also very smart i do really well in school, anyway my good looks do not even help me at all because when it comes to getting a girlfriend I fail miserably, the only girls I could go out with are really unattractive and It would never work out for me because I simply cant go out with a girl Im not attracted to , being good looking backfires on me and i get nothing not even a decent normal girl and it surprisingly started to affect my self-esteem now because i never had a girlfriend and I'm about to turn 20, also I've seen so many disgusting looking guys get really hot girls or a lot of girlfriends i've also seen the biggest losers and assholes get nice cute girls and i get nothing and it makes me feel like biggest failure and i feel so humiliated because how can a smart good looking guy get no girls but an ugly *** guy can?? It's being good looking a curse and not a good thing?? im not the best when it comes to talking to girls but im not bad either, im also a comic and very funny guy always love to make everybody laugh, that's one of my best qualities besides the good looks, I make girls laugh a lot but I still fall short, im also aware that there are other guys out there that really know how to talk to girls but they are usually so ugly! but however they get girls! how can just that one thing work for them??? Im really really confused! any help would be much appreciated thanks!