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Is It True Most Conservative Women Find George Zimmerman To Be

How could George Zimmerman have been defending himself if Trayvon Martin was walking away?

@ Joe in Texas, you will see more Trayvon Martins now. We are walking through your neighborhoods. To get even? No. To let Joe in Texases know that ALL black people look suspicious to you. That's when if you do start shooting black people in your neighborhood. You'll know it's not's you and your mindset about black people looking suspicious. You, Joe in Texases have to change your mindset about what is suspicious to you.

I only date men who keep chasing me relentlessly for a long time. Why do they turn abusive once I start dating them? Shouldn't they treat me well because they worked hard to get me?

Here is how things work. If a guy asks you out and you say no, they are supposed to handle this rejection well and move onto someone else who will say yes and will want to spend time with them. They aren’t supposed to continue to pursue you, because you made it clear that you are not interested.You are under no obligation to say yes to anyone, even if they are nice. Don’t listen to anyone who says, “He asked you out, you should give him a chance.” While sometimes this does end well, this advice is also non-helpful as these guys who endlessly pursue you could be trouble and are not as nice as these people who suggested “give him a chance” thought. You cannot force yourself to be attracted to anyone, and you can say no to anyone who you feel isn’t a good match for you or you feel would be a waste of time to spend time with.What isn’t normal however is when you say no and a guy endlessly pursues you. It would be more understandable if you said “yes” and he continues, or if you said “I’ll think about it/Maybe”, but once you say no, its supposed to be a no.This seems romantic in films, but this is real life and guys who do this in real life are anything but romantic. Most normal and emotionally healthy men will not continue to pursue a girl who seems repulsed by them, or says “no”. Men who continue to pursue a girl after she says no, they are usually up to no good, cannot and will not take no for an answer. They might start out romantic in a relationship once they get what they want, but they start becoming clingy, jealous, possessive and emotionally and/or physically abusive.If you want to find a good man, I say stop going to bars and dance clubs (that is if you are going to them). Most men that go there are players and shady people. There is also a risk saying yes and maybe/I’ll think about it to people who can still take advantage of you. But that’s why you get to know them first, because you were interested in them enough to say yes. Even most players won’t waste their time on women who say no to them, if they do then they are worse at their game than what they already do.I say stop dating for now, get your act together before you end up dead or with an unplanned pregnancy with someone you are dating, especially someone who can easily pressure you into sex or rape you.

Why do liberals find it fine to generalize police officers but it's not okay to generalize Muslims?

Modern liberals have, largely due to the influence of feminism and identity politics, moved from favoring a culture of dignity (over honor cultures) to favoring victim culture. In victim culture, the strong are seen as inherently evil and the weak as inherently deserving of pity and protection--but only if they conform to the ideology of the victim culture. Basically, liberals are ultra-tolerant and inclusive...toward anyone who agrees with them.And that's where they draw the line. From there, they exhibit in-group preference and out-group hatred as strongly as any conservative. In their eyes, cops are the ultimate bullies, the stereotype of a conservative trying to oppress and coerce liberals and all of society's underdogs who liberals love.Pay close attention. It's not just cops. Liberals will also generalize like that about the wealthy, Republicans, corporations, and "rednecks."