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Is It Werid My Boyfriend Asked My Best Friend To The Fair

My boyfriend just asked me to get rid of my best friend...what do should I do?

Ok, on the one hand I see the point above about girls sticking together....however I'm going to play devils' advocate here and put my money in the other direction.

Sounds like you have a really nice boyfriend. Sounds like your so-called "best friend" really doesn't deserve that title....matter of fact, she doesn't deserve any friend title really. She's a stirrer of drama, and that does no good. Sure she stuck up for you....when you were THERE...but she also said things behind your back AND lied so your bf and you would break up....doesn't sound like your life will be missing much without her.

Look, I understand the importance of friends....but I also understand the power a poisonous personality can have - and she sounds like that type. A TRUE friend will stick up for you - NO MATTER WHAT...and won't be talking behind your back. A TRUE friend would be happy that you are happy in a relationship with someone - not try to cause drama so the two of you will break up. A TRUE friend will hold you up when you fall down and communicate directly to you when there is an issue. This girl sounds to me like she wouldn't do that....she's a fair-weather friend at best and honey....NOBODY needs friends like that.

Good luck.

Should I make my boyfriend choose between me and his best friend?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for seven years.
Right now he is talking to a friend of his that he has known for four years. This really bothers me because I don't know this girl in person. For four years he has done nothing but text with her and i have never met her. My bf texts a lot, including apps, facebook, ect... And this has happened to us before where he gets really close to a friend that is a girl and all it causes are fights between us. So I finally asked him to choose between me and her and he said its not right for me to make him choose between me and her. He considers her a really good friend. We have been together for seven years and I really want someone else opinion. I don't know what to do since all we do is fight over this girl. I have tried everything to make things better. I even told him I wanted to get to know this girl by either all of us going out to lunch or me talking to her on the phone but my bf won't let us. What do I do?

Who takes priority, best friend or boyfriend?

I always put true friends first over a boy, example cancelling a date cause a friend is crying, but I would never choose just one person. And you don't have to either. You say the boy has been really nice, so I'm guessing she only hates him cause she's jealous because she feels left out that you're not paying as much attention to her. But you should have a talk with her and reassure her that just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean you don't love her and that you'll be there for her no matter what. Don't confront her either, just ask her what's wrong with her. Then you can go from there. If she chooses not to tell you, still don't confront her. A simple hug with that reassurance will do. Unless... you've been not hanging out with her at all for being with the boy. In which case I'd understand your friend to a certain extent. I mean, I'm not a c**k block or anything, but if my friend had more of her fair share of spending time with a boy and still didn't bother hanging out with me after invite and invite, then I'd be definitely offended.
If she continues being irritating, you should try hooking her up. It'll take up that extra time she craves to be with you. But then don't be the one complaining when you want to spend time with her and she doesn't give you time.

Would you stop talking to a guy friend if your boyfriend asked you to do it?

I stopped talking to anyone that made him feel u comfortable. Truelly, boys and girls can’t be friends ( most of the time). They befriend in hopes of a relationship or sex.I had a really good friend that was a boy. But he never valued the friendship, he was using it to get with me. After pretending to be my Friend for a while he told me he liked me. After he finally realized I only ever wanted his friendship, he tried to grope me in his car then a week later blocked me on everything. All that friendship we built meant so little to him.I think if a guy shows interest in being friends suddenly it’s for a different reason ( sex or a relationship). NOT a friendship. They don’t value that at all. they can be friends with ANY girl, it’s easy. With guys it’s usually never just friendship.

My bestfriend's Boyfriend always asks me for Nudes?

My best friend met this guy at a party and after knowing him for a week, she moved away with him half way across the world and now lives with him and his parents. She has no money and uses his cell phone to contact people. Her boyfriend (who I met once) text's me when shes not around and asks me for nudes everyday. I told him hes with my best friend and if he continues to ask me this, I'm going to tell her everything he says. I even screen shot almost all of our conversations. He still ocassionally says things like "I know i'm with her, but I still want to see you naked. Can you blame me for that?" "Will you be my secret sext buddy?" My best friend just emailed me saying they're about to get engaged (after only 2 months.) I feel shes marrying the wrong man, but I'm afraid if I tell her about him, it'll break her heart and I'm also scared she'll think i'm lieing. She attracts the wrong guys and so far almost every guy she dates ends up wanting to cheat on her with me or one of her friends. She's coming here to visit me soon...Should I tell her everything he's said? Or just let her marry him? What if she still marrys him after finding out all of this? He's a good liar and manipulator it seems. What can I do? What can I do to stop this?

Going to the fair with my friend her boyfriend and the guy i kinda like! advice please!?

If you are really scared of ferris wheel's then don't go on it. You are a strong women, and you can't be told what to do, just remember that. And if the boy you like understands, then he's a keeper :) And offer to go on a different ride with him, like one less scary, and less high up in the air (I am scared of heights too).

And tell your friend that if she wants to make out with boyfriend, then tell her to go do it alone, like would'nt it be just a bit gross to watch your friend and her boyfriend makeing out with eachother? and would'nt they want to be alone to go and do that? and if your friend says that she is scared to be alone with him, and if she says "well then your not a good friend" then tell her that also a good friend would'nt make another friend of theirs tell them what they can and cannot do. And also tell her that if she is not comftorable being alone with her boyfriend, then she should'nt be with him at all.

And don't worry, your not the only 14 year old girl who hasnt kissed a boy (I jus so happen to be one). And you don't have to kiss the boy you like if your not ready,if he really is a good guy, then he will understand.

I hope I helped :)

Is it ok to go to prom with your friend's ex-boyfriend?

Yes as long as your girl friend has said its okay doesn't mean you should tell her everything that happens that prom night. I hope your friend has someone to take her other wise it might really be odd.

Is it okay for my best friend to go out to lunch with my boyfriend without me? They’re just friends.

It depends who came first. Were they friends before he got with you? If so, then they probably hung out as just friends before and it’s fair enough. If not, I’d say red flag. To me, if she’s your best friend then she has no need to go to lunch with him. She can go to lunch with you, her best friend. Don’t go crazy, don’t even accuse, but just keep your eyes and ears open. Sooner or later one or both will slip up if there’s anything going on.I do think it’s ok to express that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with it, if that’s how you feel. You should be able to be honest with your partner and best friend.