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Is It Wrong To Exploit My Teachers Very Feminist Ideals For Good Essay Grades

What makes female teachers better than male teachers?

Absolutely nothing and that assumption hurts everyone.The reason people assume that women are better teachers is pretty easy. They assume that teaching is basically a form of nurturing and that nurturing is a woman’s job in life. This assumption is wrong on two counts. First of all, teaching is nothing like parenting or nurturing. It is true that I will often be the only positive adult influence in my students’ lives. However, I am not their parent. I can set limits at school. Any ideas I can give them-any notions they come across as a result of me-are undone the moment they walk through the door to wherever they are staying. I love teaching, and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, but my job is to give them knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to discern fact from fiction. I cannot give them a moral base because I have no authority to give consequences outside of school. Secondly, the idea that men cannot be nurturing is harmful to everyone. Men are parents too. If a child sees that only one parent enforces consequences, then that child will be less healthy. If only one parent gets to display love, then the child will be unhealthy. Male teachers are needed. Every teacher has unique talents and can provide a unique perspective. Every parent NEEDS to be a nurturer. Nurturing is not a feminine trait-it’s a human trait.People may also believe that teaching below the college level is somehow less difficult than higher level teaching or other jobs that require similar levels of education. This is also harmful to everyone. It is because of this assumption that school teachers are in the classroom because they can’t handle the business world or “the field” somehow. The problem is, this is a false assumption. Men and women who work in the field often come into teaching, thinking it will be easier. And then they leave again when they realize that simply telling small humans what they know isn’t enough, and they have specific standards they need to teach, and the job they had before may not be related at all. So, the assumption becomes, men should be “in the field” or “in business” or “in high-level academia” and that K-12 education is where women and men who can’t hack it are relegated.

What is feminism?

What Oxford Dictionary says:Feminism:The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.Feminism supports equality of both sexes.That is,Right to EducationRight to speakRight to represent ourselves as an IndividualRight to safetyRight to wear clothes of our own wishThe list is not exhaustive.Talking about feminism we talk about these rights.If we discuss education, all girls (I am talking about India) have a right to education (legally 100%). Government have been providing immense support to girls by providing reservation in colleges as well as separate schools and colleges for girls. In the modern era, where we support equality, reservation is not required to such extent. If reservation for backward classes is wrong, so is for girls. If you say society is evil, then let me tell you; society claps for women scholars too. If your family doesn’t let you study, go fight for yourself and stop blaming society.Right to speak: Again we have enormous powers legally. We can definitely stand up for ourselves but the rights are being used irrationally. Where Nirbhaya’s rapist are still not hanged, there are girls reporting fake rape cases and accused suffered much. Things go both way round.Here come’s my point: Right to safety. This is the concern we need to talk about. It is difficult to go outside at night alone. Yes we want to work for an equal working hours as our colleagues but safety is a concern guys!! Yes we support equality but there are some issues for which we need to think rationally. And yes we are not kohinoor ka heera (a sacred gem) who needs to be locked in a vault. We are human beings who have their own goals and our very own aspirations.Whenever I talk about a certain thing which is wrong with society (example being view towards working women in India), I am been told that I am feminazi.Feminist word now a days is being used as a abuse. Guys let’s be together are uplift each other and make a society a better place instead of pulling each other’s leg.