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Is Justine Bieber The Greatest Musician Of Our Generation

Is Justin Bieber a music legend?

Never ever listened to his music, don't give a shhh about him, he's just a pop culture phase, and yes he is a music legend. Why? Because he made an impact on popular music selling millions of records. We may not listen to his music and we may even think people are dumb for listening. But remember generations before us never listened to nor appreciated our choosen music legends. People who respect Elvis as a music legend probably don't respect Tupac or Kurt Cobain as legends.

Do you consider Justin Bieber to be the most emotive pop singer of all time? He's certainly better than Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Karen Carpenter, Whitney Houston, and Justin Timberlake. Is he the best ever at bringing the feeling out a song?

Justin Bieber better than Elvis Seriously your joking right because I Laughed until I literally lost my breath, because whenever you say Elvis the name alone Trumps any Entertainer That has ever lived, and secondly you never have to ask Elvis who? everyone knows who Elvis is and finally the man’s been dead 42 years and still makes more money than a lot of these so called artist of today and if you don’t believe me just take a Little trip to his house which is only the second most visited house in the country after the White House. Whenever Justin Bieber has been dead 2 years no one will even remember who he was. I’m not trying to be a smart ass just stating the facts. I saw Elvis in Savannah, Ga. in February 1977 just 6 months before he passed away I was 14 years old at the time and prior to seeing him I could have cared less about him in fact my mother had to talk me into going with her but let me tell you I don’t know what the man had but he had it, he was overweight but the fans that came to see him could have cared less he could have came out and burped in the microphone and they would have loved him reguardless there were women literally trying to jump off the balcony to get to him and the flashbulbs constantly flashing and that was the night I became his number 1 fan I’ve never seen Justin Bieber but I have seen Elvis along with many more Entertainers and I’m telling you when it came to captivating an audience and singing a song no one and I mean no one can touch “THE KING.”

Justin Bieber vs. Elvis Presley?

Humanities will always remember Elvis for his very diverse catlog of amazing vocal art and how he revolutionized recording arts and the radio in the 1900's. This is a ridiculous question. He has sold upward of 1 billion albums on top of hundreds of millions of singles and is still highly successful all over the globe 60 years after his debut. His home and grave in Memphis is one of the largest tourist attractions in South Eastern US attracting 600,00-700,000 visitors every year. Various US Presidents, musicians, and fans from England, France, Canada, Japan, Australia and many other countries make the trip to pay respects annually at Graceland.

This was Elvis at 20 years old. Around the same age as Justin Beiber

Will Justin Beiber be even remembered in 25 years?

What do you think about Justin Bieber?

Who?? But i heard he compares himself to the King of Pop!! >:(( so I HATE HIM!! :))

What is the strumming pattern for Fall by Justin Bieber?

D - U - D, D - U - D - U - D - U