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Is Lolicon Legal In The Uk

Is Lolicon illegal in the UK ?

The use of the word loli is an indication that the material is overtly, even if not explicitly, erotic.

if you sure that it contains sexual or erotic portrayals of prepubescent or childlike characters, than i would like to tell you that is not illegal to had such material in UK, but beware and inform your computer-mate that since 2006 UK had tried to create law to ban it with the max penalties of 3 year jail and unlimited fine, and UK is well know to approve many kind of "lol" law that it may be approve by this or next year!! UK also well know for abusing privacy, so for your own safety don't share it with him.

last thing to remind you dont treat him or her like criminal since it can't help that the enviroment had make the personality like this and that the process and fantasing and creation of the anime is no in any way harm nor hurt anybody or will bring one to become a pedophile.

Is lolicon illegal in the UK?

Yes it is. As of 6/4/2010, lolicon and shotacon is banned in England and Wales under the "Consultation on the Possession of Non-Photographic Visual Depictions of Child Sexual Abuse". That is, of course, lolicon and shotacon H-images, not works of a loli/shota genre which dont feature pornographic images(Ie: Kodomo No Jikan).

Under the act, a person found in possession of non-photographic depictions of the sexual abuse of persons who are (or appear to be) under the age of 18 years may face a penalty of u[p to 3 years imprisonment and registration of the sex offenders list.

Details, as well as an overview of the act(?), may be viewed at the following link:

Is Lolicon legal?

"Fictional Childporn", and the sale, production, creation, and ownership of it is LEGAL in the US.

There are things that you should be aware of however, as if it is over the top hardcore it can be seen as illegal. It is a grey area both here in the US and in Japan, and some countries are just banning it outright (Canada, Australia for example)

Be careful and be safe :D

Is the website 'Lolicon' illegal in the UK?

Yes it actually is. But as far as I know they make virtually no effort to enforce it (probably because it's so stupid even your average plod can see it's a waste of time.)

FYI: Lolicon is not a website, it's the name for that type of art.

Is Lolicon are illegal?

In the U.S. it isn't YET, hard to say if it will become illegal or not. If you go to Wikipedia you will see it is apparently illegal in a few countries.
Several countries have tried to make lolicon that shows children naked or having sex illegal as a type of child pornography, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Ireland are some of the few to have done so.

I had to go to Wiki just to see what the heck it was, I had never heard the term before.

Is lolicon really illegal?

(1) Conduct involving matter depicting a minor engaged in obscene
acts in violation of Section 311.2 (preparing, selling, or
distributing obscene matter) or subdivision (a) of Section 311.4
(employment of minor to perform obscene acts).
(2) Any person who knowingly promotes, aids, or assists, employs,
uses, persuades, induces, or coerces a child, or any person
responsible for a child's welfare, who knowingly permits or
encourages a child to engage in, or assist others to engage in,
prostitution or a live performance involving obscene sexual conduct,
or to either pose or model alone or with others for purposes of
preparing a film, photograph, negative, slide, drawing, painting, or
other pictorial depiction, involving obscene sexual conduct. For the
purpose of this section, "person responsible for a child's welfare"
means a parent, guardian, foster parent, or a licensed administrator
or employee of a public or private residential home, residential
school, or other residential institution.
(3) Any person who depicts a child in, or who knowingly develops,
duplicates, prints, or exchanges, any film, photograph, video tape,
negative, or slide in which a child is engaged in an act of obscene
sexual conduct, except for those activities by law enforcement and

Why is shotacon and lolicon legal?

It may not be legal, depending on the laws where you live. Graphic images of sex with underage children are DEFINITELY illegal in many places, especially if the images appear to be real children and not just cartoon characters.

Is Hentai and Lolicon legal in the US yes or no?

Hentai is just animated pornography, of course it's legal. The supreme court ruled in favor of Lolicon (alternately known as rorikon) pornography being legal but during this countries dark age (i.e when we had an all republican government, 2003 to be specific) , a republican house a republican senate and Bush 2 passed a Fascist Un-American law of questionable legality, called the PROTECT act in blatant defiance of the supreme court, that while not making animated child pornography explicitly illegal made it into a grey area.

Also, studies have shown that the ready availability animated pornography has caused a DECREASE in crimes against real children. Put that in your paper.

Also Akira was not the first anime released in America. not even close. I believe the real first was astro-boy.

One more thing: please don't bash feminists. One of the greatest Lolicon Manga of all time, Kodomo no Jikan, was written by a women and passionate feminist. Real feminists don't bash Lolicon, because in reality (a place conservatives loathe to go) it helps women and young girls.

Please remember to vote Democrat next election to stop encroaching Fascism and Censorship in America.