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Is My Dad Going To Get Better

Why do I get along better with my Dad than my Mum?

Not all daughters have close relations with their mom. My mom chose my sister to have a close relationship with and decided I was my dad's. Relationships can also change as you get older. When you need to know more personal things as a teen, your mom might be willing to open up more to you. By the way sarcasm isn't funny to the person on the receiving end, it can be quite hurtful if used to cut others down. Your mom might be a more sensitive person and find that she doesn't know how to accept sarcasm as a joke. My son was like this and I was like your mom. It really hurt sometimes. Sarcasm can easily be taken too far as opposed to good clean affectionate teasing.

My dad's going to jail?

My dad is going to jail the first day I go back to school (Sept. 10)

He hasn't really told us anything, but I know from encrypted emails he sends to his friends (I know all of his passwords to his emails).

Anyway, I've been very depressed lately and I've been crying every night because a lot is going on right now. How do I cope when my dad goes to jail?

He's going to jail for a lot of different white-collar crimes I have a very hard time believing he committed! How will he be treated in prison?

I have no friends who can comfort me because they think my dad will higher some hotshot lawyer and everything will be done with. My brothers don't seem to care about this and my mom is an alcoholic who makes everything seem 100x worse than it really is.

What do I do? At night I listen to these sad songs and I just cry and I get really depressed at night... which no one realizes because I'm supposed to be the "strong" one in my family. A school counselor is out of the option, I went to them because my friend was anorexic and they didn't help whatsoever!

My dad said he was going to kill himself and I told him to do it?

Your Dad sounds like he is mentally ill, suicidally depressed.

He should not threaten to commit suicide. That is emotional blackmail, and when someone says that to you, you should walk over to the phone, pick it up, dial 911, and say, "My Dad is threatening to commit suicide. Can you please send an ambulance?"

But, apparently no one in your house feels that that the fact that your father is thinking of killing himself is worth getting him any medical treatment. He's looking you straight in the eye and telling you what a desperate situation he's in. And you just ask if he'd work for a few more years to put you through school first, and THEN kill himself when he's no more use to you, and your Mom is just telling him to shut up. I wonder how he ever got the idea that no one appreciates him?

Wow! Your Dad is right. It may be that you don't care about him because of his behavior, but at this point, for whatever reason, you and your Mom seem to pretty much despise him and wish he was dead. The best thing that he could do now, for his own mental health, would be to leave and also get some psychiatric treatment. I hope that he does. That is a very toxic environment you are all living in.

Best wishes and good luck.

How can I help my dad find a better job?

Dare I ask if your Dad has any desire to change his job? I would never presume to get a lead on a job for my parents.  This could be a matter of a cultural difference, in which case I apologise for over-stepping. Your Dad's competency with computers will be important as well as his English language skill in all four aspects: reading, writing, listening and speaking.Focus on the transferable skills from his present job as a way to find the smoothest transition possible.  Focus on the skills he enjoys using and avoid the skills he has but dislikes to use.Good luck in your quest.

I told my dad it’s better to get all your groceries in one day instead of going to the store everyday. He says it cost more that way?

I have been telling my dad for years that he should stock up on groceries in one day get about 4 packs of meat, lots of vegetables, fruits, etc. because I know he’s tired of taking a trip to Walmart everyday but he says “ I don’t wanna spend all my money, I don’t care about making multiple trips”. If he did it that way he would have everything he needed and wouldn’t have to make trips throughout the week.

How do I convince my dad to either get a better-paying job or let me get a job so I can buy myself some nice things? I don't have a phone and the last time I got to buy new clothes was years ago, etc.

If you dad is not going for a better paying job in all likelihood he is not getting one . If he is not allowing you to work then either you yet have to qualify yourself more according to him .. or there is a little chance that you maybe the girl of the family .Any parent always will strive and give the best they can for thier children . The feeling of sacrificing and feeling happy about it is something that comes naturally as soon as one becomes a parentYou feeling deprived of certain comforts is natural . If you are old and qualified enough to work ..Talk to your parents to convince them and do it to jmprove thier life too not just yours , you owe it to them.You can be on your job hunt then on getting a job convince them for one.all the best ..

How do I become a better father than my father was?

I think on some level, all of us want to be better parents than our own parents were. The extent of that “better” simply varies from person to person, depending on what their childhood was like.I know one person who talks about her childhood as an idyllic time where she and her mother had an amazing relationship (that persists to this day), and yet she still wants to be a better mother—in that she wants to be more honest with her children about certain aspects of physiology and sex.On the other hand, I know a man whose father walked out on the family when he was a child (they never saw him again), and prior to that, his father was only ever really “present” in order to berate or punish him. Obviously, there are many, many ways he wanted to be a better father to his children.And, of course, there are much worse scenarios out there.So, yes, I think it’s natural to want to be a better parent than you experienced. How do you do it? The answer is threefold:Think about the things your father did that you hated, or that messed you up. Now, don’t do them. That sounds flippant, but it’s actually harder than it sounds—often our go-to reaction, especially in stressful situations, is the one we learned from our parents. Being self-aware enough to notice when you’re starting to behave/think like your father is challenging, but ultimately worthwhile.Think about the things you’ve seen other fathers do that you wish your father had done. Do those things. This can be anything from the way they speak to their children, to the way they act, the form of discipline… basically, anything that you’ve ever seen and thought: I wish my dad was like that. BE that guy.Read and talk. Read opinions and experiences here on Quora. Read parenting blogs or books. Find out what other people say—and then take on board the things that you agree with, or that you think will help. (Reading something doesn’t obligate you to implement it.) Talk to other parents, and be prepared to listen to their ideas about parenting. Again, take on board the things you like. Understand that you will keep learning more and more about how to be a great father for as long as you’re open to it.It’s very easy to fall into the trap of perpetuating a cycle. It’s much harder to take a good, hard look at your family circumstances and make an active choice to be different. Kudos to you for making that choice.

I'm going crazy, my dad won't get a job and I am really overwhelmed with the expenses?

My dad came from another country a little less than 2 years ago. However, I had already been helping him financially 6 years before that. He moved in with me and promised to get a job to help me cover the expenses in the house. 6 months passed and nothing. Besides, every time I asked him to help around the house he always complained about his body. There was always something wrong with his body. I decided to get him a job myself. He started working but was upset at me. He worked for 4 months, saved the money and moved with a woman. I guess the relationship didn't work so he begged me to come back. I said ok but he had to get a job and move out. Our relationship is better but it's been 5 months since he moved back and he is still not working. I told him last week that I really need help with the expenses. I spend more than 500 in food a month after he moved back. He ignored me. My dad is in his 60's but he is a strong man and looks like he is in 50. He cooks a bunch of food and eats it all. I will never deny him food, but I really need with the expenses. I have to pay rent, student loans, car loan, utilities,. It is a lot for myself. My dad and my mom are divorced just in case you wondered.