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Is Partying Every Weekend While You

What's so great about partying/going out every weekend?

I never saw anything so great about partying, ever. I would have dates every now and then, and about half of them wanted to me to take them to a club. I would refuse, take them home, and forget all about them. Clubs are a breeding ground for trouble. Lots of addle-minded people there who try to make their boyfriends/girlfriends jealous by flirting with others.

Is partying every weekend childish?

My GF and i are on a break because she says we never spend time and that were always just going to parties, which is kinda right, but she stays at my house and we have sex later is that not enough for a good relationship?

Is it bad to party every weekend? DO you guys do that?

I go out at least once every week to clubs and parties ? i feel like i should stop cause its not healthy and my parents dont like it but i just get bored if i dont go out at least once per weekend

Is it necessary to go out and party every weekend?

i used to think like that when i was younger, but now i realized that it was just stupid!! you go out when you want to, and stay at home when you are tired =) you dont have to bother about the 'social status' thingy...

Is partying two days straight every week a bad thing?

haha you need to come to Canada sometime!!
We're always partying! When I'm in my hometown I'm pretty much drunk the entire time. It's not a bad thing at all! As long as you're not out causing too many problems or doing too many stupid things.

Redneck bars, you're too funny! Apparently Florida has the most strip clubs in the states...but oddly also has the most sex offenders. I like Ybore *spelling?* but I get lost on the way home every time!!!

Just pick up some whiskey maybe a bottle of desoronno and you'll be fine!!

thanks for the college trick! I might try it! I don't get hang overs unless I drink too much beer or mix beer and liquor which is just dumb anyway.

Can engineer majors party on the weekends?

Yes, you should have time to enjoy yourself on weekends, as long as you exercise good study habits during the week. I knew quite a few engineering majors during college. Most of them did not do very well in school. But there was one in particular who had very good, consistent study habits. He would schedule all of his classes during the mornings (avoid the temptation to schedule afternoon or evening classes, unless you just have to. Your classes all through school started at 8am; your future employer will expect you to be to work around 8am. Why should your college class schedule deviate from that?). He would study and do homework in the afternoons, right after lunch. He would join the rest of us for dinner and socialize with us in the evenings. Basically, he got all of his classroom time and study time out of the way in the morning and afternoon, and had time to relax and hang out during the evenings. And he ended up being a straight A student in electrical engineering at a major university. We're 20 years out and he probably earns almost twice what I do, and I'm comfortably into 6 figures. It's a very simple routine, but most college kids don't do this. Good luck to you. Engineering is a high-demand and lucrative career with LOTS of opportunities for upward mobility.

How can I grow out of partying? I'm sick of spending and suffering every weekend.

While on the outside looking in on this question, it would seem so simple to answer. I mean, if you’re truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, the decision is an easy one.You’re done. You don’t like it. You’re broke. You haven’t felt alive in a long time. Right?However, it seems like it would do you well to consider defining what it is that you’re allowing to keep you in that swirling pool of spending and suffering every weekend. What’s the payoff? What’s the self-sabotage about? When it comes down to it, and you’re willing to have a look in the mirror, you might be able to define why you continue in this behavior.Because if you’ve tried before to quit these behaviors no avail, and the “I don’t know why I can’t stop,” hasn’t gotten you anywhere, it’s time for a different approach. Fair enough?Are you looking for friends? Are you looking for acceptance? Are you looking to ‘belong?’ Do you enjoy the physical sensation of alcohol in your body? Do you become somebody “better” when you drink? Do you overspend on free loaders trying to gain their friendship?The next time while you’re deciding to go and you’re getting ready, will you choose to take a pause and feel your reasons as to why you’re going, instead of routinely and habitually going out for another evening to end in your personal disappointment? Because this is possible. All it requires from you is a decision to do.If you have applied this exercise and have had zero success, it’s possible your not practiced at it and lose focus and are just too damn exhausted of trying to “figure this out.”At this point you still have options:Seek professional help to aid in maneuvering your thought process into your “why” the consistent and suffering behavior. Look for someone who will gently nudge rather than milk you for a year with no findings. There is plenty of free help out there.Knock it off and find something else to do. Like focus on bettering yourself by something that will take you in the opppsite direction of spending and suffering: saving and prospering.There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with any of us. But at times we do need guidance and/or a general pulling our heads out of our asses and move in a direction that serves us, simply because we can. It doesn’t have to be difficult.Feed the new/good one, starve the displeasing one.Practice- perfect practice makes permanent.

My husband constantly parties every weekend...i tried everyhting to get him to stop...please help?

If he's doing this every wk. end & leaving you sit home alone, then I would also start finding places to go out w/my friends. I don't know if he's drinking & doing drugs, or just drinking w/his buddies, but he should be growing up by now & realize he has a wife who he should at least take out once in awhile & do things w/her. I went thru this w/my ex, that's why he's my ex! I got sick & tired of staying home all the time while he went out doing his thing not caring about my likes or dislikes. BUT, too, he was also cheating on me, so that alone made one big difference! I'd sit home nite after nite, never know when or IF he was coming home that nite OR IF he left me to go live w/someone else for awhile then come crawling back to me to help him get sober. I'm a recovering alcoholic of 19+ yrs., he also went to AA, umpteen detoxes & 28 day programs. Just couldn't stay sober, but used me as an excuse when he knew he had to stop & get sober again. I hung in far too long hoping against all hope things would change. WRONG! I finally got the courage to tell him NO the last time he left me & not to come "home" to keep going back to his hometown a few states away. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders when I knew I wasn't going to have to go thru that any longer. That was 25 yrs. ago, I haven't seen or heard from him since. He did at least divorce me I later found out, got a "raised seal" copy of the divorce papers & have been happy since. Your husband has to start to grow the heck up & realize he's now married, it's time to change his ways & start to act like a married man instead of a care free child! Have a serious talk w/him & tell him this has got to stop, you are NOT going to put up w/it forever. Don't accept the unacceptable. When you talk to him, say what you mean, mean what you say & don't make idle threats. Do what you say you're going to do so he'll KNOW you mean business...the best to you, honey...:)