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Is She Being Freindly Or Does She Like Me

Does this girl like me or is she just being friendly?

So originally I was hitting on this girls best friend but she now has a boyfriend so I'm now only friendly with her. So now her best friend which is the one I like now is starting to get really friendly with me now that her friend doesn't give her as much attention. She told me that she wanted to do my eyebrows and also acted negatively toward one of my close friends but acted positive toward me. Is she just using me as a friend or does she want a boyfriend just like her friend.

Does she like me or is she just being a friend?

> The very same act can mean flirting or being friendly. So it’s sometimes impossible to distinguish on the surface.She might be friendly, without the intention to flirt, and you can still interpret it as flirting; then act as if you did interpret it so (= act flirty yourself). If there is chemistry, it actually *becomes* flirting, regardless of her initial intentions. You shouldn’t need to try too hard to see if she wants to play along or not. If she doesn’t, her initial intentions are clear (or she’s shy and/ or didn’t think about you that way - yet)She might actually be flirting with you. If you think so, there is a good chance she is. All you have to do is be light- hearted and play along. Be funny, positive and respectful (playful teasing/ antagonism can be in that category, though) and you will have nothing to lose. Immature (young or otherwise) women might not be able to deal with a friendly flirt and become dismissive, but that’s not your issue to fix.> Sometimes it IS possible to tell what her intentions are by reading her body language. This ability is a skill you have to practice. If you know the person well, it’s easier to do.Generally speaking, if she’s interested in you and wants to communicate it subtly through flirting, some general signs are: Looking at you often (briefly or not), sizing you up, looking at you lips - then the eyes - and possibly back, talking to you with her body faced in your direction, mirroring your body language, changes in her voice as opposed to her normal tone/pace of voice, abundant laughter even at your worst jokes, shyness, redness of face and many more.—-I would go with the first option and try flirting myself to check where the interaction is heading. Body language & mood reading will still be necessary then.

Is she interested or just being friendly?

So i known her for like 6 months already. Sometimes I just wonder if she is inertested or just being friendly you know? I have three classes with her and we talk in all the classes cuz we sit very close to each other. Whenever i make a joke, she would turn around and laugh with me and smiles. And in another of my class she would oftenly turn around smile at me for no reason and turn back again. She is very flirty to all her guy friends but like i notice she only smiles at me for no reason like in class. Idk if she is interested or just being friendly.

Does this muslim girl like me or is she being friendly?

Okay so i met this egyptian muslim girl in my math class early in the semester. We hit it off really quick. First time we actually talked she told me so much about her life. She also told me her parents allow her to make her own decisions and that she doesnt have to be muslim if she doesnt want to. She also expressed that she doesnt like her dad cause hes too arab. She told me that shes not supposed to be talking to guys but she always meets with me after class. She told me she doesnt give out her number but i gave her mines and we've been texting since. She also told me she doesnt talk to guys who dont respect her and she hinted that towards me. She also tells me about everytime she turns down a guy. She always comes to me with her problems and we have talked just about everything and every subject. Sex, marriage, religion, family, our future and everything else...what do you guys think? I really like her but everyone is telling me i have no chance with her because shes muslim..

Is she interested or just being friendly?

Well she’s giving you some very valid indicators of interest. The fact that she laughs at your dumb jokes, smiles at you and is seemingly nervous around you should tell you all you need to know. She’s could be just as in her head as you are.The easiest way to overcome this is going to be breaking the ice. Stop waiting for a chance to make your move and make it, the longer you wait the less interested she’ll become and eventually she will stop responding to you so positively. You are at the perfect moment to make a move.Next time you see her, approach her and say something along the lines of “I’ve thought you’re really cute for some time, I’d love to grab your number. Let’s hangout sometime”. You don’t have to use any cheesy pickup lines or be incredibly smooth. She is already into you, half the work is done my friend so act! I can gaurantee if you approach her authentically she will say yes to your advances. Good luck dude. Don’t wait a minute longer.

Is she interested or just being friendly?

There is this girl at college who we both are majoring in music and she agreed to help me learn piano which is required for a course. I can't tell if she is interested or just being friendly
She always seems happy around me
Laughs at everything I do when joking around
Acts goofy/playful (claps jokingly when I do something right and laughs when I fail and laugh at myself)
always helps when I ask and comes in an hour and half before any of her classes start to do so
attentive eye contact when talking
Sometimes starts convos and jokes around a little
Waves and says hi every time I pass by her
Lets me sit next to her when I asked to
she glances over when I sit next to her and sometimes plays with her hair.
Sometimes mirrors me when next to her

Nice = she likes you vs. nice = just being friendly?

mayne.bro i wish i knew the answer .we just never know .there's a chance she likes u and there's a chance she being nice its a 50 /50 ..i really can't tell u the answer cuz there isn't any u just can't predict that. only person that knows that is her..but ill tell u what u can do u gotta react your gut feeling thats' the best advice i can give u and that anybody could...if u feeling she likes u then take a chance buddy ask her..or better yet tell her u like her...yea thats' best choice trust ur gut feeling i know or gut feeling is wrong sometimes but mostly its go with it. there's not really another to go about this situation.

Does she like me or just being nice?

So at school I met this girl and i knew here for a couple years now but this year we started talking a little bit. When i go to sit with my friends at lunch time she would come and sit down too and she is friends with my friends so we all know her, but when I don't sit down she doesn't either, I left the table I usually sit at and went and sat with my brother and she would come over and sit beside me, if she can't sit beside me she will go over to her friends and sit with them. She will take my hat sometimes and wear it and keep it till the end of the day and she pokes me and playfully hits me.she said that when she is in a bad mood being around me always cheers me up and a lot of people thinks she likes me but i don't know if she does. She is actually the nicest person in the school and she is usually happy around anyone who is talking to her. I don't know if she likes me or if shes just being nice please help!