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Is She Really My Best Friend

My girl best friend has a crush on my boy best friend and she really wants to be best friends with him. What should I tell her?

This question seems to come from somene ages 9 to 12. I' guessing this based on the mannerisms.I'm not sure what you mean when you say “what should I tell her?” I would probably just say that you can be friends and I have nothing wrong with that since they are people and they can make decisions on their own.If you mean on the lines of no he's my friend, then that is just plain rude. She is her own person, she can make her decisions. Like I'm sorta friends with my best friends friends. There isn't anything wrong with having your best friends be friends with each other. It's normal and fine behaviour.

How do I break this to my best friend?

You have to tell her but how is the question??
Do it when she isn't very emotional...
If shes your true friend, she'll most likely appricate you telling her the truth if she ever asks if he likes her...

Your best friend forgets your birthday. Is she really your best friend?

Well I don’t think so ,i have changed many of my best friends as there behaviours used get really really deteorated or rude day by day or they used to feel they can say anything to anyone about me as I did not really care and still kept talking to em .Like nothing happens but I realised a good friend will never leave u ,will respect u ,fight for u ,will be there to criticise other people with u ,stop u from doing wrong things ✌.yes but if he /she did not wish u on ur bday then there is definitely something wrong!!!

I called her my best friend. She was backbitching about me with other friends. She said whatever she did was out of anger. Is she really my best friend?

If she was your best friend she would talk about your uncomfortableness to you not to her other peers.Your sincerely

Is she really my best friend or is she just a troublemaker?

You don't need to walk away from this girl, You need to RUN away from her as fast as possible. This girl is nothing but trouble, and if your not careful you could end up in jail, because of something she's done! No friend is worth going to jail for.

It's almost seems like she does these things for attention, but it's the worst type attention she's seeking! I don't know if she's having problems at home or in school, but something is really wrong with her.

Find yourself some other friends more on your level. Let her go and play these childish games else where.

Good luck

My best friend is 13 and pregnant, should she keep the baby?

I would suggest not having an abortion. While I don't condone having sexual relationships at such a young age, I don't believe the child should suffer.

She really needs to talk to her parents about what to do because her decision will totally involve them. They need to discuss:

- Are the parents willing to help her raise the child? If so, how much support are they going to give (financially, parental education, etc...)?

- What steps do they take to get some financial support from the father (possibly his parents could help)?

- Discuss plans for college and the living arrangement for her child if she goes to college out of the area and can not afford to rent an apartment.

Basically, this is the time that she has to look seriously at where she wants to be and what she wants to do in her life. If she can't handle the major changes, I would suggest adoption like the rest of the individuals. Abortion is truly up to her and the father.

Best friend is jealous of my success?

a best friend may be jealous, but would also be happy for you and turn it into a positive thing. She isn't your friend if she's worried about how much money you are making, etc. Don't leave your money out for her to count, and I'd tell her that counting your money makes you uncomfortable. By the way, don't be an a*s and shove it in her face either.