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Is Sinister Scarier Than A Nightmare On Elm Street

Which is the scarier, Friday the 13th or Nightmare on elm street?

My brother and I have decided to watch all of the nightmare on elm streets and all of the friday the 13ths so we can watch freddy vs jason. I love watching Nightmare on Elm streets because there isn't anything that just pops out to scare you. Is there anything like that in the 11 friday the 13ths? Which series is scarier?

Also, just for fun, which is your favorite nightmare on elm street?

What is the nursery rhyme from "Nightmare on Elm Street"?

It was created for the movie.  It's certainly too specific to exist previously.  I'd also suggest it's more awkward than the vast majority of real nursery rhymes.  They  do cover it being created with A Nightmare on Elm Street very briefly in Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, or it's, at least strongly implied.

Movies scarier than the conjuring?

Juon The Grudge (Original Japanese Version)
Shutter (Original Thai Version)
Grave Encounters
The Thing (1982)
The Omen (1976)

ik reading the subtitles in some of those movies will be annoying but when it comes to horror Asians ones are the best. I promise you these will scare you !!!

What is your favorite scary line uttered by the antagonist in a science fiction movie?

Okay so here are my favorite lines said by some villians in science (not really) fiction (though).First one would be our very own Freddy from nightmare on elm Street.(It was really hard to find a picture of him which was atleast a little less scary than usual)One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, Four, better lock your door. Five, Six, grab your crucifix. Seven, Eight, Gonna stay up late. Nine, Ten never sleep again. - Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)It's actually a little more scary for me as I actually watched almost the whole series (I guess 7 movies or so) back to back. There were no nightmares though, but the thoughts were disturbing while you try to go to sleep.And second would be from Jack from The shining (a Stephen King classic).(This was probably the scene which made me realize the depth of the movie, after this scene I stopped all thinking and just rooting for the mother and kid that they could safely escape)All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.The dialogue doesn't seem creepy? Imagine you're in a villa in a deserted hill and you have only one companion with you. He suddenly at some point starts breaking down mentally due to the isolation and keeps writing this line endlessly on paper. And then start chasing you with an axe.Well, if I see those papers, I guess it's time to run. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF![Image credits : Google]

Which original movie scared you more, "Halloween" or "Nightmare on Elm Street"?

Thank you, Diane Egan, for the A2A. A Nightmare on Elm Street, definitely. Not to downplay the cultural and aesthetic significance of Halloween, but the sheer plasticity of the nightmares that Freddy Krueger created in his victims’ dreams, spilling into reality like the blood their arteries spurted, made Wes Craven’s film more excruciating to watch. Michael Meyers is a force of evil, not a mind. Freddy is a personality of evil, and his madness in the first film reached deep into a well of psychological dread that no other horror film has come close to replicating. I still shudder at the scene in which Tina is slashed within her nightmare and her boyfriend watches helplessly as she’s hurled to the ceiling and Freddy continues to cut her open, Tina fully aware of dying in both the dream and reality. Pure brilliance. Halloween is the chill you feel in the dark house. A Nightmare on Elm Street is the dark house itself, with no exits other than the hope of waking up.

What horror movies scared you so much that you could barely sleep?

HalloweenIt was late 2017.My friends and I were going through a marathon of horror films: Death Note (2017), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Halloween (1978), and The Thing (1982).The first one we saw was Death Note. Everyone laughed at the inappropriate score and Nat Wolff’s inability to act.The second one we saw was A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was very enjoyable thanks to the legendary Robert Englund and one-liners like “No running in the hallways”; however, it was a typical cheesy slasher story, nothing more.Then we got to Halloween.Never before had I felt so anxious watching a movie, scared that a man, a simple human man, was watching from behind the corner or from the inside of someone’s home.Never had I seen a horror movie that balanced the craft of filmmaking with the “art” of jump scares.It was unsettling.It’s strange describing Halloween like this; the story itself was no different than what happened in Nightmare: a young woman becomes the Final Girl when most if not all her friends get murdered by a serial killer.Yet Halloween was so different than A Nightmare on Elm Street.Instead of evil being portrayed as exaggerated and sadistic, evil in Halloween is portrayed as subtle, having no reason to kill other than to simply do it.The fear comes from the idea that this kind of evil is out there, watching you and every single step you take, no matter the time of day. On the day, you meet this evil, you won’t even know it’s there.Until it’s too late.After we watched The Thing that night and everyone went home, that was when I realized that, even though The Thing will always appeal to my tastes and be one of my favorite horror films of all time, I will always find Halloween to be the one that gets under my skin, the one that makes me terrified of going outside by myself, the one that makes me think…“Who is that man at the end of the street?”

What's the scariest movie of ALL TIME?

idk why but i can never find scary movies that are actually scary i watched IT and wasted 2 hours of my life i watched annabelle wasnt scary i watched nightmare on elm street was not scary so what an actuall SCARY movie
(please dont make it a 1990's movie)

Which movie is scarier than "The Conjuring"?

This is a hard question. I like horror movies that have a storyline and have more mystery and thought put into it then just a slasher film. I would reccomend the woman in black, a quiet place, and the house at the end of the street. I also really love the scream movies. All of these have a good storyline and have a lot of suspense.