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Is The Economy Better Now With Obama Than Back With Bush

Did the Economy Do Better Under Obama or Reagan?

The Equalist,

I don't even know how to address your stupidity. Reagan had severe recession AND double digit inflation. These are two opposing economic forces...

Obama just got a severe recession...

And, as far as debt goes, I hope you are kidding...

Reagan added plenty to the debt, but it pales in comparison to the debt Obama has piled up...

Bush destroyed our economy. Obama saved it. Why did we vote for another “Bush” in electing Tax Scam Trump?

most people didn't
those that did were fooled

Clinton manipulated numbers to make the economy APPEAR better during his term, is that why Obama is hiring so.?

many Clinton people?
He wants everything to APPEAR fine until it comes crashing down on another President?

Greenspan did not let the market go into small corrections during the Clinton years to make the economy appear better than it was. Clinton's staff lied about numbers too. Is this why Obama wants so many of them in HIS administration?

How come my IRA/401k shrunk 60% under Bush but under Obama I have regained it all plus a little more!?

Because the economy has improve dramatically. The GOP can deny it all they want, but its true.