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Is The Prevalance Of Auto Theft Apologists Indicative Of Auto Theft Culture In Our Society

Can anyone believe in a God and still accept science?

Ultimately, if you want to be true to both - science and religion - I think the answer is NO, you can't.The problem is, that religious institutions - the church - employ the practice of cherry-picking from the scripture those sections, that largely align with the current general world view of the public and change as we go.For example, most religious institutions do not aggressively promote that earth is few thousands of years old, that it is flat and that people who can explain or perform “magic” (as in manipulate natural world in a non-obvious way) are witches who shall burn on the stake. Not anymore. They have moved away from these previously strongly held views under pressure. In few hundred years church will no doubt accept evolution and claim that it was the method God used to create man. Just like some claim now, that the Big Bang was the method how God created the universe.By understanding this constant development in relationship between church and science, you must reject the notion that religion and science are a non-overlapping magisteria (the NOMA hypothesis). They are trying to answer the same questions, they are competing methods to try and explain the universe and our place in it. If they produce conflicting answers (and oh God they do, ups, sorry ;)) answer to your question is NO.—Modern science is way too complicated for normal people to understand. Really understand. People say there is no spirituality and deeper meaning in science. I don't think that's true. Just like lightning used to have magical meaning before it was explained as simply >weather<, many notions of science have deeply poetic meaning - the fact that such a vast part of our genome is the same for all humans makes us all brothers, united in the same quest for survival. The fact that there is no obvious meaning of our existence, gives deep meaning to our attempts to understand the natural processes around us and pass the hunger for knowledge onto the future generations. The realization of how little we really know about the universe is humbling - just like you might feel humble before an omnipotent God. It should drive you to understand it, not to worship it and search answers in a simplistic book wrote by ordinary people long long time ago.

What are the biggest ironies in India?

!! Caution !! Only patriotic people are allowed to read this answer.Do you know him :-In case you don’t, he is Akbaruddin Owaisi. He once made the statement that "the population of your Hindustan (India) is 1 billion, while we Muslims are 200 million." He added that Muslims of India would need only 1 minutes without the police to show the Hindus of India who is more powerful - the Hindustan of 1 billion or the 20 million Muslims. The crowd responded to this statement by shouting slogans of "Allah u Akbar" and the leaders present at the meeting supported him. He called the Hindus as "impotent" and the Indian police as the "impotent army". He said that not even one crore impotent men can together father one child. He said that these people (Hindus) cannot face the Muslims, and whenever the Muslims start dominating the Hindus, the impotent army (police) intervenes.Do you know him :-He’s Asaduddin Owaisi, brother of Akbaruddin Owaisi and the president of infamous political party AIMIM.90% of you know about them and at this point most of you must be filled with anger and all you want is to confront them once and tell them “who the hell do you think you are to spread terrorism and hatred in my country. I’ll throw you out of here if you even try spreading riots between Hindu and Muslims brothers.”Fast forward...Once there was a very popular debate show conducted just after demonetization in which Respected Sambit Patra and Asaduddin Owaisi were to confront each other and also the angry public in a live show on some news channel.What happened in debate was indeed heart breaking. Public was literally mad at the step taken by BJP. The public went so mad that they put up back to back 8 questions for the spokesperson of BJP and not a single question was put up for the man in beard. This was one of the few times when Owaisi had stepped in for a public debate and not a single allegation could the so called patriotic public put at him. What disappointed me even more was that most of the public there was hot blooded youth filled with love for motherland but they found it easier criticizing Demonetization than Terrorism.Like the answer? do Upvote and share.don’t like the answer? sorry I couldn’t find a bigger irony that existed.Regards,ABHINAV SOLANKIpic credits - GoogleFollow me @Abhinav Solanki for more stuff.