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Is The Wacom Cintiq Companion Good With Animation Programs

Should I invest in a Cintiq Companion?

I'm going to be studying Animation/Graphic Design in College and was looking around for some hybrid laptops, and ran into a post that recommended the Cintiq Companion.

I have a Wacom Create Tablet and love it- but my mom wants me to have something like a laptop to use at school and reading one of the reviews the Companion is like a laptop and drawing tablet in one? I'm not sure I just want to know will it be of great use if I purchase this product? Any users of this product will be of much help since you have the most experience with the item.

If not can anyone recommend me to a laptop (doesn't need to be hybrid) that can operate heavy programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc?

Thank you!!!!!

Is the wacom cintiq companion good with animation programs?

No, sorry, the Cintiq Companion Hybrid 32GB is an Android device. Toon Boom requires Mac or Windows.

OTOH, the Cintiq Companion (256 or 512 GB) runs Windows 8.1, so it is compatible. Two very similarly named products with very different capabilities.

I'd recommend getting the 512 GB if you can, &/or get a large capacity USB3 drive to store your work on. Both would be best. More space is always better. ;-).

I own a Companion and use Photoshop and Painter 2015 on it and it's great. Very smooth and I highly recommend it.

Cintiq 13HD or Cintiq Companion Hybrid?

If you travel I would honestly recommend the Cintiq Companion Hybrid, because its a Android tablet as well as a perfectly good Cintiq 13HD. You can use it with the computer just like the 13HD and you can use it alone with Android apps, however sadly, the Cintiq Companion with Windows 8 is a full computer on its own, but it isn't compatible with a desktop computer so you can't use it as a second monitor or as a Intuos with a screen as you could with the 13HD Hybrid and the regular 13HD. However, sadly, as tablet straight up I don't think they are really that great. The Cintiqs make great digitizers but there may be other cheaper options which are better if portability is your main issue. For me on a personal level, I think I'd want the Android tablet because you can use it as a Cinitq, an Intous, and as a tablet with altra great pressure sensitivity and the works were as other tablets can't say that.

Um, let me see if I can find you some youtube links:
This one shows it in comparison to other tablet computers. (Hybrid)
Just shows some quality aspects of the tablet. (Hybrid again)
This is a long review of the Companion. (Windows 8)

These are just a few of the review videos, there are a lot of them. Just go to youtube and search Cintiq 13 HD reviews, or Cintiq Companion hybrid review, ect. You'll find a lot of stuff to research there. And research is important for a purchase like this. ^_^ Good luck.

What program/software is best for Cintiq Wacom 13" (Beginner)?

The Wacom Cintiq 13" is merely an input device - it can't run any software on it's own.

You still need to attach it to a computer to use it.

You can use certainly use GIMP with a Wacom Cintiq attached a computer. GIMP supports Wacom tablets.

Wacom has also developed a new model called the Cintiq Companion which is a full computer in itself running Windows 8, so you could certainly install GIMP on that, unlike the other Cintiqs. If you just want to muck around it's a rather expensive toy.

Most illustrators make do with a regular wacom tablet (without integrated display) such as the Intuous models. These are much more affordable.

Wacom Cintiq 13hd or Ipad pro 12.9?

I was in the same position as you a few months ago, I really liked the iPad pro + pencil, but I mainly use adobe programs and the app versions for iPad just didn't cut it and I move around a lot so I didn't want to have a cintiq. I got surface pro 4 which is working pretty well though. However if you're looking to animate you may actually want to go with a larger cintiq, probably 22" (altho it depends if you're just using it for hobby or for work\school, its a lot of $$) I've tried running my animation software (TV paint) on my sp4(roughly 13") and its pretty cramped, but it depends on the program layout. I'd say if art is more of a hobby go with the iPad since its more versatile. But if you need to be able to run full programs and are an avid artist and plan on using it for work/school stuff go cintiq or sp4 (although overall wacom is probably the best for artists, since that's who its catered to)

Help! Which Wacom drawing tablet is best for 2D animation?

Me too!! I'm trying to figure out anything that I need to know for animation PERIOD. I have a bamboo wacom tablet, and it's got some really nice software on it. It has this 2D applet thing but it's nothing overly fancy. Intous5 is supposed to be great for 2D animation. The bamboo wacom tablet tho has great sensitivity. I've created stuff on it before and I've even taken handwritten notes for classes with it. The only problem I've had with it is that the nubs on the end doesn't last long, you have to replace them after a month or so. Some of the tablets come with spare nubs though.

The bamboo wacom tablet comes with PSE 8 and other painting software, plus it has a bunch of different applet downloads that you can get for free from the website. It also works great with PC and Mac.

What wacom tablet would be best for animation?

How do you think of that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scooby Doo, and infinite others have been given their initiate? ALL cartoons initiate as sketches, and doodles. In time, your drawing will advance, out of rigidity of habit. Dont be afraid to aim new strokes. As for problems with laptop-aided drawing, enable me purely say this: **I** can do greater effective, with pencil and paper than the laptop can. in case you have a scanner, attempt doing what i'm now doing. DONT DRAW your cartoons, in the laptop, do your drawings, on PAPER, then test them into your laptop memory. this way, what you draw would be what you notice. additionally, as quickly as you test your drawings into your laptop, you could email them to fascinated persons. i'm hoping this helps.