Is There A Website Where I Can Watch The New Sailor Moon Dub

hi Mira King you can try-VIZ | Watch Sailor Moon Episodes for FreeSailorMoonTV|Watch all things Sailor Moon! Episode Of Sailor Moon (Viz) Here! by Frog-Moon-Club on ...hope you will like it.

You can watch it on

I want to watch sailor moon but i cant find a way to see them online the full show can someone help me plzzzzz?

You can download all the episodes and movies of all the series from this website

although the only drawback is you can only download 3 episodes per 24hrs from this website.

Also I watch my anime in Japanese with subtitles so you may not be able to get the english dub on this website either.

EDIT: And if the file you download is a .mkv, .oog or .mp4 search up VLC media player to download. it's free and plays a whole range of files that Windows Media Player doesn't.

What is Sailor Moon's official english website?

there is no official english sight but you can watch it on this sight it has all of the episodes in english Dub;

Does any one know where i can watch the classic uncut sailor moon episodes but are english dubbed?

From OR OR But Mininova is the best.
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Good luck.

He might have his own reason to do so. Maybe he thinks watching them will have a bad influence on you and your studies maybe. So, Fret not. Once you’re 18, he might allow you to watch anything you like at your own freedom. Until then have some patience and study well.By the way, Spirited Away is back in theaters again so try asking asking your Dad to take you to and watch it together. The experience might change his views towards anime.All the Best.

Sailor Moon Dub Background Music?

Have you tried:

They have pretty much every music piece ever used in Sailor Moon.
If I knew the title of the song or episodes it was used in, I'd search for it there...

Most songs are in Ogg-format though (Winamp can play them, or you simply use a converter)...


I think this Queen Beryl song comes pretty close to the midi:
The Full Moon Collection also seems to be the only Cd with english BGM that was released.

The 1990’s anime order is as follows:Pretty Guardian Sailor MoonPretty Guardian Sailor Moon RPretty Guardian Sailor Moon R; Promise of the Rose (this introduces a villain similar to those at the beginning of Sailor Moon R).Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon SPretty Guardian Sailor Moon S: Hearts on IcePretty Guardian Sailor Moon SuperSPretty Guardian Sailor Moon SuperS: Black Dream HolePretty Guardian Sailor Moon Stars

I love Sailor and so does my daughter, and she’s 21 y.o. The order of the Sailor Moon movies are: Sailor Moon R the Movie:Promise of the Rose (1993), Sailor Moon R: Special (1993), Sailor Moon S the Movie (1994), Sailor Moon Super S Plus: Ami’s First Love (1995), and Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie (1995).But in order to watch the movies, you should try watching the series season and the movie that correspond with that season (the year of the season). This way you would understand what is happening in the movie.Hope this helps.

Where can I watch all of the "American" episodes of Sailor Moon!!!?


look under "sassysunbeam"

this girl uploaded all the english seasons and it's high quality

input this: sailor moon episode 1 sassysunbeam

it should be the first one