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Is There Any Iphone 4 Unlocked Without Sim Card Slat

How do I unlock my iPhone without a SIM card?

You don't need an active SIM card to activate an iPhone; any SIM card that matches the carrier that an iPhone is locked to will work, or if the iPhone is unlocked, any SIM card should do. You will need to activate the iPhone via a USB connection to iTunes in this case which will processes the activation via your computer over the Internet, and in this case neither iTunes nor iOS cares about whether the SIM card is active.So, knowing this, if you can find an old SIM card laying around, or borrow somebody else's old SIM card, try sticking it in your iPhone and going through the activation process. It will either work or it won't (usually if the iPhone is locked and the SIM doesn't match), but you won't damage your iPhone or hurt anything by trying.Even if you find an old full-sized SIM card, you can cut it down to micro-SIM size to insert into your iPhone. If it's a dead SIM card anyway, you've got nothing to lose by trying this either, and instructions and templates for doing this can be easily found online.If you really can't get your hands on any SIM card whatsoever, your only other option is to resort to jailbreaking tools that will effectively bypass the activation process, colloquially known as "hactivating" an iPhone. A wide variety of information and tutorials for doing this can be found online, particularly if you search for "hactivate iPhone" so there's not much point in going into them in detail here.

IPhone 6 came with fake sim card?

So i live in Lebanon and I bought an unlocked iphone 6 this week, and it's working very well. The only problem is that when i put out the sim card slot, i got a vodafone sim card inside and there even isn't vodafone in Lebanon. Also, when i was unboxing it, i noticed there was no sim card ejector as usual in the catalogue. I had to use the one i got with my old 4S. I called the guy and he told me that most of the phones are not coming without sim card ejectors, and when i asked him about the Vodafone card, he told me to just throw it away. What's going on here? Did he sell me a previously locked iphone but it was unlocked before they shipped it to Lebanon?

Will iPhone 6 SIM cards work on other phones?

Hope you are talking about Apple iPhone 6s :)It supported network technology: GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTEApple Iphone 6S support Nano SIM card. And Most advance modern smartphone supports NANO SIM. ex. Nexus 6(verified by apple: Find out which SIM card your iPhone or iPad uses )So if you have SIM card holding tray/frame (cut through standard SIM) you can use Nano SIM virtually and practically any other supported (network band) device.Blissfully Some SIM provider like Airtel, Vodafone etc providing with all form of size ready-made. You can use them without any hassle.And if you want to create by your won then follow:Here's how to trim your SIM card down for use with the iPhone 6sThank you.Best of luck.Hope this will help you. :)

Does the virgin mobile iphone 4 or 4s have a sim card slot?

Virgin iPhone 4S has SIM slot an can be unlocked to be used on GSM carriers.