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Is This Mom Of Coincidence That Tendulkar Made Debut In The International Career On 15 November

What are some mind-blowing facts about cricket?

1. Ireland is the only team in Cricket World Cup History to chase down 3 300+ target.(There are only 7 Occasions(3 in 2015) where a target of 300+ has been chased)i) Against Netherlands -2011ii) Against England-2011iii) Against West Indies-20152. Zaheer Khan and Trent Boult are the only Bowler in the world to bowl 3  consecutive maidens(First three overs) in a world cup matches. Figures for both the bowlers were:  Zaheer Khan(vs Sri Lanka 2011 World Cup Final) 3-3-0-1Trent Boult(vs Bangladesh 2015 World Cup) 3-3-0-13. Sachin Tendulkar is the only Bowler to defend 6 runs or less runs in the last over of an ODI twice.He defended six runs for India against South Africa at Calcutta when he  conceded 3 runs and the team won by 2 runs in 1993.In 1997, against Australia in Mohali he was asked to defend 6 runs. He took Australia's tenth wicket on the first ball.On both occasions, he was bowling his first over in the match!!!!!!!!!4. In 1996 world Cup India hosted 17 world cup Matches at 17 different venues5. 300+ scores in World Cups:  1975: 4 1979: 0 1983: 4 1987: 1 1992: 2 1996: 5 1999: 3 2003: 9 2007: 16 2011: 17 2015 (27/49): 196.There's only one person who witnessed Jim Laker and Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets in an inningsAs a 10-year-old Richard Stokes witnessed Jim Laker taking all 10 wickets in the 1956 Old Trafford Test against Australia. Forty-three years later he was in India watching the India vs Pakistan Test and saw Anil Kumble taking all the 10 wickets in an innings. These were the only two Tests Stokes has watched in his life.7. Ishant Sharma is responsible for all the three highest scores made by a batsman against India in the 21st centuryEdgbaston 2011 – Ishant Sharma drops Alastair Cook – scores 294 Sydney 2012 – Ishant Sharma drops Michael Clarke – scores 329* Wellington 2014 – Ishant Sharma drops B.McCullum – He scores 302