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Is Working At A Gas Station Mini Mart Fun What Jobs Do They Have Besides Cashier

How does Walmart use their security cameras?

Q: "How does Walmart use their security cameras"?They constantly scan the sky looking for incoming meteors and hemorrhoids, and then put certain lotions and creams on sale….Oh, hang on… you said security cameras. Ok, sorry about that. Phew…They use them the same way any other large retail operations does, to monitor:Customer spaces, to detect both crimes committed by customers (shoplifting, for example) and crimes against customers (parking lot robbery, for example).Cashier stations, to detect all sorts of games with money and goods. Over the years there have been some amazingly clever scams, including scan-skipping (buy two pair of shoes but your friend the cashier scans only one), swapped price tags , and hundreds of mind-bogglingly clever frauds.Inventory storage areas, to detect boxes that mysteriously grow legs and walk off all on their own. I mean, what other explanation could there possibly be for a case of 250 iPads disappearing?In addition to these conventional uses, Walmart is investigating adding facial recognition technology to security system for various purposes, mostly focusing on improving the customer experience (easier checkout, for example) and more tightly focusing in-store advertising and promotions (even to the point of testing displays with built-in cameras that recognize you and customize the ad content, or the price or discount percentage shown).If such technology is eventually deployed widely, it may have serious privacy implications. So far, however, these systems are mostly in the research / experimental phase.

What is it like to cross dress in public?

Good question.Once you pluck up the courage you'll never look back. My first time was fairly recently in Blackpool. I stayed at a Tgirl hotel and only took my feminine clothing with me.It was a Tuesday when I arrived. I got dressed in a skirt, blouse, small breast forms and wig. The size 13 heels I brought needed a bit of practise so I stayed in the hotel and got used to them.I needed a smoke (well, vape to be fair) I sat outside the front of the hotel and vaped. When the door opened and Paula came out she introduced herself and asked if I fancied a walk out for some coffee. I had no choice but to go.10 minutes later we were sat in a pub having lunch and coffee. I felt excited, exhilarated, happy, comfortable, nervous, great, normal, and many more emotions all at once.She gave me advice about where to go, how to hold myself, how to react to both positivity and negativity and just to enjoy myself.We went out that evening fully made up and had a great time.The next day I was alone in the hotel. I went down into Blackpool centre, looked around the shops, tried a couple of skirts on in M&S, bought one, chatted in another shop (vintage clothes) about a style and colour for me and walked back to the hotel.That evening I went to a local bar and was told by a cis girl that I looked amazing and she loved my outfit. I could have cried I was so happy.Next day I had to drive home so I wore a pair of thick tights, pencil skirt, t-shirt, breast forms, men's denim jacket, trainers, cap with no wig.On the way back I stopped in a service station and bought coffee, a sandwich and a cake. I sat and ate it then flicked through some cd's in another shop.NOBODY CAREDOk, there were a couple of double takes but that's all. A lady with her young daughter (who had tried to get to the cashier before I was finished) told her that she must ‘Wait for the gentleman to finish before it's your turn…sorry, she's a bit impatient'Just do it…I do every chance I get but not with my wife. Unfortunately, she still thinks skirts are for women.:—)