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Is Yahoo Answers Going The Way Of The Dodo

Is Yahoo 360 going the way of the Dodo? is what many people are migrating to. I'm sticking with Yahoo.

What other people call "closing", I call "reconstruction."

Yahoo has decided to combine it's 3 services (360, Mash, and the regular Yahoo Members Profile) that basically accomplish the same thing (i.e. telling the world about yourself) into one service. They just haven't pinned down the "how" of creating this "universal profile".

So, if there are things that you do like about Yahoo! 360 that you would like to see remain in tact, you should state those aspects on the Y!360 team's blog at .

What things are going the way of the dodo bird?

Storing movies on CDs. Trust me, it may not look that way now but it's going to happen, and quite soon. The CDs are just too vulnerable to scratches, and as flash drives and online bandwidth become cheaper, people will just get fed up with the cumbersome, error-prone CDs and force the market to make the switch to solid-state media. Within 10-15 years, the 'cutting edge' blu-ray discs are going to seem just as ridiculous as VHS tapes.

Will Zanu-FF go the way of the Dodo or the Italian Christian Democrats come the next general election?

Nope, irish people, we, are stupid. Come next election, all those people who complain about the state our country is in and about F.F. will vote for F.F. Why?

Because they will say, oh tom, oh yeah hes F.F. but sure hes one of our own and hes a nice fella really and sure hasnt he always looked after his own. Repeat this in every constitution and what you know, F.F. keep getting returned to government.

"People get the politicians they deserve."

Yes but not as much as they used to. 2 things made them leave it.The new white format & backgroundNo best answer unless the asker chooses it.Firstly the white format is a bad design and very difficult to navigate and then they removed the voting feature where a person can vote his own answer when his answer gets into voting after 4/7 days of answering and get the best answer when no other votes were entertained.It was kind of a game to most of the “Top contributors” and they left after the feture was removed because there was no way they can continue with their badge.

A classic rock song going do dodo doo doo?

I've heard it a few times before. Especially on a few Top Gear challenges when they introduce the three on Bolivia or something and it has the song coming out. I dont know the lyrics or the name! Just the tune.. Its like a heavy guitar and beat going - Do Dodo Doo do! Then has a little guitar solo afterwards! Please help! I've been wanting to know what this song is called for months!

Can stress make your fun loving ways go way of the dodo?

Are you growing a beard again?? =(

Stress is a phucking killer, so says my health. Not only is it physically exhausting it is emotionally draining aswell. I usually manage my stress pretty well and I am able to keep my sense of humor through it all, laughter is good for my soul and keeps me from killing someone.

How Did The Dodo Bird Go Extinct?

Porn. Because of porn. young adolescents these days enjoy the exhaling in thy word porn. in such a way they say this like Miranda Sings. Why America will scream thy word sounding like a dodo bird. Although I feel the word dodo is stustupid (haha, see what I did there with the word stupid?? (:) Anyways, I prefer the word todo. Like the young black puppy on wizard of oz. Oh my friends, follow the yellow brick road in life. Or..... IT WILL FOLLOW YOU! dun dun dun... So yeah im not sure why the bird died. (: have a nice day.

Will newspapers go the way of the dodo?

As a print product, newspapers' time is limited. We just don't know when the expiration date is.

However, there's a need for information and reporting, and newspapers can best fill that gap. (Turned on tv or radio news lately? Bleech.) They are learning to go on line and be more timely, so I think the business will survive in that manner.

Not, as popularly supposed, because humans ate it - it tasted disgusting and was only eaten as a last resort. It was a ground-nesting bird, and probably a slow breeder because it was so large, so rats from human ships ate the eggs faster than the dodo could evolve a new nesting strategy.I’m not sure how many samples we have of it that have reasonably intact DNA, but if we have several - enough for a bit of genetic diversity - we probably could resurrect it. It would be difficult to do otherwise, as I don’t think it has any surviving close relatives which could be used to fill in gaps in its genome.