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It Is A Fact That Most People Who Open A Small Business Fail Since They Do No Research Or Fail To

How do I start my small business?

Go to and in the upper left hand corner, enter your zip code. On the next screen, you will get information on the nearest SCORE chapter. Call them and arrange for a free meeting with a SCORE counselor.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SCORE has 389 chapters in locations throughout the United States and its territories, with 10,500 volunteers nationwide. Both working and retired executives and business owners donate time and expertise as business counselors.

Want to open my own Business!?

You do not need a degree. In fact a degree can harm you because what you learn in college is seldom beneficial to successfully operating a business. You don't need a great idea either. If you want to be successful at owning and operating your own business you need to;

1. Find a need and fill it.
2. Get rid of your employee mentality.
3. Ignore the negative people in your life who will try and discourage you.
4. Stay focused.
6. Understand that you will not have instant success and that it will take a lot more effort than you would ever have to put in at a job.
7. Research, Research, Research, Research. - Know your business.
8. Get involved in your local Chamber of Commerce and network.
9. Read, Read, Read, Read. - I would recommend anything by John Maxwell, Jim Collins or Harry S. Dent.
10. Budget tightly and don't you dare give up!

You can win, You can succeed!

Is it illegal to just start your own business?

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I’m working with many drop shippers, both successful with already established stores and those who are just starting out.Here’s a list of my most encountered reasons why drop shipping businesses fail:Patience - most of the first timers fail because they don’t have enough patience. Patience to learn eCommerce, patience to do enough testing on various paid advertisement channels before making a first sale, patience & persistence as a whole.You have to put in money to earn money - understanding that it takes time & resources to making your first sale. Especially, if you’re relying on paid advertisement (Facebook) as your main source of traffic. First $100 will be spent on tests, failure and gathering data. If you don’t give up too quickly and have a right mindset to it, you will learn invaluable lessons and crack the code eventually.Wrong niche - most of the businesses that fail are dipping their toes in overcrowded markets (fashion, clothing, any top selling products which are highly trending now). My recommendation would be either niche passionate groups of people with underrepresented needs or necessity driven target audience.Not knowing your target audience - you can’t just advertise to anyone. You will spend too much money sending people to your website just to realise that it was not a quality traffic which doesn’t generate any or enough conversions.Relying on the champion product(s) only - This happens quite often. You start making sales, you’re onto something, but you have just one or two champion products that are making your ends meet. You don’t do any tests to discover new products that convert, and eventually, you stop making sales at all.Unreliable supplier(s) - Sourcing unreliable suppliers (by accident) may destroy your business. Long shipping times, tracking numbers that are not working, bad overall quality of the products and no support when it comes to managing refunds or returns are the biggest threats in drop shipping. Always be cautious as you usually don't have any say when it comes to items shipping, packing and overall quality of the product.These are just a few most common reasons why dropshipping businesses fail. I’ve been dealing with most of these myself on numerous occasions. However, it all comes down to being patient. No matter what happens - if you’re persistent enough you will break through eventually and generate profit on a daily basis.

Are we crazy for opening our own Business?

We came into some money not a lot but enough to follow a dream we've had. I lost my job and we are still able to pay our bills and live off of my husband's income. I am planning on returning to school to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. My husband wants to open his own tattoo shop and keep his day job for now we have researched and researched and I have a huge list of pros and cons one of the main ones is the economy but that is also one of the main reasons for it as well, prices have dropped enough that we can afford to do all of this. I know I am crazy for asking this on here, I am just looking for more input. We have a young son under a year old. Part of me says save that money for him for college and the rest says go for it because this is a great opportunity for our family and that we can figure out a way to save money for his college a different way if we fail. I don't think we will though the market looks good and we have a strong Business plan. Only a tiny bit of me questions this, but as a Mom I have to think about everything.. so outside thoughts are always welcome. Thanks ahead of time!

Great question. Statistically only 20% of new agents will still be in the business after 2 years. There are a few reasons for this which include:Unrealistic expectations for income: Many new agents expect to be making money immediately when in fact most agents sell 0–1 homes their first year. Additionally I’ve found that it takes 4–6 or more years for most agents to develop a real business that provides enough income to make a good living.Not understanding the amount of work required: I find that many new agents enjoy the freedom that being a Realtor brings, however they don’t put the effort in to creating a business.Not understanding that they are in the business to find people to help: Many new agents feel that they are in the business to sell houses so they spend all of their time touring homes, going to open houses, and looking at homes on line. In fact every successful agent spends all of their time meeting with people, educating themselves on market conditions, and finding people to serve.Not running your Real Estate practice as a business: Most new agents don’t take the time to create a business plan, budget, marketing plan , or daily schedule. What I find is that many show up late to the office, if at all, then mill around a bit and leave early. Those agents that succeed treat their job as a job and run it like they are the CEO of a small business.These are the main reasons I’ve noticed for those not succeeding in the business.