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Its Actaully Real Jason Is Buried There

Pokemon: Buried Alive Sprite?

I have heard so many people say this is true and just as many saying its actually a hack. Gravedude or buriedalive as its depicted was suppose to be the boss of the tower but they felt it was too dark to implement so they removed it from the final product according to the research I did on this subject. But I haven't made up my own mind about this glitch so I have been looking for everything that will help me get there within a few hours so I don't waste months on it. The video I watched stated you need to get the pokeflute before you enter the tower and the only way to get it is to buy it using a cheat code then a pokedoll to make the marowak disappear as well as catching a missingno from cinnabar island. Then the buriedalive trainer should appear. I'll find out for 100% sure because I'm skeptical of this rumor but curious as well. By Saturday I should have my answer then I will either be going " its real" or " what a crock of sh*t"

I work in finance and I am not a criminal lawyer (thus I don't have a big professional experience on the subject) but I once stumbled in a case with not just one but two hit men.A Milanese, extremely wealthy, investment banker in his 50s, with the typical “perfect” family (a beautiful wife, his only son studying in London, an awesome mansion, etc.) had a South American “lover”.She was very beautiful, albeit jobless: she was a sort of former prostitute / former model, even if the line between her two jobs was really blurred.Everything went fine between the two until she (unexpectedly) got pregnant.She did not ask him for money, but asked the Milanese Banker to marry her.This was simply not an option for the Milanese Banker so he had the very “smart” idea to hire two Venezuelan drug dealers to kidnap the girl and eventually kill her.The two drug dealers were paid a 50% deposit upon taking the instructions, with the promise of receiving the other half once their job was completed.The two Venezuelans swiftly kidnapped the girl while she was jogging one morning and took her to an abandoned building at the outskirts of Milan.They kept her there a few days while they were discussing vigorously how to kill her (apparently even for a professional hitman it is not so easy to shoot and kill a pregnant woman).Eventually they realized that they did not have the heart to kill her (and the baby) and they set her free.They also kept the 50% deposit they already got and went back to their normal drug dealing business.In case you are interested in how the story ended up: she went back to normal life and started getting a small “salary” from the Milanese Banker (she gave up on the idea of marrying him anyway).A few weeks after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, she confided the kidnapping to a friend during a walk in the park.This friend went to the police and, after some checking, they arrested the Milanese Banker a few days later…

Is freddy krueger or jason real?

last last week i kept having nightmares where i saw myself in my house and someone knocking at my door and it would always be freddy and each day after i opened the door something new scary happened. Now last week i've been having nightmares where i see a guy just like jason following me and stalking me and every time i got in a car each day it would be something scarier. Now this week i have random dreams about freddy then jason, then jason again. And i haven't even heard about Elm Street until last week on friday and i haven't even seen the movie because suppose i know its fake and there's always a girl being raped. But are they real? im not paranoid about them until i figured that i been having all these dreams. Am i going crazy? Are they real? Is there some sign???
What is going on!?!??!!?

They weren’t originally buried there.Paris has a number of cemeteries inside the city limits. There is the famous Père Lachaise[1], which you should visit if you’re in town. It holds the remains of many great French people as well as those of Jim Morrisson, and was the site of the execution of 147 communards in 1871… but I digress.Anyway, there are a number of cemeteries, but the first and best known of them was the Cimetière des Innocents[2], right in the center of town. It contained many of Paris’s dead over the years. Too many, in fact, and after a few nights of heavy rain in 1780 the owner of a restaurant next to it noticed that there were decaying bodies floating in his basement. The cemetery had actually kind of burst its seams. What’s more, the place really had become pretty prime real estate by then and all the dead people was a drag on the local property values (particularly when they started floating around in nearby basements). They city therefore decided to dispose of the remains elsewhere. After all, most of the people buried there had been dead for ages, the cemetery had been there as long as anyone could remember. The question was what to do with all the bones.At that point, someone remembered that the South side of Paris sat on top of the quarries that had for centuries been used to provide all those beautiful white stones of which the city is made. The quarries were no longer in use (as occasionally, parts of them would collapse, which does not agree with the structural integrity of the buildings built above them). Empty quarries = good place to put bones.Since then, a number of other Parisian cemeteries have likewise contributed old bones to the empty quarries. Note that when Parisians talk about the catacombs, they are generally referring to the entirety of the old quarries, which are extensive, whereas formally speaking, only the parts with bones are really catacombs. A small part can be visited, the entrance is near Denfert Rocheraeau and it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s always interesting to stare mortality in the face. The rest can only be visited illegally, and at one’s own peril.By the way, the former site of the cemetery of the Innocents is a square near Les Halles, in the center of which is the Fontaine des Innocents.Footnotes[1] Père Lachaise Cemetery - Wikipedia[2] Holy Innocents' Cemetery - Wikipedia

Is it possible to be buried alive and still live?

I've read about some who were and lived. Someone rescued them. What makes you think this will happen to you? God forbid!

Some were under the ground for a week and still survived but that is unusual. Miners were under there for 23 days and still lived but they had some food, water and air (a little).

Can anyone like really prove to me me that god is real?

i went through this in my head not too long ago. If you think about it, the bible was given to us as proof of what is and whats to come. you either accept it or you dont. I just lost my brother last week and it tested my faith. bc i dont think he was a believer, and it scary to think of what happens after death. i just have to have faith that there is something greater. dont u feel connected to something mysterious? i do, its weird but good. if u want to watch some good videos, go tou youtube and type in "died and went to heaven" or "near death experience"

If Shangri-La was a real place and existed in reality would you go to it or live there?

Back in 2012, being a fresh graduate from high school I moved to LA. A women named Stafani GAGA 11 years older than me. she became one of my friends while working there. GAGA was queen loving, and romantic. SHE was the breadwinner of his family. HER parents ang relatives liked me a lot. Being single and unattached,I courted her in 2017 she accepted my marraige proposal during the latter part of that year.

Is king david really in king david's tomb?

How could we know? There are no photos of David, no likenesses. Even if we could date the bones, we'd have no idea whose they were. We don't even know if there WAS a real David. (possibly---there is some scant historical data, but it's very sketchy).