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Job For 16-year-old Good Student

Can a 16 year old have 2 jobs and go to school?

I turned 16 in February and got a job at a small pizzeria in June. I barely work at all here and I would like to make more money. I got referred to Journey's by a neighbor who used to work there. I also go to a private school which is hard to do good at, so homework takes up a good portion of my time. Do you think I can handle all of this if I get the job at Journey's?

Personal opinions and experiences are greatly appreciated!

Where can a 16 year old apply for a job?

I have been working at McDonalds for about a year now and am turning 16 next week. I would like a new job but am out of ideas, as everywhere else I've wanted to work is fully staffed.

Does anyone have any?
I'm looking north of Dallas if that makes a difference.

Job questions for a 16 year old?

Guess it would depend on whether your local elementary school employs tutors. You could also try just putting up flyers offering your services. Also, you could apply with a private tutoring center or agency -- not sure what they require as far as qualifications.

Here's an example of such an agency

Online job for 16 years old student in Philippines?

There are a few cardinal rules for looking for ligitimate online jobs:

1) If they asks for any type of fees, RUN FAR AWAY!
2) You will most likely not find a plain ol' data entry job.
3) Work at home jobs are not any easier than regular jobs you do outside the home, anything promising lots of money for doing nothing is a scam or a bad business opportunity.
4) Do not "process payments" for anyone, you could end up in the big house.
5) Is the job they are offering going to "change your life", I doubt it. I go to church for that kind of stuff.
6) Legitimate companies will not advertise for jobs in banners or spam emails.

As you can probably tell I've seen just about every bad job offering out there and I get really irritated with all the promises and such. And I hate to see good people throw away their money.

With all that being said, I can tell you that there are legitimate jobs out there. It's just a matter of finding them.

Nose jobs for 16 year olds?

yes you could get it at 16 with parental consent, but since its a rhinoplasty it'll be somewhere around $4000.
i myself had a septoplasty when i was 16 and since that was covered by insurance it was less than $500.
i will say that i do loveee my nose now but for about 2 weeks after the surgery i was basically crippled, my face felt like it turned to cement and just walking gave me insane headaches, it was bad, but im so happy with it now. you just have to really decide if it worth the pain youll have to go thru. for me if i didnt get it i wouldnt be able to breathe thru my nose, smell or anything.