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Jobs Involving Wolves

Any jobs involving working with wolves?

As a kid I always thought it would be fun to work with wolves because they are my favorite animal. But now I am more serious about it. I live in Minnesota so we have a lot of wolves up north. The job I currently have isn't something I want to work at for the rest of my life so I want something to look forward to when I wake up and have to go to work every day. I'd also like to be able to he'll protect them too. Is there anywhere I can look and get an idea of where I could get a career with working with wolves?

Careers involving animals?

What are some careers that involve animals and that require a college education? I used to want to be a veterinarian but my mom keeps telling me that I probably wouldn't get accepted to veterinary school (although I am not so pessimistic...) so what are some other animal careers that would require college. I would be interested in answers that might have something to do with like zoo keeping or wildlife conservation or something like that but I would like a wide range of answers. If you can include some websites with info.

10 POINTS!!!

Six wolves catch six lambs in six minutes. How many wolves will be needed to catch sixty lambs in sixty minutes?

In 6 mininutes 6 lambs caught by 6 wolvesIf we calculate by the ratio of WORKS, MEN, TIME concept, we get that :In 1 min.... 6 lambs caught by … 6 * 6 wolves, since time reduced workforce increased.In 1 min... 1 lamb caught by.... 6*6 / 6 wolves, (time same work reduced workforce decreased)In 60 min... 60 lambs caught by.... 6*6/6 *60/60 ( time increased and work increased by same ratio I. E. 60/60 ratio). Therefore the calculation would be as under :6*6/6…divided by 60/60 that is by 1.36 /6 *1. = 6*1 = 6 . So for catching 60 Lambs in 60 Minutes 6 Wolves would be needed.( This is simply we call Unitary Method in Arithmatics. By Alzebric method taking unknown answer as X this can also solved).

Movie with a girl and a wolf?

The Journey of Natty Gann (1985)
starring Meredith Salenger, John Cusack, Ray Wise, Lainie Kazan, Scatman Crothers
IMDb synopsis:
Natty Gann is a 12-year-old Depression era girl whose single-parent father leaves her behind in Chicago while he goes to Washington State to look for work in the timber industry. Natty runs away from the guardian she was left with to follow her father. She befriends and is befriended by a wolf that has been abused in dog fights, hops a freight train west, and is presumed dead when her wallet is found after the train crashes. Her father gets bitter and endangers himself in his new job. Meanwhile, Natty has a series of adventures and misadventures in various farmhouses, police stations, hobo camps, reform schools, and boxcars.
Here's Part 1 on YouTube:

Is a Zoo Keeper a Good Job?

If you want to be a full time keeper you will need to graduate high school and get a degree in college. Some zoos take two year degrees some require four. Even then most paying keeper positions do not start until you are 18.

As far as the pay it is one of those jobs that people do because they love it, not because of how much money you make. Most make in the 20s per year but of course that goes up the longer you are there and if you change to a head keeper spot or perhaps curator or director position.

Check out under their job section. That will help a great deal.