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Kaboom Spray With Lysol Wipes Is It Toxic

HELP! Kaboom and bleach?

I was cleaning my sink and I sprayed it with kaboom, wiped it out, rinsed it then filled the sink with hot water and some bleach, almost right after I did that I noticed the kaboom bottle said DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH or deadly fumes could occur. I have a little headache and I'm just wondering if my family and I are safe

What happens if you sprayed your arms with Lysol?

My Father was stationed in Burma in 1944 during WW2, for a special all volunteer group of Soldiers during who moved materials through Jungles. They were called the 5307th and were commanded by Brigadier General Frank D. Merrill. They were is deep behind Japanese lines marching through the dense, unforgiving jungle. He took care of a donkey.There is a movie about It “Merrill's Marauders.” He said the movie was pretty mild compared to what Is was really like.Their feet were wet the majority of the time and they would get foot rotting diseases. He taught us children that the best thing to use is Lysol liquid. The beauty of it is that the bottles is small and last a long time. It is concentrated.

I sprayed Lysol on my bed and slept on it, am I okay?

>>>>>am I okay? Sierra, you're perfect. <3Oh, you mean health-wise? First thing I'd say is ditch the Lysol. It can't be anything but bad for you. If you're concerned with nasties like dust mites, allergens from your pets and other just-plain residuals we all drag in there are better means to rid our sensitive linens and intimate things from those. My cat (now in cat heaven) once dragged in a dead mouse and put it in my bed without my permission.  You can't plan for this kind of stuff so my best advice is wash all your bedding often in hot water. Here's a trick: I have hot/cold like all machines do. Right after the first hot rinse I pull the knob to disable and then turn the knob all the way around to the hot cycle again so I get 2 hots---a hot wash and a hot rinse. But you have to pull the knob immediately before the second spin right before it starts to spray the water. If you want to know exactly when the spray starts just whip out your second hand and time it. Catch it right before the water spray starts and disable the cycle. The laundry should be nice and steamy hot. Then pull it out of the washer and into the dryer. You can't get more sterile than that and you don't have to use chemical-laden Lysol to disinfect. Seriously, Lysol is bad stuff to be inhaling all the time. Long-term it can lead to pulmonary and immunological problems. I only use it on hard surfaces. I don't even use Pinesol in my laundry anymore and I used to love the smell of pine in my drawers. And I just had my second blue screen of death which means my 6-year-old computer is getting ready to die on me. Time to buy a new one. If I don't talk to you for a few days, Sierra it's because I'm between computers. Take care, sweetie.

Help! Mixed bleach with kaboom and bad fumes?

Okay, so I just did something sooooo stupid! I didn't even think about it. I was trying to clean my shower so I sprayed it down with Kaboom and then poured bleach in the corners of the tub and wiped the walls down with bleach. Within seconds I could hardly breath and my eyes started watering. I can't even stay in there long enuf to wash my walls down. I have all the windows open in my apartment because the fumes are so strong they are going thru out the apartment. I had my fan on in my bathroom and still do. Now what??!?!?!?!

What does Lysol do to roaches?

Makes them un-smokable.

Can Lysol kill you?

Not in any literal sense. Lysol is a kick ass album by The Melvins. Some people have been challenged by the demand of the CD to be listened to as one track, but it’s absolutely worth doing. One might say “This shit kills!” or something of that nature, but this is merely a figure of speech and should not be taken literally.Oh, you mean Lysol, the disinfectant? Can it kill you? Well, like most household cleaners, I don’t suggest consuming it directly. I think it’s safe to advise that consuming it directly would be poisonous. With even a modicum of precaution, however, it is safe to use as a disinfectant in appropriate situations.

How do you huff Lysol? What are the consequences of that action?

Huffing means breathing in an aerosol or fumes of a substance.The National Institutes of Health says accidental or minimal contact with Lysol is not dangerous.However, if you concentrate exposure by spraying it up your nose or in your mouth and breathing in, it’s a different matter entirely. You are effectively getting high due to a lack a of oxygen to the brain and inhalation of Ethanol, otherwise commonly known as pure alcohol. Lysol spray is 70% denatured ethanol. You will become intoxicated very quickly, as the transfer of alcohol from vapor to nasal or lung tissue to bloodstream to brain is highly efficient.When you drink alcohol, your bodies’ defense against alcohol poisoning is to vomit. When you inhale it, the alcohol is transferred directly from the aerosol spray into your bloodstream through your lungs. The required quantity of alcohol inhaled to feel high increases with each exposure.Upon exposure to inhaled Lysol spray, you will cough uncontrollably and feel a burning senstation in your throat and lungs. Depending on how much you inhale, your body will still react to the alcohol poisoning the same way as when it is ingested- you’ll get nauseated and may vomit to attempt to expel the poison. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to help you as no alcohol will be purged from your system.The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that 15,000 parts per million, or a 1.5% concentration, of ethanol is immediately dangerous to life.In smaller doses over time, you will destroy brain cells which will effectively cause brain function impairment. (e.g.– You’ll be less smart.)If you inhale a lethal dose, you will die.If I’ve done the math right, and depending upon things like body weight and sensitivity to alcohol, 50 percent of people who inhale the contents of a standard sized can of Lysol will die. Some will get a lethal dose with less, some with more.So flip a coin, right? It’s just your life we’re talking about here.