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Kano What Makes This Make-yourself Computer Kit So Special

Would a Raspberry Pi make a good child’s first computer?

Starting at about 9 years old, I was building motors, electromagnets, galvanometers, crystal radios, alarm systems, light bulbs, etc. I’d have been utterly delighted with a Raspberry Pi’s ability to connect to a wide range of gadgets. Phones, tablets, and laptops are nearly useless for exploring hardware interests. So if you see evidence of an interest in hardware tinkering, a Raspberry Pi is a great choice. You can install Linux on it and configure it as a window managed system, and display it on a TV set. Add a keyboard and mouse, and you have a full-fledged computer system.That said, Linux setup offers occasional roadblocks. It is all free, but some experienced help is very useful in assembling the tools needed to experiment. Find a computer geek to help with the initial setup. Once the tools are in place, and your son or daughter is becoming familiar with a programming language (Python is a good choice), they should be able to make progress on their own, especially if they are connected via the internet to other curious kids doing the same thing.Kids may also be interested primarily in software, in programming, or perhaps in applications they’re seen their parents use, or possibly in learning some fundamentals of setting up a web site. For this sort of interest, I would go with a Mac or Windows laptop. Tablets and phones are essentially content consumption devices, not content creation devices—software developers use desktops and laptops to program them or prepare content for them. Their inner workings are opaque to a curious child. A hand-me-down laptop is a much better way to expose them to the behind-the-scenes aspects of computing. Although you could certainly use a Raspberry Pi for this as well, the major brand computers are more polished, offering fewer setup and maintenance hassles.Many children (and adults) regard computing devices as status symbols, not creative or scientific tools. If that is their primary interest, they’ll want what the other kids have; anything else will end up in a drawer.There are a lot of videos on building circuits using Raspberry Pis, and on various types of programming for young people. You might start by pointing your daughter or son in the direction of some of those, as a means of understanding their motivating interests.

Does the father cat know his kittens?

I think it likely varies from tom cat to tom cat. We have a big Maine Coon tom (Kano).Here he is with one of his kittens. (Aslana)For the first few weeks after they were born he didn’t pay much attention to them and he treated the new mother with suspicion. When the kittens were ready to leave the birthing box we put them in a cage so they could explore safely without getting into too much trouble.He soon started to spend hours each day playing with them through the cage.When the kittens were old enough to go free range he shared his favourite sleeping place with whom ever joined him.He taught them to use the scratching post.He would groom them.Seven months on, here he is last night with his daughter Bellatrix.The other interesting thing is that at about three months old the mother of most of these kittens came back into heat and started to hiss at her own kittens, numerous times I saw the Kano protect them and administer some justice to the Queen.In conclusion, I am not sure he has the concept that the kittens were his but he certainly loves them and protects them. Father of the year we joke.Edit: thanks to all the upvoters. This is my first answer with over 1k. :) We kept two of Kano's kittens. Here is a picture of them eating together. From top to bottom: Aslana, Kano and Bellatrix. The red tribe we call them.Also one picture of the lovely Queen Zhadi.

How do I earn $10,000 per month from home as a 19 year old student in India? I can work on the weekends. I don’t have much money to invest. I am good at writing, studying, and art. I’m an introvert and not a good speaker.

Living in India, I'm not sure this site would work for you but I'm sure there are similar sites out there. Here's something that's worked for me here in the US; become an eBay and/or Amazon seller. Here's how to find what to sell:a) get your hands on $100-$200 and go to a site called It's a site that very few people know about that lists a ton of good products to resell.b) find the best deals on the smallest items - the cheapest ones to ship. Items like .99 cellphone case, $10 prepaid-type cellphones & clothing tend to work well. Be sure to comp these deals on eBay and Amazon to confirm that you can easily double your money. You'd be surprised how many items you can make money from, even if it takes a few weeks to sell. I'll list a few of my favorites at the end of this post.c) once you confirm that there is money to be made, purchase 5 or 10 of the selected item.d) set up an eBay and/or Amazon seller account and list your items for sale. Pull the images and description from the store you purchased it from to make your life easier. I prefer eBay but Amazon is a great marketplace as well.e) once your item sells, take the $150-$200, buy more and repeat. Before you know it, you'll be making $5k-$10k a month with little effort. It takes about an hour a day poking around for the right deals and an hour to list them and respond to questions and another hour shipping them when they sell.It's that simple.A few tips:Always list your item so that the buyer eats most, if not all, of the shipping cost.Sign up to the email at Dealtrend and keep an eye out for items like these:Verizon Wireless Prepaid LG Optimus Exceed 2 No-Contract Cell Phone (Black)T-Mobile® Prepaid 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit for $1Oakley Apparel Clearance Sale$8 Girls Jackets or, even better, $7 Girls JacketsEven these Leggings for $4 shipped (I'm a dude and yes, I sell women's clothing it it'll turn a profit :) or these for the same priceSome of those deals have since expired but deals like that are available all day if you look at their email and surf through some of the categories.I turned $200 into $600 with the Oakley clothing sale alone. I bought 20 black men's jackets in L-XL (most popular) at 75% off the original price and flipped them out within 10 days.Once you get familiar with what sells and how fast it sells, you'll just make that much more money.Good luck!

Which OS do you use on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B?

I have couple memory cards lying around with a good amount of operating systems on them that are suitable for Raspberry Pi 2 but the one card that I use most has Raspbian and OSMC installed in it. I do a lot of testing and checking with operating systems available for this little guy but I keep this memory card kinda separately. It is more like the stable operating systems that I can rely on any time although none of them are perfect or should I say far from being perfect. They have issues with them but they "sometimes" gets the job done which is nice. Sometimes I just use the OSMC to watch youtube video on another display or something or use Raspbian to write something and maybe play some music at the same time from another computer connected to the same network.

What is your experience with children using Kano?  What is minimum age?

Basic literacy is needed to complete Kano challenges, as such we say the Kano Kits are for ages 6 to 106 (which keeps most advertising standards agencies happy).The real answer is that even pre-school children can have fun using the kits, like my 2 year old niece who saw her older sister waving the Harry Potter Coding Wand around, and had to have a go at making some firework animations.The younger your child, the more guidance would be needed. In my experience though, I’ve seen 5 year olds get through the challenges with minimal help from grown ups, 2 year olds enjoying them with guidance, and people in their 40’s making very clever, complex creations

How can I build my own laptop?

I really do loathe how people assume because they can build a desktop, that automatically means that laptops are the same.  However, it is definitely a sign of how far Entitlement has spread throughout the most recent generations and across the globe.At any rate, if you have purchased all the parts that were made to go with THAT SPECIFIC MOTHERBOARD.... then there is only one place you can connect them.  The ribbon cable for the touchpad that was made for that motherboard, will only fit into one connector on that motherboard.  The keyboard that was made for that motherboard will only connect to one specific connector on that motherboard.You can't just decide to purchase one screen because you liked the rating on the contrast ratio, and expect it to connect right up and work with the wiring harness made specifically for that laptop motherboard.If you want to "build" a laptop, meaning you want to get that satisfaction of having purchased the parts separately, and having assembled them within a casing... here is what you do.Pick a model laptop.  It doesn't matter.  Then, search for ALL the parts for THAT SPECIFIC MODEL LAPTOP.   The motherboard, the screen, the casing.. all made for that make and model laptop.  Then, and only then, will the motherboard fit in the casing, and will the display work with the wiring harness which will actually connect with the motherboard.Because if you think you can purchase a motherboard made for a Dell computer, and a display made for an HP/Compaq computer, and a casing made for a Toshiba computer, and a keyboard made for a Samsung computer, and a handrest/touchpad made for a Lenovo computer... and you expect to connect them all up and get them working... you are in for a rude awakening.So... how do you know where to connect all the components?  If you have the right components, you will only have one place to connect each.  Each component will only connect where it is supposed to connect.