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Left Gas Running On Stove For 4 Hours.

Left gas stove running all day while at work. No gas smell. Should I be worried?

Well, if you left the flame on, then the CO will have burned off. But, if there was no flame and just leaking gas all day, then you have potential gas build up in your house. Fully ventilate your house just in case. Open windows and doors for a few minutes. If you are not sure, phone your local fire department and ask.

I'd fully ventilate my whole house just in case regardless if the flame was burning or not.

CO (carbon monoxide) is invisible and doesn't always smell. It can cause illness and death. And is extremely flammable. A gas leak in your house can cause a major explosion and ruin your house if there are high enough levels of gas in our house.

Invest in a CO detector if you have natural gas, propane, oil or wood fireplace in your house.

Gas Stove Left On (4 Hours)?

So I woke up and went downstairs to smell a strong gas odor and found that my parents had left the gas stove on without a flame burning after leaving in the morning. I've started airing out the house, but I was wondering if it would still be safe to use the microwave? I'm definitely not using the stove until the smell's gone, but I'm kind of hungry. x-x

Help, I left the gas stove on for 3 hours?

So, your concern is that the carbon monoxide given off by the stove is a health hazard for you and the child? You're smart to think of such things, but you are probably fine. One burner on for three hours or all four? On thanksgiving some people got all four burners and the gas oven going all day long. Your house leaks air enough that the carbon monoxide probably doesn't build up to dangerous levels. Any CO that was in the kitchen was out within the first few minutes you had the window open. You wanna air out the baby's room for a few minutes - it can't hurt but there's really very little chance that this is a problem. Do you have a headache? You would if there was anything close to harmful CO in the room.

Gas stove left on low for 5 hours unattended?

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Gas stove left on for four hours, house still safe?

So one of the burners on my gas stove has been on for four hours, and now I'm really worried about carbon monoxide and all that. The gas was on and not the flame. Fortanetly my house has been open and most the upstairs windows are open. I opened a couple of the downstairs (where the stove is) and I turned on my attic fan. Will this be okay? Is it still save to sleep here? Oh and was the attic fan a good idea because obviously it vents the air into our attic, so was this smart or not?

Left gas stove on without flame for 1.5 hours?

I accidently left it on with the gas running no flame. We come back 1.5 hours later the whole house smells like gas. We turned
On ventilators and doors windows. Is it dangerous? I have a cat will he be ok?

I left the gas stove on with no flame on for 5 minutes?

You should be ok. But here is a great article to explain what carbon monoxide is. Also how to buy a carbon monoxide detector.

How dangerous is leaving a gas stove on for several hours or overnight?

Well, as always, it depends. If your stove is properly adjusted, you live in a typical home which leaks air to the outside, the gas combustion products (mostly you need to worry about carbon monoxide) will never rise to a dangerous level. I’ve made numerous measurements in a number of kitchens, and the CO levels and residual natural gas levels meet all safety regulations. In fact, wall mounted ventless gas fireplaces are permitted by zoning rules in many parts of the country.BUT, stuff happens. The gas pressure could drop and the flames burn inefficiently, leading to high CO levels. Or, you are in a tightly built home and the windows are closed and the air exchanger malfunctions. Raising CO levels. Or your Mom’s wood spoon drops off the wall hook and onto the flames. Catching fire. It is never a good idea to leave a gas flame burning unattended inside a home.And you should always have a working, maintained CO monitor (or two) in the house.And I am not comfortable recommending ventless fireplaces….