Liberals Are You Aware Of This Or Our You In Denial

Why are liberals so insane?

Dear Anonymous:This was your question as originally asked.It is clear you are convinced that liberals are “so insane” that you don’t give any examples of alleged liberal insanity. I wonder what you are talking about.These days, so-called “conservatives” are in denial of reality. Climate change is happening. Anyone with a memory can recall that winters used to be colder ten years ago. And Donald Trump is both crooked and an incompetent fool who may already have dementia/Alzheimers.But Trump’s followers tend to behave like ostriches with their head stuck up their arse, denying these things (among others). Meanwhile, some of them continue babbling about how “obviously” Barack Obama was not born in the USA. Obama proved that he was, but that proof makes no difference to Trump’s cult of personality.Not believing in what they see, believing what they want to believe even when they know it’s not true … is that not insane?Or is it insane when I tell the simple truth, such as: Donald Trump’s inauguration was a flop; anyone who says otherwise is mistaken or is a liar. That is the way it was, whether you like it or not. Does telling the truth make me insane?If that is what you think, then you and Reality are clearly not on speaking terms.If you think liberals are “so insane” for not bowing down to the Cult of Trump, then ask yourself why anyone sane would do so.And if you are convinced that liberals are insane, why did you not use your real name? Mine is at the top of this answer, and I will repeat it for your convenience right above my boldfaced boilerplate.Yours,Chrys JordanP.S. If you can prove my answer wrong, I encourage you to write your own answer and do so. If you want to write jackass comments on this answer, think twice: such comments are subject to deletion. If you think that every sentence in this boldfaced boilerplate begins with the word “if,” then you are right.

What to do if your children are liberal democrats?

They deny that liberals want to eradicate the public practice of Christianity and the possession of guns by creating fake crisis events involving gun violence, and enforce communism. Why did my children choose to be brainwashed?

Why are liberals so prone to denying obvious social facts, such as that single parent households are a factor driving poverty?

“Single-parent households” are predominantly headed by women. They are nothing new in our society, nor is it obvious that they are “driving” poverty. It may well be that poverty is “driven” by economic factors more than family structure. There a plenty of two-parent families in poverty, although the advantages of shared child-care and income earning are obvious.The long-term cause of poverty is lack of education. Low education levels also increase the number of unmarried mothers. Without some form of income assistance, the demands of child care make the earning potential of single-parent households low. That they are down below the poverty line is due to insufficient assistance — whether from relatives, churches, or the government.Insufficient assistance is a major factor driving multi-generational family poverty. The statistic we are looking for is upward social mobility, i.e. having a higher standard of living as a young adult than in childhood. America once led the word in this category — we call it the American Dream.In that golden era, when 90% of Americans lived on farms, the government contributed mightily to upward social mobility through homestead programs which gave away millions of valuable acres free to those who would agree to live on them. The effects of this massive giveaway of investment capital in the form of farm land gave enormous assistance to poor parents. That has all gone now while the cost of raising children has skyrocketed from the days when a farm child could contribute significant wealth to the family from a very young age.Begging the question of poverty and social mobility by asking why “liberals” deny “obvious facts” which are not obvious and not facts is an invitation to exchanges of political boilerplate and doesn’t lead to an informative dialogue.

Why do liberals want to shut down free speech?

Once again, I have to be the voice of reason.Read this article from the New York Times:Smothering Speech at MiddleburyHere’s another article about the same incident (written by a faculty member who was assaulted by a mob of leftists)Understanding the Angry Mob at Middlebury That Gave Me a ConcussionWatch this video of leftist college students attempting to silence a professor they disagree with:If after reading those two articles, and watching that video, you still try to tell me that lefties are not attacking free speech, then you are simply not intellectually honest.Of course this is happening, if you are not possessed by your own ideology, then it’s obvious that this is happening.Here’s more though!Apparently you don’t get to have your free speech rights defended if you’re Milo:Liberals Attack ACLU for Defending Milo Yiannopoulos’ Right to Free SpeechApparently, accidentally midgendering someone (calling them by the wrong gender pronoun) is a crime with a $250,000 fine attached to it in NYC. Even if that person is using a made-up pronoun of their choice. Does that sound conducive to free speech? Should a person be financially ruined for refusing to call a person “them”? or “Zee”? or “Schlee”? Be aware, refusal or inability to pay that fine may lead to harsher penalties like imprisonment. There is a clear legal path from misgendering a person (whether accidental or deliberate) to PRISON.Canadian gender-neutral pronoun bill is a warning for AmericansIMPORTANT CAVEAT: What you are asking about is true of LEFTISTS (or LEFTIES) but not of Liberals in the traditional sense. Using the word liberal is way to broad to describe the actions of a radical minority within liberalism. That radical minority is not “Liberal” they are “Leftists” which is a very important distinction. Check out Dennis Pragers description of the difference, or Dave Rubin if you prefer, they are the same idea.I hope this helps, please upvote if you agree, in order to combat this and defend free speech we need to first raise awareness about the problem.

Why are some white liberals so patronizing, in denial, authoritative, and sensitive when it comes to talking about race with black people?

I'm generally not a fan of answering quasi-loaded questions from anonymous. It often turns out to be ambush. But what the hell, I'll give it ago. So , you're a black person and I'm a white liberal. I can't explain the individual behavior of other peoole who are also white and also liberal but  I can come up with some possibilties:1. They're immature 2. They're arrogant3. They're inexperienced at talking about race with people of color directly 4. They're passionate but misguided 5. That have some other agenda 6. They could be insincere Maybe white liberals are just a group who bug  the crap out of you.  You're not alone. You certainly have a very valid point of view because you are a racial minority and because of your lived experiences. Maybe these folks are accustomed up certain reactions. Maybe they're not accustomed to the reality of facing their own racism and biases. Now here's the controversial part: for the most part, I think in the western world , it is the highest priority that people of color share their point of view as a minority in a white majority society.  There are things we will never be able to know what it is like up experience, we can only empathize. The white point of view has been the default for so long.But there are conservations 1:1 that white people can have with people of color where they share observations, reflections and the like of being born white into this society, and trying to be anti-racist and strive for a more just society.   Only white people can tell the stories of being in spaces that are only white, populated by white people. While certainly people of color have certainly seen most of the things we share, it's not as if anti racism work can't benefit from white people personally discussing their issues with racism and trying to talk to other white people about racism in a productive way. As for calling for violence.. That's pretty surprising to me because with some exceptions, generally are opposed to violence.  As for the issue, with Bernie Sanders, I think there is some hubris for those who criticize BLM for criticizing Bernie Sanders. ( I'm a fan and hope he gets the nomination)  Whike he has the street cred of having been a civil rights activist in the 1960s, this is 2015 and I  think it's legitimate to ask him about NOW. So, that's all I've got.

What advice would you give to liberal writers on Quora?

The same advice I would give to conservative writers on Quora:Anecdotes aren’t data. They’re interesting and add a human flavor, but if you’re advocating for policy they’re worthless.Your personal experience isn’t universal. Don’t assume that the people you see every day are necessarily representative of the country as a whole.Any time you bring in a fact, you need to provide a reference to support it. A reference isn’t a blog post or an opinion piece. It’s a primary source, ideally, or a secondary source from a well-respected publication, or it’s worthless.If your solution to a problem seems obvious, you probably don’t understand the problem. There are lots of really smart people on both sides of the aisle - they’ve solved the simple problems. The ones that are left are complicated.Solving problems in the real world usually involves some form of compromise. Insisting that the other side completely capitulate to your view is great for bloggers and lobbyists but not the way anything actually gets accomplished in the real world.There are conservatives and liberals who write like this - they’re great and they’re the reason why I still follow political topics on Quora. There are also writers from both sides who don’t do this - some of them are popular. That doesn’t mean that they are effective at developing a real argument.