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Looking For A Movie About Infertility And Surrogacy

I'm thinking about becoming a surrogate mother?

Hi Miss CC,

While your intentions may be good, I would think twice about this if I were you.

It is one thing to adopt children who are already here because they have no family and no home and other arrangements must be found for them. It is quite another thing to purposely create a child, bring him/her into the world for the sole purpose of then separating him/her from his/her mother. This sets that human up for a lifetime of conflicted and unresolved feelings.

Why anyone would intentionally inflict that sort of pain upon a child is beyond me. Only adults who are thinking of their own needs above the future child's whom they are creating would consider this. There are already hundreds of thousands of children already here who need families. Have you also thought about the impact it would have upon the children you already have to see one of their siblings given up like that? Please reconsider this. Thanks for asking.

julie j
reunited adoptee

Why would a perfectly healthy woman use a surrogate mother?

As others have pointed out, Sarah Jessica Parker is in her 40s, and conceiving a child naturally at that can often be challenging. (But not always; my mom had beautiful, healthy twins at 44 without fertility treatments). The public presumption that health risks are only associated with the mother's age is incredibly incorrect; Matthew Broderick is 47, and his age is also very relevant. Even if the woman is younger, it is often harder for her to conceive if the father is over the age of 40, and in this case with both parents being in their 40s it would be doubly challenging. The rate of miscarriage is also higher when the father is older. Men over the age of 40 are six times as likely to father an autistic child then those aged 30 or younger; the mother's age has far less bearing on the risk of autism. A baby's risk of Down Syndrome is twice as high if the father is older than 40. Other very serious neurological disorders such as schizophrenia are also linked to advanced paternal age. So these factors in addition to the more commonly known health risks attached to the mother's age are ample reasons for the couple to have experienced difficultly conceiving and to be concerned about potential health problems. We don't know that either of them are perfectly healthy. One of my teachers who appears to be incredibly vivacious and healthy used a surrogate after 9 years of trying to get pregnant. Appearances don't reveal the entire situation.

Though some women do chose to use a surrogate in order to preserve their figures and to avoid the pain and inconveniences of pregnancy, I think most do not. Since Sarah Jessica Parker gave birth to their son, I don't think vanity was the reason for them using a surrogate. I think most couples who use surrogates do so for similar reasons, or because of the potential health risks for the child and / or mother.

~ Pax / Peace : )