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Looking For A Simmilar Lamp Any Ideas

Building a scale model with solar panels ideas on where and how to get them that small?

Its for a science fair project and might be on a budget of 100 to 200 dollars also ideas for how to measure the energy that household appliances then turn it to the ratio that matches my house.

Do you have a himalayan salt lamp?

Yes. I have more than one :) In fact, there is one in every bedroom in the house. My kids use them as nightlights. And yes, they are good for your health. In fact, I've even switched to pink himalayan salt for our food.

And yes, you're sooooo right. The light they give off is relaxing to the max!

What are some cheap decorating ideas for walls?

I am sharing some ideas to Decorate the Walls Behind The Sofa.he walls behind the sofa has a good chance to be used creatively as they provide a larger canvas.In fact there are so many ways how you can totally beautify this corner of your home.Over here we have listed few ideas for you which will surely fuel up your creative side and encourage you to do something similar yourself.Wooden planks-You can built a wooden block which can provide a base to keep photos, mirrors, interesting frames etc. You can also try putting in small plant containers for a hint of greenery.How to display art above sofaPut up a quote– Putting up a quote which is nicely framed looks good too. Pick up something which defines your thoughts and get it framed. Place two lamps or any decorative lights to highlight the area.How to display art above sofaPhoto frames– Placing photo frames as it is looks just so boring, you can create an amalgamation of rustic photo frames like this which will give a very raw look to the wall.How to display art above sofaMirror effect– A large classic piece of mirror never fails to impress. It brightens up the corner of your home wherever it is put. Try using a large mirror on the wall behind the sofa. You can combine it with lamps at both the sides. Or if you have an empty space left behind the sofa, then a console can be put there with other decorative pieces and lamps. Alternatively you can place a huge mirror behind on the wall.How to display art above sofaFor More designs Visit: Decorating Walls Behind The Sofa | Fashion in India - Threads

What are the best room decor ideas?

My Blog: Ankiness - Interiors and LifestyleRead full post on the blog: X- Xperts say so. - AnkinessIn this short post I am going to walk you through some design principles that interior designers swear by. It shall be handy to keep a track of these few things while designing, they are simple solutions when you are in a dilemma while designing. So let’s begin.Create a background to make accent colors pop. For eg: solid color background for artifacts, white pillows to make strong colors pop.Use mirrors to bounce light.Use big art work, or maybe create one by painting / photo collage.Have uniformity like same containers, hangers or same color plant pots etc.Use metals, and glass with wood in furniture. More material finishes add more character, but know your limits while doing so.Have solutions to hide excess wires.Group small artifacts that look like clutter and make it into a one bigger display of small things.While using different textures colors need to match exactly not the patterns.Create base with neutrals, so that you have more space to play with colors.Have trays and boxes for daily cluttering items like remotes, keys, pens, etc. Use baskets to store things in wider shelves.Bring nature inside with some greens, fresh flowers, colored twigs, pebbles, etc.Go higher with curtains and cabinetry so that room looks taller.Always measure your furniture and wall works to check sizes. Use artist tape to zone out things.Consider re-upholstery and furniture upgrade it can make a big difference.It’s all about layering- fabrics, textures,artifacts, etc.

95 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Rear lamp failure light beeps all time. All lamps are good and replaced diag. center?

Very VERY common problem with the ZJ's, it turns out that they jeep is picky on exactly which bulb is in the stop bar lights. They all look the same but have different wattages, I think they want the 912 but can't remember exactly. The long version below......

Also make sure all of the lights are working. There are 3 bulbs in the "stop Bar" and the license plate lights, they can also cause this

I have seen this problem in several ZJs. Even tho the bulbs in the 3rd brake lite are working, or are new does not mean anything. They have to be the exact same bulb from factory. The 906,912 and 921 bulb all look the same but are different wattages. You must use whatever is supposed to be in there. Offhand I dont know which one is correct. But verify that all the bulbs in the 3rd brake lite are the correct number bulb that it shows in your owners manual. The lamp outage module is reading the total wattage used in the rear lighting circuit so if a bulb blows or you have an incorrect wattage bulb then the module will show a failure. I bet 8 out of 10 times the 3rd brake lite bulbs are the problem.

9 year old school project about family traditions ours is getting in the car and looking at Christmas lights..

She can discuss the evolution of the Christmas display. For instance, discuss what Blowmolds are and how they are a vital part of Christmas decorations. Or, the new Inflatables and how they are used in decorations.

She can discuss how the internet has affected decorations.

Here are some links to awesome displays:

Some favorite decoration sites are by Marty Slack; by Mike Ziemkowski; by the Lindsay family in Canada;

the homes shown on Planet;

the 2007 LOR decorating contest winners;

and some submittals from the customers of Animated Lighting;

Lilly pulitzer themed bedroom ideas?

I'm moving into a house for college and I want to make my bedroom unique, I love lilly Pulitzer and figured why not make my room like it? I want all white bedding and I thought of Lilly print accent pillows but what else?

Where can I find a light bulb for a pliable art lamp?

You should be able to get one at Lowe's or Home Depot. The "S" is just the designation of the socket type. It may be similar to an appliance bulb but not sure. Someone in the lighting department will surely help you. It looks like this:
The lava lamp bulb is actually the traditional 40-watt frosted light bulb that you can find anywhere. Therefore, it is unnecessary to order pricey light bulbs from lava lamp manufacturers to replace your lava lamp bulb.