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Advertising business to business?

Figure out which businesses are the most apt to use your service or products and concentrate on them from most likely to least likely. Concentrate on ten per week. Send a personal letter or note card... not a form letter, a handwritten introduction. Ask for an appointment. Tell them what you do and how you can help them. Be sincere. If you get an appointment but no sale, ask for referrals of others who may be in need of your business. Network with other business owners. Contact and join the Chamber of Commerce. In order to sell your product or service, you start by selling yourself.

How do I find businesses that are looking for advertising opportunities?

I've found that one of the best ways to find businesses looking to advertise is to find the ones that already are advertising. For example, the local yellow pages will offer plenty of leads. The good news is that you already know that they are willing to spend money to promote their business. Just make sure that you do your due diligence in researching the company's ad, promotions, and website (if any) before approaching them. Also, it is important to have some ideas / samples of ads that your company has done for other businesses in the same industry. This type of preparation takes the edge off and allows the potential customer to see that you are well prepared, serious about their business, and knowledgable about yours. One more note: You can find ads in a ton of other places (billboards, television, newspapers, local magazines), but always keep in mind that the bigger the ad, the more money was spent, which could mean a potentially bigger client for you.

Have any real estate agents used Facebook advertising? I'm looking for some feedback on relevance - success/failure.

I run Facebook adverts of property listings for Real Estate agents.As some typical results a $10 advert spend will send me over 150 website clicks to the full property listing. The vast majority of my campaigns run at under 10 cents per click.I list a large number of properties, ranging from desirable family homes to one bedroom apartments, even to homes in need of a full revamp. Regardless of the property. The results we see are very consistent.So I would certainly consider listing a property through Facebook ads a great way to get your listing in front of potential buyers. It can be an incredibly cheap form of advertising. However the target audience must be right!You can waste a huge amount of money to target a property to the wrong people. The demographic you set can really determine the success of a property.To try and summarise and put this into context for you. Of the last 4 properties I advertised. 2 of them had offers accepted within 6 days of the adverts going live. These were on properties that were struggling to sell previously.It really is a great way to increase the audience reach for minimal spend.If you are looking for any further advice then check out my blog or feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help Alan

How do you advertise your Messenger Bots on Facebook? Looking for tips and ideas

I am actively exploring this topic, but I have gained a few insights on what didn’t work, which may be useful for others treading this path.Paid for some Facebook ads to kick things off. People were very excited to “like” the page but very few people actually tried interacting with the bot by sending a message! Frustrating, because we really wanted feedback and insights from real users to keep improving the bot experience.Facebook offers special ad units which include a “Send Message” button right there in the ad, which should theoretically be a very direct way for interested users to start interacting with the bot. YMMV.Many articles showcasing “Best Chatbots You Must Try Today” are now graveyards littered with broken and early-alpha bots. Hopefully our Service Local Messenger Bot can get picked up in the next wave of PR to drive interested users to bots that are actively supported and growing. I think it’s actually quite important for the whole industry, otherwise many people’s first experience with a (broken) chatbot will be negative.

Where can I find a spanish job advertisement online?

This site is a great resource. They have built the largest search engine for work at home jobs on the net. There are guides to help you apply at each job source, there is a community to give you resume tips, etc.

What are the best tips and techniques for creating Facebook Ad copy that gets Clicks?

I'm going to assume for a minute that you're looking for tips and techniques for the ads rather than just the copy. The reason I say this is because the biggest differentiator when it comes to the CTR of your Facebook ads will be the image, not the copy.That said, here are some of the techniques we advise tend to work well, especially when you're trying to elicit a direct response (e.g. download, purchase, app install, etc):Bright pops of colourProducts on a white/neutral backgroundProduct imagery tends to beat lifestyleFocus on a fewer number of products vs a collageUse call to action buttons on the imageUse seasonally relevant creativeCreate intent/urgency: Free shipping, Value (coupons), Limited time,Sales, Free gift card/gift with purchase, Exclusive,Loyalty/membership points, Save when you spendCall out promotions and discountsUse strong calls to action (some ecommerce examples): Get the look, Shop the look, Shop now, Click to shop, Buy now, Shop the trend, Click to buy, Get it now, Get it, Shop it, Shop here, Buy the look,Preview, Accessorise now, Get it here, Shop it here, Shop new arrivals, Visit the shop, Add to your collection, What are you waiting for?CTA buttons with “Free”Mobile devicesScreenshots (esp for mobile apps)Real peopleBright backgroundsInteractivity, e.g. “Can you find the _____ in the image?”HumourUser generated content/Instagram filtersKeep text shortObserve the 20% text limit(These tips come straight from our FB advertising workshops)