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Looking For Games With Specific Setting/level

What is real life's difficult level setting? If life were a game, what would it be?

I was originally going to skip this question because it seemed kind of dopey, but after thinking about it, I think there is a pretty deep truth of life hiding inside it.One of the most important things you can realize as a human being is that different people are playing life on radically different levels of difficulty.I was born a middle class white man in the United States. I’m straight, healthy, and smart. I have a natural aptitude for computer programming, I’m reasonably good looking, and have no mental, emotional, or physical problems. I was never molested or abused.If life had a difficulty dial that went from 1 - 10, where 10 was the hardest, I am playing at a 2 or a 3. Yes, there are people like me who were also born rich, or born with incredible athletic or intellectual gifts. They’re playing at a 1.But there are people born blind or crippled, abandoned by their parents, in third world countries where they are looked down upon for their social class or caste or any number of other reasons that humans look down on other humans. Those people are playing it at a 10.Even here in America, the range is all over the place. It is everywhere. I am casual aquantences with a woman in my home town. She is a black, lesbian, who is short and kind of stocky. Just that means that all other things being equal, she’s still playing at a level 5 or 6 compared to me.

Are single player games rigged when it comes to the difficulty levels?

While I do not know actual game programming, and can not confirm this 100% I have experienced this a lot especially in arcade games. These games are often set to a specific setting and one can’t really choose the difficulty.I have noticed it in most Tekken games.Often I see a 10 year old or casual player playing. These people will just mash buttons and wiggle the stick around. Sometimes they can manage to make it to the final stage with just luck. The AI barely blocks and just tries to randomly attack occasionally.In my case, I know pretty much the bread-and-butter combos for all characters. I usually plow through the AI for 2 rounds, get them almost KO for the next two, but let them win (to have more games and practice) and finally win the 5th round. I use all kinds of techniques I am practicing and experimenting on. The AI puts up a formidable fight, and it really is a challenging experience.There were times when a kid was playing, but mom and dad told him that is was time to go, and he left the game unfinished. I sometimes go and finish his game for free practice and notice how easy and dumb the AI was.There were time I also had to leave early, and left my game. I am pretty sure that unless you are an experienced player, you won’t be winning the play through in “my difficulty”Most arcade shooter games seem to have this as well.Most of these games, I have memorized so well I know where all the new enemies are coming from, and all the secrets and jump-scares.Still, the difficulty seems to scale as well. Despite making so many perfect head-shots and quick kills, the game still seems challenging to me on later stages (first stage is always easy. This is probably where the AI judges my skills)

Where should the reference level on my xbox 360 be set to?

I have mine on expanded.

Here's what to do. Put a game that has a black loading screen or black anything that takes up the whole screen. Like COD.

Set to standard, intermediate and expanded. Which ever one has the deepest black level, you should set it to.

Expanded is the best though. If it is way too dark then try raising brightness and contrast. Usually I put my brightness at half level and contrast nearly all the way up. You just gotta play round with the display settings. But expanded is the most recommended for HD.

What does the code for a video game look like?

Here is the code-snippet for a basic and badly-written game that I wrote while waiting for build processes to complete, …of a legacy system… I was bored.It is a replica of some arcade game I remember playing as a kid. You are driving a car with a top-view of your car and the traffic. You need to dodge the cars and get to your destination faster. You can also shoot the cars and gain points. (I know it doesn’t make much sense but yeah…)Code:if(bullectRect!=null && isBulletActive && bullectRect.intersects(traffic[i])) {
bullectRect = null;
isBulletActive = false;
So in the above code snippet, traffic[i] refers to a random car in the traffic. When your bullet collides with that car, the following happens:bullet ‘dies’amount of bullets decreases by 1you tell the program that no bullets are activethat random car in the traffic ‘dies’the amount of cars killed, increases by 1your score is increased by 500Some more info:Behind the scene every interact-able object is a rectangle and I check for collision when a rectangle intersects with another.The rectangles are actually not shown on the screen but in the exact position of each rectangle there is an image of the same size. It’s a mind-trick, that’s how most games work.It’s a badly written game as everything is written in a class and there is another inner-class, no standards or good practices were followed and a lot more… but it works.Here is a screenshot for more context:You can actually download and play around with the game and it’s code: naseeri/AccelGameEnjoy!

Skyrim , how to set level?

So, its a bit more complicated than it sounds in title.

Ive been playing Skyrim for a wile now , but i stayed on level 1 intentionally.
I never leveled up, i keep getting skills , for example archery lv70 , but i never went to skill menu to lvl up.

Now i figured out that i wanted to lvl up just to lv4 and not any more. Problem is when i enter skill menu it forces me to lvl up to lv 33 and obviously i do not want that at all.

What i want is to get only 4 levels and use those few perks i wish and no more???
How can i do so

Dun ask me why i do that just please answer me.

When i use "player.setlevel 4" i get same result, when i enter skill menu i just keep on leveling up to 30+ only that now it tells me lv4 in menu.

Please help, ty

Is an i3 Processor good for gaming?

Now I can not give you the best answer but I can sure as hell try. At the moment I have an i3 6100. It does it’s job relatively well and I am yet to have problems with it. For a while (because I am an idiot…) I was running Overwatch on my integrated graphics. *FacePalm*. It was able to run on low with shadows off for around 45 fps. There is also something weird with my Windows 10 that I will get back to later. So far the i3 has been doing the job fairly well and I am very happy with it. You should probably go for a i5 though it is just as someone else said more bang for your buck. If you have more money then go for an i7. I think for the price of it it does the job it is supposed to do decently well.From my experience I am very pleased with my i3. I was worried it wouldn’t be that good but it does it’s job quite well. I would’ve went with i5 6th gen but I kind of didn’t have a lot of money at the time and still don’t. :’( . I am hopefully going to get a job next year and I will be able to save my money up and upgrade my computer. It is hard to upgrade your pc when your 16 without a job. I don’t know if this even answered the question well I hope it did.Down to the question that I had. In Nvidia control panel in the manage 3d options you can set your graphics settings for your various applications. There is supposed to be a drop down bar that says choose preferred graphics processor. I don’t have that setting on my control panel. I have to change every setting manually which isn’t that big of a deal but it gets annoying every time I download a game. If someone could help me with that I would appreciate it. :P

I'm new to Elder Scrolls games, how do I know my opponent's level in TES V: Skyrim?

I think you may get a few ideas reading these pages:On BanditsOn DraugrOn DragonsThere are different varieties of the every type of the opponents, and they are named differently. If you just started, you may kill a few Bandits without big problems, but Bandit Thug or Bandit Highwayman have more chances to kill you than you to kill them (not to say Giants). Same thing for lower / higher level Draugr etc. Also UESP has advice on character level for particular quest. The general rule is that if you met tough enemies at outer points of some location / dungeon, the following won’t be easier.Myself I advise to care more about your character buildup and supplies than guessing enemies. Developing your character, choosing the right skills, crafting or picking good weapons / armor / enchantments / potions / poisons / spells makes big difference. Your followers also do. It’s one thing for 10-20 level character to try to kill Giant using bow only, and it’s very different thing to try to kill the same giant with the same bow, but using also Fire Atronach spell and a poison with paralytic and lingering health damage effects.Same for the other combat situation: in one case you can barely survive running around location from tough enemy, attacking it from distance. In the other case you from the start launch at the same enemy your follower, your atronach, and take a few potions boosting both your damage and defense. Big difference.