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Looking For Video Starts With Nature Sceens And Ends With Some Extreme Sports I Think The Music

What are some good cameras for making videos for YouTube?

My very first videos on YouTube were recorded with my iPad's front camera (1.2 MP shooter) in 720P and with my iPhone's front camera (1080P), so put it simple - I needed a better camera not too expensive. My budget is quite limited for YouTube, especially at the moment with little traffic and just 14 subscribers. However, I found the best buy - the Xiaomi Yi action camera. I bought it from a local store for $90 and I also got a Kingston Micro SD (Class 10) card of 32GB for $10 as well. I think the cheapest option is on eBay at around $68 directly from China (Xiaomi is a genuine Chinese brand, but it's high quality).The battery will last you up to 2-3 hours of continuous recording in 1080p@30fps. It's quite small and extremely light (50g).Its capabilities are quite impressive:It can shoot2K (2304 x 1296 pixels)@30fps1080p@30fps1080p@60fps720p@120fpsThe sensor is a Sony 16 MegaPixel sensor, and that's where the money is, that's what you pay for. I'm quite impressed with this thing. See for yourself how it takes photos:As you would expect, the lightning conditions weren't that great. As a comparison, it absolutely smashes my iPhone 6S in terms of photo quality. It has an official app on iOS and Google Play store, so it's quite handy to use. The sound is loud and sharp for the price that you pay, I will start shooting all my videos with this device instead of my phone. D-SLRs would be the best choice, but if you're on a tight budget, then this is perfect, especially at the beginning. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more valuable information, and feel free to subscribe, share or contact me if you have any questions.Regards,Ryan

What does the code for a video game look like?

Here is the code-snippet for a basic and badly-written game that I wrote while waiting for build processes to complete, …of a legacy system… I was bored.It is a replica of some arcade game I remember playing as a kid. You are driving a car with a top-view of your car and the traffic. You need to dodge the cars and get to your destination faster. You can also shoot the cars and gain points. (I know it doesn’t make much sense but yeah…)Code:if(bullectRect!=null && isBulletActive && bullectRect.intersects(traffic[i])) {
bullectRect = null;
isBulletActive = false;
So in the above code snippet, traffic[i] refers to a random car in the traffic. When your bullet collides with that car, the following happens:bullet ‘dies’amount of bullets decreases by 1you tell the program that no bullets are activethat random car in the traffic ‘dies’the amount of cars killed, increases by 1your score is increased by 500Some more info:Behind the scene every interact-able object is a rectangle and I check for collision when a rectangle intersects with another.The rectangles are actually not shown on the screen but in the exact position of each rectangle there is an image of the same size. It’s a mind-trick, that’s how most games work.It’s a badly written game as everything is written in a class and there is another inner-class, no standards or good practices were followed and a lot more… but it works.Here is a screenshot for more context:You can actually download and play around with the game and it’s code: naseeri/AccelGameEnjoy!

Name of wrestling movie???

I am looking for the name of a wrestling movie about a kid who has to lose a lot of weight in 3 weeks. The movie is at least a few years old. Thanks for your help!!!

Does anyone know who narrates/hosts the Reality video show, "Whacked Out Videos"?

I guess no one loves me ;' ( Well I know you still shed some luv.
I always appreciate your answers Mum, so just being on my Q, I would so give you a bestie. But if you are curious, the voice on the show is of the Gottlieb family, either "cookie" of the popular "You Don't Know Jack", both gameshow and videogame series. I practically knew the answer but needed to verify.
You certainly provided a lot but I just wanted to know who it was, but the credits never say clearly. I saw that your "joke" was violated and erased, would love to read some, hit me up dawl. Stay Sour and in Powah! Thanks!

Sword Art Online vs Attack On Titan?

Both shows are awesome. S.A.O had a good first half, the second half wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as the first. The storytelling is a little lacking in attack on titan but it creates a mood that sword art doesn't. In the end I think both are great but Attack on Titan is a little over hyped I agree

How can some users put movie or TV clips in their videos when YouTube policy clearly denies it? Who earns the money from ads on these videos?

♦ Its true that these things are against Community Guidelines and Terms of use. But do you think there is a person sitting on YouTube’s end and looking at every video uploaded on YouTube? Surely, NOT! Whenever a video is uploaded, the YouTube’s AI Bot tracks video information and processes it. As I have mentioned BOT, it can’t track everything in the video. What people do while uploading those clips is that they add some extra SOUND EFFECTS in it or add extra SOME GRAPHICS to it which is not in the original content and hence the BOT doesn’t find any similar data about this newly uploaded video. Thus you can get money for that till it is not tracked and if Ads are served.♦ But if your video has got a copyright strike but not removed from your channel, then still the Advertisements will be served on your video but the revenue will be given to the original content’s owner.♦ Third case is when you have uploaded a cover of any song or dance, then also you may get copyright strike, but in this case you have some of your works in addition to the original content, so your revenue will be shared with the original content’s owner.