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Lost Green Anole In My House Help Anyone No Any Tricks To Find My Green Anole

How do I get rid of house lizards without killing them?

Lizards may look yucky to you.. but they are very helpful in keeping you away from insects by eating them. But if you anyway cant stand lizards(some one like me) try to follow below steps1. Paint all you house. All lizard will run away.2. To prohibt them come back, try and keep doors closed. Close door immediately when you go out in balcony and dont make room for them.3. Keep house clean - spider webs, mosquitos and cockroaches are loved by lazards. if they will not find anything to feed on they will eventually walk away from home looking for food. Cockroaches are the reason why lizards sometime reach to floor... :-(One trick  - Use laser light beam (the ones we used in childhood) spot them on a wall, lizards will think its an insect. Slowly move it out of the room and lizard will follow :-) Caution - Dont spray hit direct on lizard. They will not die but will get partial paralyzed. they wont be able to get the grip on wall and will start crawling on the floor. Source - All personal experince and triumph... :-)

Parents, do your kids step on bugs? How do you feel about it?

When my twins, a boy and a girl, were young we lived in the city. There weren’t a lot of bugs. But when the kids were old enough to handle a bit of a walk, around five years old or so, we took them to a nature area behind a local museum.As we walked along a trail in a field my wife and I simultaneously exclaimed, “Look! A butterfly!”A giant smile sprung onto my daughter’s face.In an instant, my son stepped forward a couple of steps then immediately smashed it with his foot.My wife, daughter and I all gasped in horror.It was a butterfly for crying out loud. Who kills butterflies?Needless to say my wife and I had a little intervention in which we told our son that we should respect nature, especially when we are visitors. We used to take spiders we found inside the house outside to release them. My daughter pretty much insisted on that. Flies and mosquitoes we would kill mercilessly.I believe there is a genetic/hormonal component to aggression in children. Various cross cultural studies have found that boys tend to be more aggressive.My daughter was so empathetic she could get upset when there was needless death to bugs. One time when she was about four, while playing in a tot-lot she found and “befriended” a worm. She held it for a little while, but then decide she should release it in some grass far enough away from the kids that it wouldn’t get stepped on or hurt.She gently laid it down in the grass, turned and started to walk away. After about twenty feet or so, she turned to look back one more time to make sure the worm was okay. At that moment a bird swooped out of the sky, grabbed the worm with its claws and flew off.My daughter let loose a scream of anguish. Everybody in the park turned to see what terrible fate had befallen some poor child. We explained that a bird ate her worm, and then tended to her comfort. She cried for about five minutes and even talked about it after we got home. It turned out to be a little lesson on the circle of life.

The entirety of humanity has suddenly shrunk down to an inch, including you. What do you do?

I would suddenly become aware of all the hazardous things that are over an inch tall, such as: pets, wildlife like small birds (which are now preditors), insects like grasshoppers, grass, bushes, trees, houses, furniture, all technology, all normal foods, all clothing, cups….getting very thirsty here! Go into a frantic search for water, only to realize that puddles of water are unclean…and I have no metal pot small enough to boil the water! Ok, so I’ve found a bowl from a Barbie doll house, after much effort of climbing and walking all day through my own house, and managed to knock over a drink enough to fill the bowl. Now how do I eat? Might need some help from neighbors or family to open a package of something or chop open a piece of fruit. I am quite sure that 1 apple will be enough to fill my whole family, with our newly miniturized stomachs!Finding shelter and making it comfortabe for long term living, long term food gathering, and long term drink gathering would be a tough job to pull off. We would no longer be at the top of the food chain either, so we would need to be careful about protecting ourselves from wildlife. It would be like “A Bug’s Life:”Or when Jack climbed up the beanstalk to the giant’s castle:It would be terrifying.We would need to rebuild everything in society from scratch.Homes would beed to be rebuilt in miniturized versions.Jobs are now more physical than ever before.Tiny clothing needs to be made for the entire world.Furniture could be stolen from Barbies and doll houses. Most people would have to make their own out of improvised sources, though.“Ratatouille” lifestlye:Fancy cooking, which would become rare, would look like this:It would be effectively “Honey I Shrunk the Kids:”Weather would be life threatening, imagine rain water! Snow! The after effects: mud!Travel any further then a mile would become extremely harrowing.No electricity. No heat. No running water.Communications would be down.Humans are now in the grips of a fight for survival. The old, sick, and very young are at God’s mercy, with no medicines small enough. Millions are rapidly dying from predidation of birds, snakes, reptiles, dogs, cats, and other animals. Chaos ensues.

Are leopard Geckos good pets?

At my mums work they have four leopard Geckos. Today I held one and I've been wanting one for years but my Mum and Dad kept saying no. When I held one today I asked my Mum if I could get one again and since I have been talking about them she said after your hamster I will talk to your Dad about it! Im excited but still need to know more. Please tell me all the information you know!!!!

I think I saw a lizard in my room. Could it be harmful to sleep in the same room as the lizard?

Chances are, this lizard is probably thinking:I think I saw a human in the room i’m in. Could it be harmful to sleep in the same room as the human?(assuming he/she is nocturnal.)The only lizards that pose a real threat to humans are the venomous ones. Even if a lizard is venomous, it will almost never use it to attack an individual. Their venom is for defensive purposes. In fact, the lizard could mean there is prey in your room (assuming this lizard is either a carnivore or an omnivore).So actually, being in the same room as the lizard may be beneficial since it will eat small pests (again, i’m assuming it’s carnivorous or omnivorous)